Presentations we love: 2017

presentations DEC 30, 2017

2017 was a year of growth and learning at HBC Tech. Our organization embraced new technologies and new ways of building application software.

HBC Tech Talks: February 2017 through July 2017

events AUG 10, 2017

We’ve had a busy 2017 at HBC. The great work of our teams has created opportunities to share what we’ve learned with audiences around the world. This year our folks have been on stage in Austin, Sydney, Portland, Seattle, San Diego, Boston, London, Israel and on our home turf in NYC and Dublin. The talks have covered deep learning, design thinking, data streaming and developer experience to name just a...

Open Source Friday

culture JUN 29, 2017

From the 54 public repos maintained at to the name of our tech blog (displayed in this tab’s header), open source has been part of our team’s DNA for years. Check out this blog post from 2015 if you’re not convinced.

Hudson's Bay Company at QCon

events JUN 12, 2017

Heading to QCon? Don’t miss these two sessions! If you can’t make it, stay tuned here for slides and recordings from the conference.

NYC Scrum User Group - January 19th

events JAN 11, 2017

We’ll be hosting our first meetup of 2017 in partnership with the NYC Scrum User Group on Thursday, January 19th. This is our first time hosting this group and we’re off to a great start: Ken Rubin will be joining us to lead a talk on Agile.

Akka HTTP Talk with Cake Solutions

events APR 7, 2016

We are thrilled to be hosting Aleksandr Ivanov of Cake Solutions on Tuesday, April 12th. He’ll be presenting an excellent talk on Akka HTTP. Who is Aleksandr? We’re glad you asked:

Front End Engineering Lightning Talks with HBC Digital

front end MAR 24, 2016

Join us for an evening of lightning talks by 4 of HBC Digital’s Front End Engineers and an introduction by Steve Jacobs, SVP, Digital Technology and Demand Marketing.

Gilt - QCon London 2015

conferences MAR 6, 2015

Lead Engineer, Yoni Goldberg will be presenting today at QCon London 2015! His talk, “Building A Modern Microservices Architecture: The Essentials”, builds from his past talk Scalaing Gilt.

Tech All-Stars Panel at Brooklyn Tech Triangle U

conferences MAR 5, 2015

Senior Director, PMO Heather Fleming was one of the Tech All-Stars at the Keynote for Tech Triangle U.  The panel included Scott Cohen: New Lab Co-Founder, Choire Sicha: The Awl Co-Founder, Laura Smith: Amplify VP, Prof. Services, Insight and Manoush Zomorodi: WNYC’S New Tech City’s Host did an amazing job moderating the event.The main theme was on how tech is used to enhance “traditional” industries like education, fashion, manufacturing, and...

Webinar - Stop "Going Agile"!

agile MAR 3, 2015

The recording of Heather Fleming and Justin Riservato’s webinar, “Stop ‘Going Agile’! The three conversations you need to have before you start” is now up!They’ll be having another live Q&A session at today at 2pm Eastern, 11am Pacific.  Register now!

Stop "Going Agile"!

agile MAR 2, 2015

Senior Director, PMO Heather Fleming and Director, Program Management Justin Riservato will be sharing their thoughts on the best approaches to “Go Agile” in their upcoming Atlassian webinar.This webinar will be followed by a live Q&A session with Heather and Justin and hosted in three timezones.  For more about how Gilt’s PMO works with Atlassian to get things done, check out our Customer Case Study on JIRA Agile!

DSUG Scala Meetup @ Gilt Dublin - Scaldi, Type Classes, DI and more...

FEB 12, 2015

ade-trenaman:Our thanks to all in the Dublin Scala User Group who attended the DSUG meet-up in our still shiny new Gilt office in Ballsbridge. Gilt’s own Ugo Matrangolo artfully dismantled the Cake Pattern in Scala, and proposed an alternative approach to dependency injection using the Scaldi framework (slides below). Julien Sirocchi from Workday also did a great presentation on ‘All You Don’t Need to Know About Type Classes’. Cameos from...

Gilt releases Mockingbird Data Environment open-source project for iOS

FEB 4, 2015

For more than 5 years, Gilt’s Mobile team has been developing and using a platform that lets its iOS applications adapt to server-side changes long after they’ve been released.

Docker Classes in Dublin by DemonWare

JAN 29, 2015

Yesterday and today, Gilt’s tech team in Dublin hosted free, all-day Docker bootcamps taught by the generous folks at DemonWare. DemonWare’s instructors covered all the essential Docker basics, from listing images to caching, and did a fantastic job doing it. Several Gilt engineers joined technologists from other companies in Dublin in taking advantage of this helpful Docker primer. Thanks, DemonWare!

Five Tools Every Business Systems Analyst Should Use

JAN 27, 2015

Gilt Senior Manager, Business Systems Patrick Richardson shares some of his favorite tools for getting things done. Add these to your own toolbox, then send us your feedback on what works for you. We’re always looking for ways to improve, so your experiences matter to us!The mission of Gilt’s Business Systems Management team is to guide the process of matching technology and process solutions to business needs, so that the...

New Gilt Product Feature: “Fit Predictor”

JAN 27, 2015

Based on the feedback we receive from Gilt customers, we know that fit and sizing varies greatly between brands–which can make finding the right size very challenging. We always want our customers to feel great about their purchases and confident that an item will fit. With this in mind, we are excited to announce the launch of Fit Predictor: a new technology from our partners at Secret Sauce. With Fit...

Announcing: The Next Dublin Scala Users Group Meetup

JAN 26, 2015

For our first Dublin Scala Users Group meetup of 2015, we’ll have two great technical talks, hot pizza, cold beverages, and, as always, our comfy-n-colorful beanbags (go here to view them). Our speakers for the night: Gilt Principal Software Engineer Ugo Matrangolo will discuss the implementation of the Dependency Injection pattern in Scala, and will try to offer an honest (although opinionated) view of what works and what doesn’t with...

"It Takes More Than Great Algorithms to Make Personalization Work": Gilt on VentureBeat

JAN 23, 2015

Scala, Futures and "Lazy" Vals

JAN 22, 2015

Image via H. Michael Karshis. When implementing “lazy val” class variables in Scala 2.10, keep in mind that lazy vals hide some plain-old synchronized block behind a nice-looking syntax. At Gilt, more and more of our stuff is Future-based, and increasingly more of it executes in Scala’s shared ForkJoinPool under the assumption that it “behaves.” Sometimes these worlds collide, however, and “lazy val”-guarded calls (which are synchronized blocks in disguise)...

"Practical Performance Monitoring": Gilt Presents at NY Front End Coders

JAN 22, 2015

If performance issues are making you feel like King Kong–i.e., disgruntled and prone to going on a rampage–then head on over to the Empire State Building next Wednesday and get some relief. Gilt Lead Software Engineer Gregory Mazurek will appear at the next New York Front End Coders meetup to explain how Gilt analyzes web performance using RUM and synthetic monitoring as well as the W3C Performance Timing API. He’ll...

I Can't Get No Satisfaction: Ramblings on the First Agile Principle

JAN 20, 2015

Video: "Why Engineers Should Work with the ‘Dark Side’ of Tech"

JAN 20, 2015

On Thursday, Gilt’s Director of Program Management Justin Riservato, Director of Product Andrew Chen, Senior Business Systems Manager Susan Thomas, and Senior Program Manager Myron Miller presented “Get Stuff Done Faster: Why Engineers Should Work with the ‘Dark Side’ of Tech. They shared the differences between program managers, business analysts and product managers, and demonstrated how they make Gilt engineers’ work lives easier and more fulfilling. Watch the video above...

Vote for Gilt in the DeveloperWeek Awards!

JAN 9, 2015

Dear Supporters of Gilt Open Source, We could use a bit of your help! One of our biggest open source projects, apidoc, is in the running for a 2015 DeveloperWeek Award–and we only found out about it today. We have until just January 15 to collect votes. Not to boast, but we think apidoc is a great project: If you’re a developer, you can use apidoc to create beautiful documentation...

An Open Source AWS Leader Election Library Built in Akka

JAN 7, 2015

Recently I needed a scheduled job inside one of my distributed services: an open-source Play application with at least two instances running on EC2, using an auto-scaling group to spin up new instances as needed. I needed to send reminder emails to a subset of the team management services’ users every ‘x’ amount of days. The solution that best suited my needs in this situation was a leader-elected task.  In...

RSVP for “Get Stuff Done Faster: Why Engineers Should Work with the ‘Dark Side’ of Tech"

JAN 6, 2015

Our first tech meetup of 2015 is all about making engineers’ lives better. On Thursday, January 15, Gilt Director of Program Management Justin Riservato, Director of Product Andrew Chen, Senior Business Systems Manager Susan Thomas, and Senior Program Manager Myron Miller will present “Get Stuff Done Faster: Why Engineers Should Work with the “Dark Side” of Tech- a talk that focuses on the difference between Program Managers, Business Analysts and...

Some Quick Tips for Using Scala Futures

JAN 5, 2015

The Gilt engineering team has been transitioning to the latest version of our in-house library–a move that involves migrating from Guava ListenableFutures to Scala Futures. Futures are a key building block of reactive applications, and offer a really nice API for writing fast, efficient, non-blocking code. However, using them requires some skills that are a bit outside the scope of “traditional” programming. For all of you who are new to...

