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At HBC, we use modern engineering practices to manage our e-commerce platform. Our engineers have adopted multiple techniques to ensure that production code deployments go smoothly.

Here is a list of presentations about deployments that we have found helpful.

Disband the Deployment Army

Michael T. Nygard (@mtnygard) at GOTO Aarhus - October 2012

Disband the Deployment Army video

10+ Deploys Per Day: Dev and Ops Cooperation at Flickr

John Allspaw (@allspaw) and Paul Hammond (@ph) at Velocity conference - June 2009


Deployment patterns for DevOps and Continuous Delivery

Danilo Sato (@dtsato) at DevOps Singapore - May 2016

Deployment patterns video

Small Batch Deployments

Sean Sullivan (@tinyrobots) - May 2019


Deployments at Flow Commerce

Mike Bryzek (@mbryzek) at NYC Continuous Delivery meetup - June 2016

Deployments at Flow Commerce video

Four Minute Deploys

Lei Lopez at SRECon Americas - March 2017

Four Minute Deploys video

Ten Deployments Per Day

Sean Sullivan (@tinyrobots) - March 2019


Deployment Automation at Uber

Sebastian Yates at SRECon Americas - March 2017

Deployment Automation at Uber video

Safe Lambda Deployments

Sean Sullivan (@tinyrobots) at Seattle Serverless Meetup - February 2019


How Intuit Does Canary and Blue Green Deployments with a Kubernetes Controller

Daniel Thomson and Alex Matyushentsev at KubeCon Europe 2019

How Intuit Does Canary and Blue Green Deployments with a Kubernetes Controller video

Front-end Application Deployment Patterns

Ross Kukulinski (@rosskukulinski) at KubeCon North America 2018

Front-end Application Deployment Patterns video

I deploy on Fridays (and maybe you should too)

Michiel Rook (@michieltcs) at DevOpsCon - December 2018

deploy on Fridays video

The Evolution of Continuous Delivery at Scale @ Linkedin

Jason Toy (@jastoy) at QCon San Francisco - November 2014


10K deploys per day - the Skyscanner journey so far

Stuart Davidson (@spedge) at QCon London - May 2018


Deployments Endgame

Sean Sullivan (@tinyrobots) - April 2019


Continuous Deployment at Facebook Scale

Boris Grubic and Fangfei Zhou - Systems @ Scale 2019


Releasing the World’s Largest Python Site Every 7 Minutes (deployments at Instagram)

Perry Randall at SREcon19 Asia/Pacific 2019

Releasing the World's Largest Python Site Every 7 Minutes video

Spinnaker in Production: Lessons Learned from the Trenches at Netflix

Cameron Fieber (@cfieber) at Spinnaker Summit 2018

Spinnaker production video

CI/CD Across Multiple Environments

Vic Iglesias, Benjamin Good, and Karl Isenberg at Google Cloud Next 2019

CI/CD Across Multiple Environments video

Sean Sullivan