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At HBC, we are always looking for ways to improve the digital experience for our customers. We strive to improve the customer experience as well as reduce operational cost. Like many large organizations, we have a significant investment in our digital platform. Over the past five years, we have completed multiple system migrations. This has reduced complexity and allowed our organization to focus on future opportunities.

Here is a list of presentations about system migrations that we have found helpful.

Paying Technical Debt at Scale: Migrations @ Stripe

Will Larson (@lethain) at QCon San Francisco - November 2018

tech debt at scale migrations at stripe video

Spotify’s Journey to the Cloud

Spotify Engineering - Google Cloud Next 2018

spotify google cloud video

The Great Migration: from Monolith to Service-Oriented at Airbnb

Jessica Tai (@jessicamtai) at QCon San Francisco - November 2018

the great migration at airbnb video

Microservices at HBC

Sean Sullivan (@tinyrobots) at Portland Java User Group September 2018


From ActiveMQ To Amazon MQ : Why And How We Moved To AWS’s Managed Solution

Phil Whelan (@philwhln) at Bench Engineering - January 2019


High Reliability Infrastructure Migrations

Julia Evans (@b0rk) at KubeCon Seattle 2018

Julia Evans video

Monoliths, Migrations, and Microservices

Randy Shoup (@randyshoup) at Reactive Summit Montreal 2018

Shoup Reactive Summit video

Etsy: Migrating a Monolith to the Cloud

Keyur Govande (@keyurdg) at SREcon19 Americas - March 2019


Migrating a Monolithic Application to Microservices at Google

Soeren Walls and Sergio Felix at Google Cloud Next 2019


Lessons Learned from Our Main Database Migrations at Facebook

Yoshinori Matsunobu (@yoshinorim) at SREcon18 Americas - March 2018


Evolving Legacy Systems into Kubernetes at Lyft

Lita Cho (@litacho) and Jose Nino (@junr03) at KubeCon North America 2018

lyft kubernetes video

Soundcloud: Migrations under Production Load - How to Switch Your Database without Disrupting Service

Vilde Opsal (@thevildebeast) at SREcon18 EMEA - August 2018


Spotify: The Story of Why We Migrate to gRPC

Matthias Grüter (@mattgruter) at CloudNativeCon Europe - May 2019


Dropbox migration to gRPC

Ruslan Nigmatullin and Alexey Ivanov at Dropbox Engineering - January 2019


Database Schema Migrations with Zero Downtime

Michiel Rook (@michieltcs) at DevOpsDays Copenhagen - April 2019


Building Resilience in Production Migrations at Netflix

Sangeeta Handa (@smhanda) at QCon San Francisco 2018

Building Resilience in Production Migrations video

Kubernetes Application Migrations: How Shopify Moves Stateful Applications Between Clusters and Regions

Ian Quick (@ianquick) at Systems @Scale 2018

Kubernetes Application Migrations Shopify video

Migrating Monolithic Applications with the Strangler Pattern

Kenneth Jackson, Harsha Sharma, and Christopher Marsh-Bourdon at AWS Summit New York - July 2019

Migrating Monolithic Applications video

Sean Sullivan