Best of 2014: Gilt Tech Culture and Evangelism

DEC 30, 2014

At many companies, “technology evangelism” is about promoting products. At Gilt, “technology evangelism” is about promoting the people behind our products. The goal: to help our technologists to grow professionally while telling the stories behind our work, projects and discoveries. #gilttech’s innovations and expertise earned us the attention of industry leaders and media outlets worldwide many times in 2014. And with our continuing efforts to innovate even better and faster...

Best of Gilt 2014: Security

DEC 23, 2014

Video: Gilt Back Office's 2014 in 2:33

DEC 23, 2014

Gilt Director of Program Management Justin Riservato and Senior Director, Back Office Systems Christopher Hazlett wanted to list in a video everything the Back Office and Global Engineering teams accomplished in 2014. So they recruited other members of the Gilt PMO, found some markers and got to work. The cast: Justin Riservato, Director Mackenzie Nicholson, Actor Patrick Richardson, Actor Christopher Hazlett, Actor Justin Vitale, Cinematographer Heather Fleming, Moral Supporter Lauri...

Best of Gilt 2014: Product and User Experience

DEC 22, 2014

Today’s “Best of” list highlights some of the fantastic new features and user experience improvements launched by Gilt’s product and UX team in 2014. Be sure to check out our other “Best of 2014” posts celebrating Gilt Engineering, the Gilt Personalization team’s favorite things of 2014, and the Gilt Mobile Team’s favorite apps of the year. 11/11 relaunch + Alipay Gilt celebrated the most lucrative Singles’ Day yet by relaunching...

The Gilt Personalization Team's "Best of" List for 2014

DEC 19, 2014

Not to be outdone by the Gilt Mobile team, the Gilt Personalization team also found time to share some of their favorite tools, tips and talks in this space. Read on (and check out their 2013 faves here): Spark 1.0 In 2013 we listed the open source cluster-computing engine Spark as a great tool for getting started with parallel processing. This year, Spark reached version 1.0. With this major release,...

Best of Gilt 2014: Engineering

DEC 19, 2014

Over the next few days we’ll be recapping some of the #gilttech team’s favorite and most significant tech developments of 2014. To kick things off, here are some of the highlights of our engineering work this year. We Upped Our Commitment to Open Source At our Architecture Summit in February, our engineering team coalesced around the goals of incorporating more open source tools into our work and increasing our contributions...

The Gilt Mobile Team's Favorite Apps of 2014

DEC 17, 2014

Gilt Mobile had so much to celebrate this year. We added an Android team to complement our iOS work; saw our fancy app appear in a Samsung commercial starring Iggy Azalea; relaunched our Gilt Japan iPhone app; and brought home the Webby Award for “best iPhone app” in the shopping category. We also went to WWDC, delivered mobile-centric tech talks to meetup groups from NYC to Miami to Dublin, and grew...

Gilt Is Going to Craft Conf!

DEC 16, 2014

New in Gilt Tech Open Source: Android-ProGuard-Snippets

DEC 12, 2014

Gilt Senior Software Engineer Kevin Schultz has just released android-proguard-snippets: Sample ProGuard configurations for common Android libraries. If you’re not familiar, ProGuard is a way to obfuscate and shrink code in an Android app by eliminating unused classes. Its configuration rules explicitly mark which code should be kept unchanged. “ProGuard is prone to breaking your app by accidentally removing code that is actually used,” Kevin says, “and it’s tough to write...

"Boosting Sales Through Analytics-Curated Shopping": Gilt Q&A

DEC 9, 2014

"Designing for China" with Gilt's Andrew Chen (video)

DEC 8, 2014

Here’s Gilt Director of Product Andrew Chen sharing his expertise at last week’s Design Driven NYC about creating amazing customer experiences for the Chinese market. “It really isn’t just about the front-end, on-face user experience–it is the entire end-to-end experience that’s important here,” he says about our recent relaunch for 11/11. Andrew presented along with designers from Codecademy, FiftyThree and Cover. Many thanks to FirstMark Capital and WeWork for putting...

Learn Cutting-Edge TECHniques from Gilt and Uncubed Edge!

DEC 5, 2014

#gilttech is proud to be one of the first tech teams to participate in Uncubed’s brand-new Uncubed Edge online learning platform. Uncubed recently visited our Manhattan office to film sessions with Special Operations Lead Software Engineer Gregory Mazurek–who presents a one-hour talk on “How became Responsive and Adaptive”–and Principal Data Scientist Igor Elbert, who shares “How Gilt Saves Hundreds of Hours with MetaSQL.” Uncubed charges a nominal fee to...

Responsive Tools and Pushy Actors: Akka at Gilt (Typesafe Webinar)

DEC 5, 2014

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, Typesafe recently hosted a day of “reactive retail” webinars featuring companies who use its technologies (Scala, Akka and Play). Stepping up for Gilt was Senior Software Engineer Michael Reed, who explained how Gilt uses Akka to scale our customer email, push notifications, and order aggregation systems. He also gave an overview of how Gilt uses the Typesafe platform to build our microservices...

PostgreSQL: Query Catalog to Find Primary Key Columns

DEC 4, 2014

Gilt Presents at Design Driven NYC

DEC 2, 2014

It’s been an even busier-than-usual month for Gilt Director of Product Andrew Chen. In addition to breaking down Gilt’s product and UX strategy for Singles’ Day in China and being quoted by Businessweek, he’s been preparing for his upcoming talk at Design Driven NYC: a new meetup group focused on the intersection of design, user experience, and technology. Tomorrow, Andrew will join speakers from Codecademy, Cover and other tech companies...

Next Free Tech Course at Gilt (NYC: Chef

NOV 24, 2014

Just in time for the holidays, #gilttech offers a free gift for the NYC tech community: an opportunity to learn Chef! Chef is an automation platform that transforms infrastructure into code. On December 4, we host an all-day hands-on tutorial that will cover the basics that everyone needs to know about how to use Chef for system and infrastructure management. Your instructor, Nathen Harvey, will discuss the server API, the...

Hallway to the Danger Zone: Gilt Tech's First-Ever (Fiery) Paper Plane Contest

NOV 14, 2014

This week many a Gilt technologist could be found folding pieces of paper into exotic shapes that either soared like eagles or tottered around like penguins (depending). The purpose: To participate in #gilttech’s inaugural paper airplane contest. The team in Dublin went first, holding their contest on Thursday: Above are our Dublin victors (left to right): Software Engineer Pawel Raszewski, whose plane won the “longest distance traveled” category at 54...

Making Architecture Work in Microservice Organizations

NOV 14, 2014

How Gilt’s Free R Class Set Me on the Path to Study Data Science

NOV 14, 2014

Written by Vivian Peng, Columbia University graduate (Public Health Informatics, 2014), professional designer and data science trainer A year ago, “R” meant no more to me than any other letter of the English alphabet. Today, it represents the door that has opened a host of opportunities and a newly discovered passion into the data science world. For those of you who are not familiar with R, it is an open-source...

Gilt at Last Night's Tech Talent Draft @ CUNY

NOV 12, 2014

That’s Gilt Senior Program Manager Fidan Kasra on the far right of the photo, speaking on last night’s NYC Tech Talent Draft panel (she’s in the middle) at CUNY. Fidan shared the panelist table with representatives from other major NYC tech companies, including BaubleBar, Shutterstock and Zenly. The NYC Tech Talent Draft is an initiative by the NYC Economic Development Corporation to help computer science and engineering students to connect...

Bloomberg Covers Gilt's Singles' Day Relaunch in China

NOV 12, 2014

A Synthetic Monitoring Case Study

NOV 11, 2014

Client-side web application monitoring comes in two main flavors. Real User Monitoring, or RUM, uses an agent that runs within each web page and reports on the page load data for every request. Typically, the browser’s performance timing API data is used. Gilt uses New Relic for RUM, and it provides a good overview of the application ecosystem. In the old forest/tree metaphor, it’s the forest. Synthetic monitoring does not...

Korean Startups Visit Gilt

NOV 11, 2014

Gilt recently had the incredible honor of hosting a delegation of representatives from the Korean tech community. Our visitors were spending time in NYC and Silicon Valley through an accelerator program sponsored by Google, and included representatives from these startups: Genoplan (health and lifestyle) Snapshop (ecommerce) Fivethirty (reinventing origami) Notivo (information-tracking) ChocoPepper (mobile game broadcasting) Promisope (social networking for caregivers) After taking a quick tour of our office, the group...

Betting on China: Gilt's Relaunch into the World's Largest Luxury Market

NOV 10, 2014

It’s no secret that China is an enormous market with significant potential for luxury retailers. It’s also no secret that operating in China is a riskier and more complex endeavor than operating in traditional western markets, which is why many retailers–including Nieman Marcus and eBay–haven’t fully figured out how to truly compete there yet. Taking a nuanced, intentional, and planned approach to entering China is essential. It is with such...

New in Gilt Open Source: A Performance Timing Google Chrome Extension

NOV 7, 2014

At Gilt, we are obsessed with our site’s performance. We use a variety of tools and design patterns to make sure our user experience is as fast as possible. In addition, our Web Performance team–Senior Software Engineer Eric Shepherd and me (Gregory Mazurek, Lead Software Engineer)–is committed to creating internal tools that can help our engineers, designers, and product people create great experiences for our users. Today we launched an...

Tune in to Typesafe's Webinar with Gilt on November 12!

NOV 7, 2014

Fresh off his victory with Team Scalasaurus, Gilt Senior Software Engineer Michael Reed takes to the Typesafe webinar e-stage on Wednesday, November 12, when he presents a talk on “Responsive Tools and Pushy Actors.” Michael will talk about how Gilt uses Akka to scale our push notification infrastructure. He’ll also discuss how Akka faciliates scaling of our customer email and order aggregation systems in the context of our micro-services architecture,...

