Why you should volunteer for Smart Futures

Daniel Mateus Pires APR 20, 2018

Dublin is a great place for volunteering in Tech initiatives !

The Tech Blog is Dead. Long Live the Tech Blog

Adrian Trenaman , SVP Engineering MAR 21, 2018

The HBC Tech Blog: “You will never find a more wretched hive of tech and miscellany.”

How Large Is YOUR Retrospective?

Dana Pylayeva , Agile Coach JUL 27, 2017

Can you recall the size and length of your typical retrospective? If your team operates by The Scrum Guide, your retrospectives likely have less than ten people in one room and last about an hour for a two-weeks Sprint.

Open Source Friday

HBC Tech JUN 29, 2017

From the 54 public repos maintained at code.gilt.com to the name of our tech blog (displayed in this tab’s header), open source has been part of our team’s DNA for years. Check out this blog post from 2015 if you’re not convinced.

Let’s run an experiment! Self-selection at HBC Digital

Dana Pylayeva , Agile Coach MAY 31, 2017

The POps Up Plant Shop

HBC Digital MAY 18, 2017

Don’t just read about DevOps culture, play-test it!

Dana Pylayeva , Agile Coach FEB 14, 2017

Don’t just read about DevOps culture, play-test it!

Voluntary Adoption in Action: HBC Digital Adopts Slack

Adrian Trenaman , SVP Engineering FEB 6, 2017

Musings on Decentralised Control and Voluntary Adoption in Large Organisations.

Perfect Overnight Cold Brew

Evan Maloney JAN 25, 2017

When Gilt’s Mobile team worked at 1 Madison Avenue, my morning coffee ritual involved getting a large black iced coffee from myWayCup as I exited the 6 train at 23rd Street. What they served at myWayCup—a private-label version of Intelligentsia Coffee’s House Blend—was so good that I switched to iced coffee year-round—even through brutal New York winters—a trait that often earned me quizzical looks when ordering my preferred drink during...

BackOffice Hike

Ryan Martin JAN 5, 2017

Now that winter is here and the cold is keeping us inside, I thought it would be good to dream of warm days and look back at a BackOffice team outing from October.

New Gilt HQ

John Coghlan AUG 29, 2016

The New Gilt HQ

Rookie Summer

Team Rookie AUG 12, 2016

The Summer Internship #TeamRookie

Gilt Tech + Jekyll = ♥

Andrew Powell JUN 29, 2015

Gilt Tech Blog Moves to Github

Webinar Recap - Is Agile a Competitive Advantage?

Heather Fleming JUN 10, 2015

The video from the recent Atlassian webinar featuring Senior Director, Heather Fleming is now available! Want more on how Agile can be a competitive advantage for your company?  Check out the latest HBR report!

Welcome to our Summer Interns!

Ryan Caloras JUN 8, 2015

Introducing Gilt Tech’s first official Summer Apprentice Program class! Here’s our class described in their own words :DAlex LuoHas no middle nameLived for more than two years in three different countries (China, US, Israel)Walks to class in the snow in April because he goes to CornellOnce volunteered by distributing medicine to poorer families in rural Dominican RepublicVoted “best eyes” for high school yearbookAte a cricket onceFixed a graphics card by...

Is Agile a Competitive Advantage?

Heather Fleming MAY 19, 2015

Registration is open for this Webinar on May 27th!Summary below from Atlassian.com:A new Harvard Business Review Report asserts that agile development practices have steadily risen to become one of the most trusted and preferred methods of development across software teams in almost every industry. The study also discovered that by using agile frameworks, organizations can respond to market changes faster, deliver higher quality software, and gain a significant competitive edge....

Panel Recap: Let’s Talk Culture!

Heather Fleming MAR 31, 2015

Senior Director, Heather Fleming (center) recently spoke about workplace culture and diversity at the “Let’s Talk Culture NYC” panel held at Paperless Post with Vox Media.  Other panelists included Millie Tran from Buzzfeed, Jackie Balzer from Behance/Adobe, and Kyle Macdonald from Carrot Creative.Interested in having your own panel on culture?  Here are some of the questions from the discussion:“Culture fit” can be used negatively or positively. How do we stop it...

Let’s Talk Culture!

Heather Fleming MAR 12, 2015

How do you create and maintain a great company culture? What does “culture” even mean? We often simplify the idea of culture (especially in tech) as pertaining to physical objects or events such as ping pong tables or happy hours. But what does culture mean in the context of scaling a healthy, happy organization that is productive, collaborative, and diverse?Senior Director, Heather Fleming has been invited to be on the...

GILT visits The Young Women's Leadership School of the Bronx

Susan Thomas MAR 9, 2015

Director of Product, Chrissy Fleming, and Senior Business Systems Manager, Susan Thomas, attended the “Cool Women, Hot Jobs” event held at The Young Women’s Leadership School of the Bronx (TYWLS). “Cool Women, Hot Jobs” is a program that is designed to expose the 6-8 grade students of TYWLS to strong, smart, and successful role models who are willing to share wisdom, advice, and experiences from their professional journey. It also provides...