How to Deal With Time Zones in Database and Distributed Systems

How to Deal With Time Zones in Database and Distributed Systems

back end Daniel Kirby APR 19, 2019

Presentations we love: 2019

This is a list of our favorite presentations from 2019. We will update this list throughout the year.

Make Your Own Serverless CI

infrastructure Tom Beute , Software Engineer APR 8, 2019

Automation is essential to maximizing throughput, especially when it comes to being able to confidently release quality software. I believe that anything you find yourself repeating is a great candidate to automate. In most cases, these repetitive tasks can be represented as simple functions! So that got me thinking… maybe I can leverage AWS Lambda for this– things like pull-request review hooks and automatic package versioning + publishing.

Small batch deployments

deployments Sean Sullivan APR 2, 2019

The Hudson’s Bay Company is an organization known for challenging the status quo. HBC’s engineering group is no different. HBC engineers are constantly looking for ways to improve the speed and quality of the software that runs our business.

Presentations we love: 2018

2018 was a year of growth and learning at HBC Tech. Our organization embraced new technologies and new ways of building application software.

Microservices at HBC

microservices Sean Sullivan OCT 4, 2018

HBC’s commerce platform is constantly evolving to support new business requirements. Our platform’s microservice architecture enables engineering teams to rapidly build and deploy new features.

Email: from macro-service to micro-service

back end Kinshuk Varshney SEP 24, 2018

Email Engineering recently migrated all transactional emails to CNS v2. This was a slow migration as CNS v1, although, referred to as a micro service was anything but one! We inherited CNS v1 towards the end of last year and started migration to CNS v2 in the beginning of this year. In doing so, we followed what could be labeled as a flavor of Strangler pattern. In this blog, I...

Would You Rather be Awesome or Deadly?

Culture Dana Pylayeva , Agile Coach JUL 30, 2018

Over a year ago we began to experiment with new ways of helping our teams in finding their next improvement opportunities. We started with an assumption that while every team is unique, there must be a way to approach a “team health” conversation in a similar fashion across them all. By using a standardized assessment we also expected to find some areas in which organizational improvements would be beneficial. In...

Building A Better Keyboard Navigation

front end Jaret Stezelberger , Front End Engineer MAY 30, 2018

The simplest way to understand the importance of web accessibility is to open a web browser, put on a blindfold, and try navigating a website. Despite a small percentage of users with disabilities, their human right to navigate the internet still stands. In this post I’ll share some of my learnings from making our navigation more accessible.

ODSC Workshop on Experimental Reproducibility in Data Science

data science Karthik Rajasethupathy , Jason Tam MAY 7, 2018

On May 2nd, we presented at the Open Data Science Conference in Boston, MA. We demonstrated how to build a machine learning project from scratch with Sacred, an open source library for experiment tracking, and how to view the results using Sacredboard.

Why you should volunteer for Smart Futures

culture Daniel Mateus Pires APR 20, 2018

Dublin is a great place for volunteering in Tech initiatives !

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