Team Scalasaurus FTW!

NOV 7, 2014

Team Scalasaurus–five members of the Gilt Tech team–won first place at the New York Times’s first-ever TimesOpen Team Trivia Night: a tech-themed battle-of-the-developer-minds that took place Wednesday evening at Times HQ. HUZZAH! Team Scalasaurus included Michael Reed (Senior Software Engineer, Back Office), Jim Englert (Lead Software Engineer, Push/Email), Kyle Dorman (Software Engineer, Special Operations), Kevin Li (Software Engineer, Loyalty), and me, software engineering intern Helena Wu (Global). We played against...

Watch "The Agile PMO" (Video)

NOV 7, 2014

We’ve shared the slides, now watch the video! Here are Gilt Senior Director, Program Management Office (PMO) Heather Fleming and Director of Program Management Justin Riservato presenting their talk “Beyond the Crystal Ball: The Agile PMO” at the recent (and prestigious) Atlassian Summit in San Francisco. Learn all about the Triangle of Truth, the Cone of Uncertainty and SWAG!

HP's Sridhar Solur Shares His Top Five Secrets to Building Great Wearables

NOV 5, 2014

InformationWeek Writes About Gilt Tech Evangelism

NOV 5, 2014

The IT publication InformationWeek recently spoke to me about what “tech evangelism” means at Gilt. An excerpt from “The IT Talent Shortage Debate,” written by IW Editor-in-Chief Laurianne McLaughlin: … Gilt offers day-long courses on hot skills such as Scala and Hadoop, taught by experts, and has tech gurus such as former Netflix cloud architect Adrian Cockcroft come in to speak. Gilt invites the local tech community to attend and...

Product Launch: Today's Best Sellers

NOV 4, 2014

“Today’s Best Sellers” is a brand-new Gilt feature that shows our millions of users the day’s most popular products. While the concept of “what’s trending” isn’t new in the retail world, it represents a new way for us to engage our audience by diverging from (while complementing) our traditional, sale-based model. Our sale-based model emphasizes telling stories about our wonderful brands to our customers and the products associated with those...

Mobile Design at Gilt: See the Slides

NOV 4, 2014

Mobile Design at Gilt from David Park Last night Gilt Senior UX Designer David Park and Senior Interactive Designer Christopher Barr presented on “Mobile Design at Gilt” to a packed audience at NYU. Check out their slides above, and let us know if you have any feedback by emailing us at!

Gilt Participates in Tech@NYU Startup Week

NOV 3, 2014

Tech@NYU is a week-long celebration of entrepreneurship, design and technology for the NYC tech community–a diverse and lively festival where you can learn how to build apps, code in CSS, start your own company, and much more. Gilt is proud to have technologists speak at two of the week’s events: Tonight at 7:30 PM, Senior UX Designer David Park and Senior Interactive Designer Christopher Barr headline “Mobile Design at Gilt”–a...

Video of "Scaling Gilt: from Monolithic Ruby App to Distributed Scala Micro-Services"

OCT 31, 2014

More than 150 software engineers came to watch Gilt Lead Software Engineer Yoni Goldberg debut his “Scaling Gilt” talk in January 2014. More than 11,400 people have checked out the slides from Yoni’s presentation. Many more developers caught him give the talk at LambdaConf. And now you can watch video of Yoni delivering the most recent version of his super-popular presentation here on InfoQ’s website. The video dates to Yoni’s...

Zero Room to Move at Our "RWD @ Gilt" Meetup (Slideshow)

OCT 31, 2014

Here’s a shot of our standing-room-only crowd (until we retrieved a few dozen more chairs from around the office, that is) from our Responsive Web Design meetup earlier this week. Gilt Special Operations team Gregory Mazurek (lead software engineer/vocals) and Kyle Dorman (software engineer/lead guitar) and Jose Sanchez (software engineer/drums) told the crowd of software engineers, creative directors, UX designers and other folks about how we made responsive to...

Happy Gregorween!

OCT 31, 2014

The #gilttech team enjoys having fun in unusual ways, so this week our Dublin and NYC offices jointly “disrupted” Halloween by holding our first-ever Gregorween party. Gregorween honored Principal Software Engineer Gregor Heine (Dublin), Special Operations Lead Software Engineer Greg Mazurek (NYC), and Software Engineer Greg Perez (NYC). Each Greg has his own style to emulate–and emulate we did! Here’s our Dublin office: And: Counted: Four Gregor Heines Three Greg...

stilettos by state a gilt infographic while

OCT 29, 2014

Stilettos by State: a Gilt Infographic While working on our headlines-making preemptive shipping initiative, Gilt Principal Data Scientist Igor Elbert got a bit curious about whether certain fashion preferences might be regional or universal (or not). He and Gilt Data Analyst Debbie Chung had some hunches about how favorite styles, colors, etc. might differ around the U.S. and Puerto Rico and, like any good data sleuths, started exploring. First, they...

Rules for Best Practice Email Design: Playing Nice in the Inbox

OCT 29, 2014

In her fourth column for Sitepoint, Gilt Email Engineer Lauren Ribando shows us how to fix bugs–from unwanted whitespace to extra borders–that she’s personally encountered while coding Gilt’s daily emails. Go here to read the full article, then click here to review all the titles in Lauren’s series.

Gilt Presents Tonight at MeetMe

OCT 28, 2014

Gilt Principal Engineer Michael Hansen travels to New Hope, PA tonight to talk about how Gilt manages real-time (or near real-time) data capturing with Kafka, Avro and HDFS. New Hope is the hometown of MeetMe, “the leading social network for meeting new people in the US and the public market leader for social discovery.” Michael’s a guest of Bucks County Tech, a meetup group for developers. RSVP here to attend!...

Code the Deal (and Watch the Video)

OCT 27, 2014

What happens when you combine law and software engineering? One answer: last month’s Code the Deal hackathon, organized by the New York chapter of Legal Hackers and supported by the law firm Nixon Peabody LLP! Check out this short recap video to learn more about the hackathon, which Gilt supported via on-the-ground mentorship and post-hacking panel-discussing.

Running for Alzheimer's - NYC Marathon in 7 days.

OCT 27, 2014

Running for Alzheimer's - NYC Marathon in 7 days.Good luck to Gilt Lead Software Engineer Yoni Goldberg, who will run in the NYC Marathon this weekend! ionigoldberg: In 7 days, if everything works as planned, I should cross the finish line of my first marathon. Running the NYC Marathon was high up on my bucket list and it was almost a two year journey to get there (In 2013 I...

Slideshow: Gilt PMO Headlines the Next "Lean Eggs & Ham" at Neo

OCT 24, 2014

The Agile PMO (fall 2014 version) from Gilt Tech Talks They’ve spoken at the Atlassian Summit, at Pace University, and several other prestigious venues, and now they’re headlining Neo’s monthly “Lean Eggs & Ham” breakfast series … they’re Flemivato! Er, that would be Gilt Senior Director, Program Management Office Heather Fleming and Director of Program Management Justin Riservato to you. On Tuesday morning at Neo’s NYC office, Heather and Justin...

Gilt Featured at Today's NYU Stern Luxury & Retail Conference

OCT 24, 2014

NYU’s Stern School of Business hosts its annual Luxury & Retail Conference today in New York City, and Gilt is proud to be a part of it! Gilt VP Product Management and User Experience Dominique Essig appears on this afternoon’s “Retail + Tech” panel alongside representatives from Bonobos, J. Crew, Vince, West Elm and Eloquii. If you’re attending the conference, be sure to catch the panel – it starts at...

Thanks, Docker!

OCT 22, 2014

Earlier this week our friends at Docker sent us a ginormous shipment of stickers and T-shirts. Now everyone in the office (including Brushes the Giraffe–you’ll meet him in due time) is wearing matching Docker T-shirts emblazoned with “Holy Ship!” and other, more distributed applications-related messages. Here’s Gilt Engineer Michael Palma sporting his new shirt: Many thanks, Docker!

Next Meetup: Learn About Responsive Web Design at Gilt

OCT 22, 2014

You’ve read their amazing blog posts (if you know what’s good for you)–now hear the Gilt Special Operations team LIVE as they share their expertise and tips with the NYC tech community. On Monday, October 27, Special Ops team members (left to right) Gregory Mazurek, Jose Sanchez and Kyle Dorman will describe the process of “responsivizing” Gilt’s complex website. If you’re a front-end engineer, a UX designer, or a product...

Do You Care About Increasing the Number of Women in Tech?

OCT 21, 2014

Gil at Gilt: Our Lunchtime Chat with Gil Tene

OCT 21, 2014

The #gilttech team recently had the great pleasure of hosting a lunchtime talk by Gil Tene, CTO and co-founder of Azul Systems, at our 2 Park office. Gilt cofounder/CTO Michael Bryzek and Lead Software Engineer Yoni Goldberg, both of whom presented at this summer’s QCon NY, met Gil at the conference and were impressed by his amazing talk about performance on the JVM (check out a two-hour version of his...

Haiku by the Gilt Tech Team in Japan

OCT 17, 2014

A snapshot from a recent Facebook event in Tokyo–that’s our mobile app on the screen! (First cupcakes, and now this? Facebook, we dedicate the following poetry to you as a small expression of our gratitude.) The #gilttech team in Japan is getting into fall in a most poetic way–offering up these lovely haiku for our collective enjoyment. We highly recommend reading these poems while drinking some spiced tea. Haste thou...

