The POps Up Plant Shop

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How do we keep our teams happy and high-performing? That’s the focus for the People Operations (POps) team.

The POps mission is:

To build and maintain the best product development teams in the world through establishing the models around how we staff and organize our teams, how we plan and execute our work, and how we develop our people and our culture.

Our work includes:

We also like to have some fun, too.

Surprise and Delight

This week we coordinated an intercontinental “POps Up Plant Shop” for our people in NYC and Dublin. Between the two offices, we distributed 350 plants. Crotons, ivies, succulents and more were on offer. Everyone loved the surprise. While POps is focused on working with our tech teams, we noticed a few folks from other departments at HBC taking plants for their desks - a good indicator that what we’re doing is working!

Beyond adding a dash of color the office, offices plants are proven to increase happiness and productivity which aligns perfectly with the mission of the POps team.

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