Complexity and Lactic Acid

OCT 17, 2014

I work as a lead software engineer for Gilt–my team focuses on our email operations, from design to distribution. I also spend a lot of time training for endurance events such as triathlons and long distance cycling. During the requisite hours and hours of preparing for these events, I spend a lot of time thinking about my workouts and my work at Gilt. One result of all this contemplating is...

Prison Ed, Cats, and VMWare: Meet The Gilt Corporate Applications Team

OCT 15, 2014

Gilt Corporate Applications is a diverse and vital team of 27 men and women working together across two continents (North America and Europe) and multiple cities (New York, Dublin, Limerick, and Louisville, KY) to make sure that Gilt-the-company continues running. They are the unsung heroes who field all of our “HELP! MY COMPUTER IS ACTING WEIRD” queries and deal with our failures to reset our passwords. They are the front...


OCT 15, 2014

Today Gilt corporate applications–the team responsible for managing our OKTA services, among many many other things–put their own spin on Octoberfest by generously hosting a company-wide “OKTA-bierfest” celebration. The team covered our IT help desk with buckets of Yonkers Brewery bier and platters of cheese (both “standard” and “fancy” varieties, cupcakes, fruits ‘n’ nuts, and homemade pretzels. We’ve had several office parties since fall officially kicked off, but this one...

Gilt CIO Is a David Rockefeller Fellow

OCT 14, 2014

Gilt Tech is proud to inform you that Gilt CIO Steve Jacobs is one of only 19 NYC-area senior executives chosen to participate in this year’s David Rockefeller Fellows program! Created in 1989 by the Partnership for New York City, a membership organization made up of CEOs from 200 leading businesses headquartered in New York, the Rockefeller Fellows program enables participants to learn more about current civic issues and meet...

Gilt Tech Team Outing: "Rebuilding" Documentary Screening

OCT 9, 2014

Earlier this week #gilttech’s Lauren Ribando, Rangarajan Radhakrishnan and I headed north to the General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen in Midtown for a public screening of Rebuilding: artist/filmmaker Marcus Robinson’s visually stunning documentary about the reconstruction of the World Trade Center site and the men and women who did the work. Robinson started work on his film in 2006–capturing the construction activity on time-lapse film and through his own...

Our Next Free Course at Gilt: Data Visualization

OCT 8, 2014

For all of you 9-to-5ers who enjoy your free Gilt tech courses to take place after work, great news: Our next freebie will be an evening course. The focus: data visualization. But not just any data visualization: This three-hour session will cover visualizations for forests, trees and clustering in the context of visualization for multivariate analysis. Leading the way will be Paul Trowbridge, an adjunct instructor at NYU’s Center for Advanced Digital...

On Being a (Woman) Member of Gilt’s Tech Team

OCT 6, 2014

Ada Lovelace Day is October 14, BTW–mark your calendar! In my role as Gilt’s tech evangelist (if you’re asking, “what’s a tech evangelist?”–it’s a common question–here’s a start), I prefer to find speaking gigs for the other members of the team. Public speaking doesn’t terrify me (anymore), and often it’s a lot of fun–but it’s more rewarding to watch one of my colleagues get attention (and receive follow-up speaking invites)...

Innovation Driven by the Open Source Ethos: Gilt at Interop (video)

OCT 3, 2014

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, micro-services, and the practicality of introducing key performance indicators (KPI) to family life: These are just a few of the topics covered (and connected) by Gilt cofounder/CTO Michael Bryzek yesterday in his Interop conference keynote. Michael also used his time on the Interop stage to introduce apidoc, a new open-source project at Gilt that enables developers to create beautiful documentation for REST services. Click the video...

Welcome, Michael Palma!

OCT 3, 2014

Gilt is super-excited to welcome Michael Palma to our software engineering team! Formerly known as “The Intern”–he spent fall/winter 2013 with us through the University of Waterloo co-op program–Michael is now known around the office as “The Employee.” Here is what he has to say about himself: “I’m a recent Computer Engineering graduate, originally from Toronto. I am extremely passionate about my job here at Gilt and have fallen in...

Gilt Tech's Scott Albrecht Has an Art Opening Tonight

OCT 3, 2014

As reported by Boing Boing(!), Gilt Art Director Scott Albrecht is having an art opening tonight at Philadelphia’s Art in the Age gallery. Titled “In The Distance Between Two Points,” the show features new wooden sculptures and hand-drawn typographical art, including the piece above. Scott’s exhibition history includes shows across the North America (all the way to Hawaii, in fact), and his work has been featured in by Juxtapoz, Design...

Two of Europe's Top Node.js Experts Visit Gilt!

OCT 1, 2014

Yesterday the #gilttech team in NYC hosted two very special guests: nearForm co-founders Cian Ó Maidín (CEO, pictured above) and Richard Rodger (CTO), who spent more than an hour sharing with us their vast knowledge of using Node.js with micro-services. Based in Waterford, Ireland, Cian and Richard founded nearForm in 2011 largely because they were super-excited about Node.js. That passion has paid off for them in many ways (do what...

Learnings from Building and Scaling Gilt: Video from InfoQ

SEP 30, 2014

Back in June, Gilt cofounder and CTO Michael Bryzek presented a talk about building and scaling Gilt’s global tech organization at InfoQ’s QCon New York conference–joining a lineup that included Adrian Cockcroft, Claudia Perlich, David Nolen (all of whom have spoken at or visited Gilt), Gil Tene (who will lunch with us next week) and Gilt Lead Software Engineer Yoni Goldberg. Other speakers included CTOs and tech leads at LinkedIn,...

Gilt Gets Uncubed

SEP 30, 2014

Last Friday a video crew from Uncubed trekked to our NYC office to shoot a suite of three one-hour learning sessions with Gilt Special Operations Lead Software Engineer Gregory Mazurek and Principal Data Scientist Igor Elbert. Here’s a snapshot of one of the afternoon’s Hollywood-y moments. Greg and Igor’s video presentations go public this Friday–we’re excited to see the results! Thanks to the Uncubed team for inviting us to be...

Gilt to Present at This Week's Interop Expo

SEP 29, 2014

Starting today (September 29), New York City’s Jacob Javits Convention Center hosts Interop: a full week of keynotes, workshops, panels and talks by leading lights in the tech community. Late Night host Seth Meyers adds a touch of star power with his keynote address Wednesday, Oct. 1 at 9 AM–one of nine keynotes to take place through October 4. We’re more excited about the keynote to be given by Gilt...

Hacking HipChat for Foosball Fun

SEP 26, 2014

The #gilttech team in Dublin has created a bot to organize and oversee intra-office foosball matches. How’s that for a HipChat hack?!

Thanks for the Cupcakes, Facebook!

SEP 26, 2014

Facebook ads have driven more than one million downloads of Gilt’s award-winning apps–and to celebrate this milestone, Facebook sent us these lovely treats from Eleni’s! The SW corner cake expresses our sentiments exactly.

Gilt and Preemptive Shipping: A Q&A with Our Chief Data Scientist

SEP 25, 2014

The Gilt tech team doesn’t need an in-house psychic to help us predict which customers will buy products we’ve never sold before. Instead, we rely on the data wizardry performed by our Principal Data Scientist, Igor Elbert, who has been helping us to refine our product performance predictions (say that three times fast) by using various machine learning and predictive modeling techniques. Recently spoke to Igor about his ongoing...

Slideshows and Photos from Last Night's Dublin Scala UG at Gilt!

SEP 24, 2014

The first meetup at Gilt’s new office of the Dublin Scala Users Group  featured two great talks, a lively crowd of engineers, and our brand-new, brightly colored ComfyChairs (not trademarked)! For all of you who couldn’t make it, here are the slides from Citi Lead Mobile Architect Aman Kohli and Citi Software Engineer Kevin Yu Wei Xia’s talk, “Happy Performance Testing–DSLing Your System with Gatling”: And here’s Gilt Senior Software...

Five Things You Need to Know About Hammer.js 2.0

SEP 23, 2014

Hammer.js is a JavaScript library that makes touch events easier to identify, handle and manipulate. Recently, Hammer.js was upgraded from 1.1.3 to 2.0 and the API was drastically changed. If you’re using Hammer.js 1.x at work or for fun, interested in Hammer.js, or intrigued by touch events in general (but haven’t actually used them), this article is meant for you! The Gilt team uses Hammer.js in many of our carousels...

Gilt Goes to Nodeland: A Recap of

SEP 22, 2014

More than 150 Node.js aficionados on the grounds of a 15th-century castle, on an island resort in County Waterford, Ireland. Throw in two Node.js neophytes from Gilt’s engineering team in Dublin (my colleague, Nick Rogers, and myself), and what do you get? You get NodeConfEU: A lively conference for developers, spread over five days, featuring fun, sun, some great talks and interesting workshops. Check out the ultra-modern conference venue! There...

Gilt Presents at This Weekend's Droidcon NYC!

SEP 19, 2014

Gilt Senior Software Engineer Kevin Schultz represents for our mobile team in a big way this weekend, when he takes the stage at the first-ever Droidcon NYC conference for Android developers. Kevin will present at 5:10 PM tomorrow (Saturday, Sept. 20) on “Building Maintainable Android Applications”–focusing on Android-specific architecture, testing patterns, best practices, and tools to help teams build large-scale apps successfully. Droidcon takes place tomorrow and Sunday at the...

Upcoming at Gilt: "What Constitutes a Reactive Application?"

SEP 19, 2014

Gilt’s NYC office hosts our first tech meetup of autumn 2014! On Wednesday, Sept. 24, Henrik Engström of Typesafe will present “What Constitutes a Reactive Application?”–a presentation on Typesafe Activator and the four traits that constitute a reactive application. Henrik will demonstrate, in code, how we use an reactive approach when building Typesafe Activator with Play and Akka. The emphasis will be on how Play is utilized, but there will...

Gilt Participates in This Weekend's "Code the Deal" Hackathon

SEP 19, 2014


Gilt's Heather Fleming Is a "Woman Who Rocks"!

SEP 18, 2014

Fresh from her presentation (along with Gilt Director of Program Management Justin Riservato; together they are “Flemivato”) at this year’s Atlassian Summit in San Francisco, Gilt Senior Director, PMO Heather Fleming is featured in Ispossible in Tech’s “Women Who Rock” video montage. Ispossible aims to increase the number of women leaders in tech. Check out Twitter and look up the hashtags #GLOBALWOMENINTECH #ISPOSSIBLEINTECH and  #ISPOSSIBLEWWR to learn more about their...

Learn about Gatling and CAVE at the Next Dublin Scala Users Group Meetup

SEP 18, 2014

The Gilt team is excited to host the next Dublin Scala Users Group event at our awesome new office in Dublin 4! Here’s what is on the menu: Happy Performance Testing–DSLing Your System with Gatling: In this talk, Citi Lead Mobile Architect Aman Kohli and Citi Software Engineer Kevin Yu Wei Xia will present their experiences using Gatling, a load-testing framework written in Scala. The power of Gatling is the...

"Dream, Girl" Documentarian Visits With Gilt's Tech Women

SEP 16, 2014

Last week the women of #gilttech invited New York City-based documentary filmmaker Erin Bagwell (center) over to Gilt’s Manhattan office for snacks, bevs and an informal chat. Erin’s latest project is Dream, Girl: a documentary that tells the stories of women entrepreneurs. Watch a clip right here: Erin just raised more than $100,000 to finish Dream, Girl. That’s nearly twice as much as she’d originally sought–a fact that indicates the...

Gilt Participates in Today's Droidcon NYC Hangout/Q&A

SEP 16, 2014

Gilt Senior Software Engineer Kevin Schultz is one of the featured speakers at the first-ever Droidcon NYC, taking place this weekend (Sept. 20-21, 2014) for the edification and personal enrichment of Android devs in NYC and beyond. Today (Sept. 16, 2014) at 12:30 PM EST, Kevin and others will be available to answer all of your Android-related development questions at this Droidcon-related Hangout/teaser. Another Kevin–Kevin Galligan of Touch Labs–will moderate!...

Gilt Web Design Joins #gilttech

SEP 12, 2014

Here’s Gilt CIO Steve Jacobs pouring a glass of wine to celebrate the merger of Gilt’s Web Design team with the greater #gilttech family. The party was our last big bash before our entire team moved from the fifth floor down to the fourth. Cheese, crackers and other goodies tied us over till dinnertime: Bringing Design under the tech umbrella enables us to move even faster and more cohesively as...

Gilt Featured at Brand Innovators Fashion Week

SEP 11, 2014

Profit & Purpose: A Chat With Author Kyle Westaway

SEP 9, 2014

New Gilt Hires Get a Crash Course in Scala

SEP 8, 2014

Here’s Gilt Principal Software Engineer/Crafter O'Beers/Seasoned Instructor Gregor Heine leading one of his world-famous Scala trainings for our newer hires. (First Scala training in our schmancy new office!) Joining him as co-pilot for the first time is Gilt Senior Software Engineer Gary Coady, an expert in his own right. This class was Gilt-only, but we’re working on future installments for the public. Check back here for announcements!

Join Gilt in Supporting Net Neutrality on September 10

SEP 8, 2014

Would you enjoy using the Internet more if it were slower? Of course not! But a slower Internet could become the reality for many of us, under rule changes proposed by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission. The FCC’s proposed guidelines would effectively divide the Internet into a “fast lane” for companies that can afford to pay for better connectivity, and a “slow lane” for everyone else. “Net Neutrality”–the idea that...

Microservices and Crystal Balls: Gilt Goes to the Atlassian Summit

SEP 5, 2014

The Atlassian Summit is probably the top conference worldwide for project managers, program managers and anyone else who spends a lot of time thinking about agile development–and Gilt will be there! Gilt Senior Director, Program Management Office Heather Fleming and Director of Program Management Justin Riservato will share their talk “Beyond the Crystal Ball–The Agile PMO” on the second day of the conference, which takes place September 9-11 in San...

Gilt CEO Michelle Peluso Is SmartCEO's Cover Story for Sept/Oct 2014

SEP 4, 2014

Learn more about Gilt CEO Michelle Peluso–and about Gilt–in the latest edition of SmartCEO! In Marie Griffin’s article, “Burnishing Gilt,” Michelle shares her thoughts on our flash-sale business model, the role curation plays in producing amazing experiences for our customers, and our continuous efforts to connect Gilt’s users with the best brands. Here’s Michelle on the cover:

#gilttech Celebrates #wear-white-after-labor-day Day

SEP 2, 2014

The Gilt tech team abstained from spaghetti and chocolate ice cream to join forces against the outdated fashion rule about not wearing white after Labor Day. Nobody accepted this author’s offer to dress as Princess Leia or the Abominable Snowman, but Senior Software Engineer Michael Chimirev pretty much won the day with his ensemble:

Check out Gilt's Cool New Office Space in Dublin!

AUG 29, 2014

This week the Gilt team in Dublin, Ireland moved to a new space in Dublin 4. Everyone’s settling in nicely, and we’ve already had a party to celebrate the move! “As you come through our front door, you are greeted with a large meetup/hangout space and a well-equipped open plan kitchen, perfect for getting everyone together,” says Senior Program Manager Deirdre O'Brien of the new space. “The general office area...

Scenes From Gilt's Free Go Class

AUG 27, 2014

On Friday, Gilt hosted a free day of instruction in Go–the latest NYC installment of our free tech course series. Leading the class was BoardRounds Co-Founder/CTO Aditya Mukerjee, who covered Go basics and highlighted the language’s advantages. Here’s Aditya in action: Friday’s class had great turnout from our own team–here are Scott Thompson and Will Chiong from #gilttech personalization, and Paolo Lim from the Gilt City team: There are four...

Welcome, Natalia Bartol!

AUG 26, 2014

Gilt says “dzień dobry” to Natalia Bartol, who recently joined our engineering in team in Dublin, Ireland! Natalia is a passionate software engineer and open source contributor who will work on continuous delivery at Gilt. Originally from Poland, she moved to Dublin nearly four years ago and has been getting used to Irish weather ever since. “I eventually fell in love with the taste of Guinness and even started to...

An Intro to Swift (Slideshow)

AUG 25, 2014

Here are the slides from Gilt Senior Software Engineer Yoshi Sugawara’s talk last week in Honolulu, Hawaii. Enjoy!

Modularity and the iOS Status Bar Network Indicator

AUG 25, 2014

Rules for Best Practice Email Design: Coding Practices

AUG 22, 2014

Sitepoint has just published the third installment of Gilt Email Build Specialist/Front-end Developer Lauren Ribando’s informative “best practice email design series.” This time around, Lauren gives us tips on coding practices–from avoiding CSS shorthand to slicing images. Go here to read her full article.

Welcome, Mackenzie Nicholson!

AUG 21, 2014

Terve, aloha, and nǐ hǎo are just a few ways the #gilttech and #giltpmo teams would like to welcome Mackenzie Nicholson, the newest business systems manager to join our Program Management Organization! This global citizen was born in Napa Valley, grew up in Hawaii, went to high school in Seattle, attended college in Chicago and New York, and spent a year living in Helsinki running her own American-style baked goods company while...

Gilt Presents at the Appium Roadshow (Slideshow)

AUG 21, 2014

Earlier this summer our friends at Sauce Labs released Appium 1.0, which the Gilt Mobile team has been using to automate our mobile testing efforts. Not long after its release, Gilt Senior Software Engineer Matt Isaacs wrote a blog post for for Sauce Labs highlighting Appium’s advantages and where it still falls a bit short. Yesterday (August 20) Matt joined representatives from Sharecare, Softcrylic and other Appium-using companies at Sauce...

Gilt CIO Steve Jacobs Featured on NJ Tech Weekly

AUG 21, 2014

Last month Gilt CIO crossed the Hudson River to present a talk for the NJ Tech Meetup, the largest tech community in the Garden State. Steve’s talk focused on creating emotional connections with customers, and how Gilt constantly innovates to strengthen and maintain those connections. NJ Tech Weekly was there, and have just published an article on Steve’s presentation! Go here to check it out. As an added bonus, here’s...

Tonight in Honolulu: Gilt Presents an Intro to Swift

AUG 20, 2014

By day, Senior Software Engineer Yoshi Sugawara works on Gilt’s Personalization team. By night–or at least tonight–he presents on Swift! As the featured speaker of the Organization for the Understanding of Dynamic Languages’ August meetup, Yoshi will deliver a Swift primer and answer questions. Regular readers of this blog are likely to expect meetups we announce here to take place either in NYC, Dublin (Ireland, not Ohio) or (to a...

Introducing Gilt Japan’s All-New iPhone App

AUG 19, 2014

By Gilt Director of Mobile Product Christopher Gonzalez

Gilt Featured at the Atlassian UG's Anniversary Bash + Summit Preview

AUG 19, 2014

New York City’s Atlassian User Group is celebrating their one-year anniversary with a (undoubtedly well-organized!) big party for the project and program management set, and we’re proud to say that Gilt Tech is going to be a part of the festivities! Gilt Senior Director, PMO Heather Fleming will present “Beyond the Crystal Ball: The Agile PMO” in advance of her appearance in September (along with Gilt Director of Program Management...

Rules for Best Practice Email Design: Content

AUG 18, 2014

Born to Be Wild (About Data)

AUG 15, 2014

Here’s Gilt Director of Data Engineering Geoff Guerdat earlier this week at motorcycle school in New Jersey. Geoff’s an experienced rider, but he wanted some extra training to improve his skills.

Summer-Interning with Gilt's Program Management Organization

AUG 14, 2014

Handling Changes to Your Server-Side Data Model (Slideshow)

AUG 13, 2014

If you had to miss Monday’s iOSoho Developer’s Symposium with Gilt Principal Software Engineer Evan Coyne Maloney, no worries: here are the slides. More about Mockingbird to come soon!

Meet a Gilt Technologist: George Chien, Lead Business Intelligence Engineer

AUG 13, 2014

If you’re a Business Intelligence Engineer, we’d like to hear about your favorite tools and methodologies. Email us at lapple at gilt dot com. Hello, George! Tell us a bit about how you arrived at Gilt. I got here in 2012 after working in business intelligence at Everyday Health, MTV/Viacom, and Hewlett-Packard, and before that I went to school at Cornell. How have things changed since the early days? When...

"The Immutable Stack"--David Nolen Speaks at Gilt

AUG 12, 2014

The #gilttech team is super-excited to welcome David Nolen to 2 Park on August 27! David is one of ClojureScript’s main contributors, a developer at Cognitect, one of the developers behind the Brooklyn-based workshop Kitchen Table Coders, a musician, and a frequent speaker at conferences nationwide (he’ll be at GOTO Copenhagen and GOTO Aarhus). His topic for the night will be “The Immutable Stack”: In the Clojure world, we have...

Our Next Free Course at Gilt (Dublin): Machine Learning

AUG 12, 2014

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the launch of Gilt’s personal sales, our Dublin office is hosting a free machine learning course taught by University College Dublin professor Pádraig Cunningham! This four-hour course will cover concepts in supervised machine learning and predictive analytics, including linear and logistic regression and techniques for automated prediction and recommendation engines.  The material to be covered is quite technical but should be accessible to anyone with good quantitative...

#gilttech's Recommended Reads for the Dog Days of Summer

AUG 8, 2014

The #gilttech team includes many avid readers. Here are some of our favorite recent reads, both brand-new and not-as-new. Perfect for the beach, for long flights to vacation destinations, or for an afternoon relaxing at the park. (Even if you’re a cat, you can still enjoy the dog days of summer.) Good Strategy, Bad Strategy: The Difference and Why It Matters, Richard Rumelt (Crown Business, 2011)A very well-written book that...

Learn About Web-Scale PostgreSQL: Monday at Gilt

AUG 8, 2014

Gilt Featured at Next Week's iOSoho Developer's Symposium

AUG 7, 2014

If you’re a practicing iOS developer who lives in NYC (or who plans on parachuting in over the weekend), don’t miss Monday’s iOSoho meetup. The night’s featured presenter is Gilt Principal Engineer Evan Coyne Maloney, who will discuss how to gracefully handle changes to your server-side data model and also give a preview of Mockingbird: the platform on which Gilt’s iPhone and iPad apps are built, and which we plan...

New in Open Source at Gilt: Elixir JSON

AUG 7, 2014

New InfoQ Magazine on Microservices Features Gilt!

AUG 6, 2014

"The Docker Book" Now Available

AUG 5, 2014

Our friend James Turnbull, the VP of Services at Docker, has just published a book that explains how to use Docker: In this book, we’ll will walk you through installing, deploying, managing, and extending Docker. We’re going to do that by first introducing you to the basics of Docker and its components. Then we’ll start to use Docker to build containers and services to perform a variety of tasks. You...

The New Relic User Group Comes to Gilt on August 7

AUG 5, 2014

This Thursday New Relic is hosting their first-ever User Group meetup in NYC, and Gilt is excited to be the host! The night of networking, learning, and discussion begins at 6:30 PM and includes presentations from Chris Handy, Associate Director of Web Operations at Condé Nast; and Gil Rice, Senior Manager of New Relic Technical Account Services for the North East US and EMEA. All New Relic users and fans...

Gatling + Gilt

AUG 1, 2014

Earlier today the folks behind Gatling announced the release of Gatling 2.0.0-RC1–and also their new website, which mentions Gilt as a user! In case you’re not familiar, Gatling is an open source load-testing framework based on Scala, Akka and Netty. Congrats to the Gatling team for both achievements. 

Welcome Pawel Raszewski!

AUG 1, 2014

The #gilttech team extends a hearty welcome to Pawel Raszewski, who joins our Dublin team as a software engineer on the super-secretive Team Twain. Before joining Gilt, Pawel worked at a gigantic media company where he developed web content optimization and personalization systems in Java. He’s also been involved in a couple of open source projects involving Chrome extensions, Android and Arduino. Speaking of Arduino, in his spare time Pawel...

Our Next Free Course at Gilt (NYC): Go

JUL 31, 2014

Given our love for Docker–not to mention Principal Systems Engineer Jonathan Leibiusky’s recent open source work)–the topic of our next free tech course is super-exciting and also timely. Go is an open-source programming language aimed at increasing developer productivity. During this class, we will explore the benefits of programming in Go and learn the basics. By the end of the day, you will have built: A basic webapp using only...

A Chat with Alexy Khrabrov, Organizer of Scala by the Bay and SF Scala

JUL 30, 2014

August 8-9 marks the first-ever Scala By the Bay conference: two days of training, talks and reverie for the San Francisco-area Scala and functional programming community. Scala By the Bay is made possible by Alexy Khrabrov, conference co-organizer (along with Jason Swartz) and founder. Alexy’s also the founder and co-organizer (along with Swartz) of SF Scala, whose +2K members “use Scala to dominate the world.” Exciting! We chatted with Alexy...

New Gilt Product Feature: "The Shops"

JUL 30, 2014

With The Shops, Gilt’s Product/UX team has just made it easier than ever to shop on Gilt for basics and special-occasion items, and to browse for inspiration. This new feature provides a destination spot for our customers who are looking for: Men’s and women’s attire for special occasions such as weddings, parties, and holidays Denim, dress shirts, and other wardrobe essentials Home décor ideas and advice Must-have’s for your babies...

Selenium PageObjects in ScalaTest

JUL 29, 2014

PageObjects enable you to take a group or collection of elements on a page that share some commonality and group them together. In general, a PageObject can be any web page, but can also be broken down into more precise PageObjects. If a Page has elements and services–or some repeated group of elements and services–that can logically be grouped together, those elements and services can be modeled as PageObjects. A...

Welcome, Michal Kowaliszyn!

JUL 29, 2014

Gilt says cześć to Michal Kowaliszyn, a Dublin-based software engineer who joins our email team (Push)! Before joining Gilt, he worked on audience targeting for advertising platforms. Besides programming (most recently in Scala), he enjoys running and traveling the world with his wife. Welcome, Michal!

True Love Is ... Giving Back!

JUL 28, 2014

Gilt Insider, our customer loyalty program, just turned one year old, and to celebrate we’re sharing presents! Today all Insider benefits are half-off—meaning 2x the payback for your hard-earned points. This works for dollars off any order, free shipping, or even products in our curated rewards shops. As a refresher: Insider members earn five points for every dollar spent on Gilt. These points can be redeemed either as cash, or...

Play Framework at Gilt Webinar (Video)

JUL 28, 2014

Earlier this summer Gilt Senior Software Engineer Giancarlo Silvestrin was a featured presenter during Typesafe’s Play Day–a whole day of technical talks focused on Play Framework. Giancarlo talked about how we implement Play across our hundreds of small applications and microservices. Check out Giancarlo’s presentation above!

The Gilt Tech Team's Online Sticker Book

JUL 28, 2014

To get things done, Gilt technologists organize ourselves into small cross-functional teams that work together on specific initiatives. All of our teams pick their own names–Ninjas, Disco, T-Rex, Cerebro, etc.–and some go the extra mile by designing logos and producing swag. Our favorite swag items are stickers: They’re low-cost, easy to reproduce in big batches, and make our laptops look cool.Let’s take a look at some of our sticker creations....

Shop by Category on Gilt’s iPhone and iPad Apps

JUL 28, 2014

Did you know you can now use the Gilt iPhone and iPad apps to shop Gilt by product category?! Tap on the search bar to reveal the “Shop by Category” feature and search for “shoes,” “dresses,” “sofas,” or any other type of item you’re looking for, more quickly and easily. And never miss a deal!   To use Shop by Category on your iPad, tap on the “Shop By Category”...

Welcome, Nick Rogers!

JUL 25, 2014

#gilttech gives a hellaciously hot welcome to software engineer Nick Rogers, who joins Team Fire–the Dublin-based Gilt engineering team that’s currently focusing on SEO/SEM. Before joining Gilt, Nick spent five years working for a UX design and Development company, specializing in JavaScript applications and front-end development. “I do love working with JavaScript,” he says. “The whole front-end space has moved at a frantic pace over the last couple of years,...

Gilt Mobile Apps Now Make Shopping Faster by Remembering Your Sizes!

JUL 25, 2014

Gilt’s iPhone and iPad apps now allow our customers to quickly re-apply the size filters they have previously used. To filter a sale by your sizes, simply tap on the “Refine by Your Sizes” button. If you haven’t previously filtered by size on our apps, use the “Refine” feature to do so and the next time you visit a sale you’ll be able to use this quick shortcut.   In...

Welcome Felix Garcia Borrego!

JUL 24, 2014

Gilt is ecstatic to welcome Felix Garcia Borrego to the #gilttech engineering team in Dublin! Felix (to clarify, that’s him on the left) will join our Real Time Team and help us to take our real time event system to the next level using Amazon Kinesis and other cloud technologies. Originally from Seville, Spain, Felix worked at his own start-up for about eight years, building both mobile apps and web...

Designing a Responsive Navigation

JUL 22, 2014

As part of our efforts to make the entire Gilt website responsive, the first major component our team decided to focus on was navigation.’s existing navigation was already starting to feel overcrowded with user account links, so we knew that we wanted to minimize the number of elements, reduce its height as much as possible and bring more content above the fold. We also wanted to do a better...

Gilt Product Management and User Experience Guiding Principles

JUL 21, 2014

Gilt’s product and user experience team has identified five unique characteristics as the qualities that will define the Gilt experience wherever it’s consumed. We’re sharing them with you because our team intends to abide by these principles in understanding, ideating, creating, and coding the best customer experiences on all of our channels.  At Gilt, the product and user experience is: Customer-Guided. In everything we do, we must understand and connect...

Watch Last Week's Metis: Data Science Meetup (Video)

JUL 21, 2014

Here are Gilt’s Igor Elbert (Principal Data Scientist), Etsy’s Nell Thomas (Director of the Data Analyst Team), and New York Times Graphics Editor Kevin Quealy discussing their personal “data science passion projects and accomplishments” at the first-ever meetup of Metis: Data Science. Watch and learn more about Igor’s ideas of “the user interface of the future”!

"Connection: Where Emotions Drive KPIs"--a Talk by Gilt CIO Steve Jacobs

JUL 18, 2014

How does Gilt create connections with our millions of customers around the world? What is the difference between “personalization at Gilt” and “Gilt personae”? Who is “the Gilt customer,” and how does the Gilt team identify him and her? And how has Gilt used A/B testing to better serve our customers? Gilt CIO Steve Jacobs will address these and many other questions as the featured speaker of the NJ Tech...

Josh Suereth at Gilt

JUL 16, 2014

Here’s Typesafe Senior Software Engineer/Scala In Depth author Josh Suereth earlier this week at Gilt’s NYC office, teaching his sbt workshop. Josh spent more than two hours covering settings, configurations, dependency management, and other topics. More than 50 non-Gilt technologists from the metro NYC area joined members of our engineering team for dinner and the class. If you’re curious about sbt but couldn’t attend the workshop, check out Josh’s presentation...

Learn About Jedis and Redis From Gilt's Jonathan Leibiusky

JUL 15, 2014

Gilt Featured at Tonight's Metis: Data Science Meetup

JUL 15, 2014

Tonight marks the debut of Metis: Data Science, a brand-new meetup group for aspiring and practicing data scientists in NYC, and #gilttech is excited to be a part of it! Gilt Principal Data Scientist Igor Elbert will join Nell Thomas, Director of the Data Analyst Team at Etsy, and New York Times Graphics Editor Kevin Quealy in discussing their personal “data science passion projects and accomplishments.” Titled “Unleashing Data Science:...

Gilt to Host "MIT: Under the Dome," an Interactive Discussion with W. Eric L. Grimson PhD!

JUL 14, 2014

#gilttech is excited and honored to host a talk by W. Eric L. Grimson PhD, the Chancellor for Academic Advancement at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology! On Thursday, July 17, we will present “MIT: Under the Dome,” an interactive discussion with Chancellor Grimson that will include a brief history of MIT and the breadth of the Institute’s impact around the world. Chancellor Grimson will also address MIT’s intention to liberate...

Learn About Scala+Android+Bluetooth Low Energy with the Dublin SUG!

JUL 11, 2014

A Great Turnout at Last Night's Docker Dublin Meetup with Gilt!

JUL 10, 2014

More than 90 Dublin technologists came out to Docker Dublin’s inaugural meetup, co-organized by Gilt! Here’s Docker Dublin founder/organizer John Zanchetta kicking off the event: And here’s Gilt Co-Founder and CTO Michael Bryzek, the main presenter of the night, describing how our engineering team has been using Docker and AWS to deliver immutable software releases to production: The Docker Dublin group has tons of potential, and we’re very excited to...

Responsive The Full-Screen Modal

JUL 9, 2014

In making responsive to the mobile device, the Special Ops team identified several responsive patterns that we relied upon to “responsivize” our site layout. Identifying these patterns early on helped us to more confidently make subsequent responsive-related decisions. For our fourth responsive-related blog post, I would like to share how we discovered and implemented one of our favorite design patterns that we identified: the full-screen modal. The Gilt iPhone...

Responsive Selenium Edition!

JUL 7, 2014

In our last blog post on responsive design at Gilt, my colleague Greg Mazurek explained why we use in-selector CSS media-queries instead of blocks. The impetus for choosing this pattern was to make our code less brittle to future development. Today I’ll talk about how we’re applying the same principle to our testing practices. We’ve thought a lot about how we can design our code to minimize–even prevent–unexpected adverse changes...

Five Simple Lisp Tips Guaranteed to Boost Your Productivity

JUL 3, 2014

Lisp is an interesting language. Its emphasis on functional programming and properties such as homoiconicity make it quite different from other languages. Although it’s not suited for all developers, those who have experienced building large applications in other languages may appreciate the simplicity that Lisp provides. When I ask other developers for their thoughts on Lisp, the most common response I receive is, “Why are there so many brackets?” As...

Responsive Block vs. In-selector Media Queries

JUL 2, 2014

This is the second of five posts the Special Operations team is sharing on what we learned while making legacy applications responsive to mobile devices. In our first post, we gave a high-level overview of how we organized a successful team retrospective. In this post, I’d like to dig a little deeper into the technology side of our work and discuss how to organize media queries. CSS3 media queries enable...

"Immutable Infrastructure with Docker and EC2": Gilt at Dockercon (Video)

JUL 2, 2014

Here’s Gilt Co-Founder and CTO Michael Bryzek at last month’s Dockercon14 conference in San Francisco, discussing how our engineering team has been experimenting with Docker to improve and simplify end-to-end continuous delivery of our micro-services architecture. Next week Michael will give an updated version of his talk at the inaugural Docker Dublin meetup, hosted at Engine Yard! Docker is releasing two videos per day from the conference–check them all out...

Gilt Watches the World Cup

JUL 1, 2014

A cross-functional team featuring the Gilt tech, marketing, HR, merchandising and finance departments gathers around the TV to watch the USA vs. Belgium World Cup match. As of this writing, the game’s still underway!

Happy One-Year Anniversary, Free Tech Courses at Gilt!

JUL 1, 2014

Responsive Retrospective

JUL 1, 2014

Gilt’s Special Operations Team recently spent five weeks creating a legacy Play app that’s responsive to the mobile device for both portrait and landscape orientations. After our team finished our work, we got together to recap what we’d done. We also decided to share with you what we learned while converting Gilt’s desktop experience into a beautiful responsive mobile experience that seemed natively designed. In this post–the first in a...

Gregor Brews Some "Anchorage Weissbier"

JUL 1, 2014

Gilt Principal Software Engineer Gregor Heine added a frothy finishing touch to last week’s 5@4 in Dublin by brewing up a batch of his homemade ale for the team. Gregor gave a brief “Intro to Homebrewing” course (to be cont’d in future 5@4s) and included a live demo as part of his instruction. Now the Dublin team has to wait two weeks to sample his work!

Look at Our Looker Hackathon

JUN 30, 2014

Our Data team held their very first Looker hackathon and kicked off what promises to be an exciting year-long project that will impact many different Gilt departments. Lead engineers and analysts from Looker came to our NYC office to help us throughout the day. “We started work and expanded on over 10 new data models in the tool,” says Gilt Business Intelligence Engineer George Chien. “We also identified several new...

Gilt's Hosting a Free SBT Workshop with Josh Suereth of Typesafe!

JUN 30, 2014

If you’re a NYC-area Scalasmith who can’t attend our July 3 Scala libraries course because you’re starting your patriotic gardenburger-grilling a day early, here’s another opportunity to learn Scala things at Gilt for free: On July 14, we’re hosting a free sbt workshop with Typesafe Senior Software Engineer Josh Suereth! Josh, the author of sbt in Action, will give an introduction to sbt and show how it can make your development...

Five Rules for Best-Practice Email Design

JUN 27, 2014

Email Build Specialist/Front-End Developer Lauren Ribando is one of the key people behind the creation of Gilt’s beautiful daily emails. Recently Sitepoint asked her to share some best practices for creating well-designed emails. Here’s an excerpt: At first, it might seem that the best way to preserve the design of an email is to throw it all in an image tag or slice it up into lots of images. Then...

We Found the Bob Ross-Mobile

JUN 27, 2014

#gilttech represents with the creator of all those Happy Little Trees! Earlier this afternoon a few of us went out for postage stamps (mail your July rent checks ASAP, everyone) and lunch and encountered this Bob Ross-ified moving truck parked about a block away from our NYC office. Here’s another shot: Happy Little Friday, everyone!

Welcome Anders Holm!

JUN 27, 2014

Gilt's Next Free Tech Course in Dublin: AngularJS!

JUN 27, 2014

Last month our NYC office hosted a free AngularJS class for our engineering team and ~50 of our friends from the NYC tech community. Now we’re bringing free AngularJS to Dublin! On Friday, July 11 join us as we spend the day learning all about this amazingly useful, open-source tool for developing web applications. Leading the way will be SidekickJS founder and AngularJS trainer Tim Ruffles. In this fast-paced, full-day...

Gilt Lunches With the "Father of Data Warehousing"

JUN 26, 2014

Recently Bill Inmon, known to many a data scientist as “the father of data warehousing,” stopped by the Gilt office in NYC–very cool! Mr. Inmon was in town as the featured speaker of “BIG DATA and Enterprise Architecture 2014,” hosted by the Data Management Forum, and swung by 2 Park for some vegetarian food and photo-taking. “He wasn’t shy about his feelings on some of the software we work with,”...

Inaugural Docker Dublin Meetup with Gilt!

JUN 26, 2014

Welcome Evan Wall!

JUN 25, 2014

Gilt Guest-Posts on Appium

JUN 25, 2014

When Code Blows up and You Don't Know Why

JUN 20, 2014

Rather frequently, our code has an error, but we don’t know about it because no error is logged in the console. We quite often don’t find out until we fall flat on our faces while trying to use the site.

Our Next Free Class at Gilt (NYC): Advanced Scala/Scala Libraries!

JUN 10, 2014

As part of our ongoing efforts to offer free Scala education to the Dublin and NYC tech communities, we’re hosting a free, full-day class on July 3 that focuses on Scala libraries! Targeted at experienced Scala engineers, the class focuses on safe and true abstraction with three of the typelevel.scala libraries: Scalaz, Shapeless and Spire. Teaching the class will be Stephen Compall, a longtime Scalaz developer whose Scala knowledge comes...

Some Sugar for Your sbt Dependency Graph

JUN 9, 2014

Since 2012 the Gilt engineering team has been using sbt to build and deploy microservices and webapps–from our newest Scala microservices to our most ancient Java applications. Microservices tend to have common functionality across the fleet, from Play Framework and Akka, to our own internal libraries. Dependencies (and their complex transitive dependencies) have always been challenging to understand and manage. Not surprisingly, the open source community has produced some tools...

Gilt Presents at This Week's DockerCon

JUN 9, 2014

DockerCon runs today and tomorrow (June 9-10) in San Francisco, and #gilttech is proud to be a part of it! Gilt Co-Founder and CTO Michael Bryzek will present “Immutable infrastructure w/Docker and EC2,” a talk on our current efforts to move to the cloud and improve our disaster recovery capabilities. We’ll post the video from Michael’s talk when it becomes available; for now, learn more about our Docker work here....

Scala, Scalability, Open Source and More: Listen to Gilt on The Cloudcast!

JUN 6, 2014

Welcome Keith Eng!

JUN 5, 2014

Please join #gilttech in welcoming Keith Eng as our new Corporate IT Systems Engineer! Keith will build and optimize our internal corporate infrastructure in NYC. His work will involve designing and implementing our VMware server virtualization environment, Citrix XenApp 6.5 server farm, Digital Asset Management system and NetApp SAN storage arrays, analyzing our systems design and performance, diagnosing server/storage and virtualization issues, and many more essentials. A graduate of Stony...

Gilt Mobile & NYMAD Bring You a Night of Post-WWDC Hacking and Talks!

JUN 5, 2014

Fresh off their Webby Award win for best iPhone app (shopping), the Gilt Mobile team is partnering up with our friends at the New York Mobile App Developer meetup group for What Would Developers Code?: A Night of Post-WWDC Lightning Talks and Hacking. From 5:30 to 9 PM, all of you mobile developers out there are invited to join Gilt and NYMAD for some fun hacking on new tools unveiled...

Gilt's Special Ops Team Has a Mini Offsite

JUN 4, 2014

Today Gilt’s Special Ops team worked remotely from my apartment so we could wait for a special UPS delivery.* Formed earlier this year, Special Ops handles end-to-end (email to desktop to mobile) projects that don’t fit under the umbrella of other product-driven teams. Since January we’ve worked on projects related to customer service, holiday, business development, mobile, push notifications, and more. At the moment, we are working to make the...

Our Next Free Tech Class at Gilt: MongoDB in Dublin!

JUN 4, 2014

Gilt Celebrates Play Day with Typesafe: Tune Into Our Webinar Today (June 3)!

JUN 3, 2014

Welcome Zachary Cohn!

JUN 3, 2014

#gilttech welcomes Zachary Cohn to our ground-breaking personalization team! A mathematician and data scientist by training and past experience–he holds a PhD in Mathematics from Stanford–Zachary brings to the team a wealth of machine learning expertise applied to online personalization. When he’s not analyzing data or working on improving our recommendations capabilities, he enjoys playing chess, running, and cycling. Welcome, Zachary!

How to Test Android's Parcelable Interface

JUN 2, 2014

Android applications invariably seem to have many places where you have to pack data into an Intent or Bundle in order to pass it on to another component. I have found that packing a single Java object in the payload is far more maintainable than using several primitive key/value pairs. If you decide to add or remove an a field to the object later, you won’t have to go back...

RSVP for Tonight's Product and the People Side: An Interview with Gilt's Dominique Essig

JUN 2, 2014

Tonight Gilt Vice President Product Management & User Experience Dominique Essig is the featured speaker/interviewee at The People’s Side, a meetup group for discussing the people side (culture, communication) of start-ups. Dom will discuss “the people side” of product development as well as her experience building product teams at Gilt. There are still a few spots left–go here to RSVP!

Team Data at Last Night's Fashion 2.0 Panel

MAY 30, 2014

That’s Gilt Principal Data Scientist Igor Elbert smiling at far right, and Gilt Data Team members Roger Huang, Anna Szostek and Michael Hansen sitting in the front row. Igor was one of the panelists at last night’s “Smart Data & Market Intelligence” event put on by Fashion 2.0. In the coming weeks we can expect to see some musical chairs-ing among this team: Roger’s presenting on clickstream data at Gilt...

Gilt to Help Judge This Weekend's AngelHack Brooklyn!

MAY 29, 2014

AngelHack Brooklyn’s taking place this weekend (May 31-June 1) at HUGE HQ, and we’re going to help pick the winners! AngelHack organizes hackathons around the world (more than 70 in 2013) and offers its winners some great prizes–including free entry to its HACKcelerator program and cash. If you’d like to register, go here!

Gilt Participating in NYC's First Computer Science Opportunity Fair

MAY 29, 2014

Reaching out to young and aspiring technologists is a major priority for the #gilttech team. From hosting Girls Who Code to inviting Bronx Academy of Software Engineering students to tour our offices, we’ve derived immeasurable value from outreaching to the next generation of software engineers, mobile developers, and program managers. So when our friends at the New York City Economic Development Corporation invited us to participate in NYC’s first Computer...

"Data-Driven Personalization" at Gilt (Video)

MAY 28, 2014

Here’s Gilt Lead Software Engineer Will Chiong presenting at last night’s #gilttech-hosted Full-Stack Engineering meetup on our ongoing personalization efforts. In this short talk, Will gives an overview of how his team summarizes customer behavior data and uses that data to make recommendations. Thanks to Will and the night’s other speakers–Mike Brittain of Etsy and Wes Chow of Chartbeat–as well as all our guests! (Bonus thanks to friend-of-Gilt Mike P....

Gilt Featured at Tomorrow's "Fashion 2.0: Smart Data & Market Intelligence" Event!

MAY 28, 2014

Jedis 2.5.0: New Updates to Jedis Just Released

MAY 28, 2014

Gilt Principal Systems Engineer Jonathan Leibiusky continues to improve Jedis, his popular open source Redis Java client! Back in March, he released a version that included enhancements to JedisCluster’s connection handling and JedisCluster multi-threading. Jedis 2.5.0, the latest version, features HyperLogLog support, makes ShardedJedisPool closeable, and includes even more JedisCluster fixes. Go here to check out the latest version and here to learn more about what Jedis can do.

Gilt Featured in Postgres Weekly

MAY 28, 2014

We love Cooper Press’s informative weekly e-newsletters for software engineers, so it’s always exciting to see #gilttech mentioned in one of them! This week Postgres Weekly cites our recently released Postgres case study, adding that “If you’re in need of use cases and case studies their[s is] a great one.” Thanks to Postgres curator Craig Kerstiens for the cite!

Gilt Lunches with Brandon Philips of CoreOS

MAY 27, 2014

Last Friday CoreOS CTO Brandon Philips stopped by Gilt’s NYC office to give a short demo and have lunch with some of our engineering team. A few non-Gilt engineers also joined us in learning more about what CoreOS (Linux for massive server deployments") does and how. Thanks to Brandon for interrupting his vacation to join us!

Full-Stack Engineering Comes Back to Gilt This Tuesday!

MAY 23, 2014

After enjoying a relaxing (?) three-day weekend, get back into the heavy-duty tech-talk swing of things by coming to 2 Park on May 27 for the Full-Stack Engineering meetup! Even compared to past FSE speaker lineups this Tuesday’s is especially strong, with presenters representing three of NYC’s top tech companies: Mike Brittain, Director of Engineering at Etsy, will discuss “Advanced Topics in Continuous Delivery” Wes Chow, CTO at Chartbeat, will...

Gaslight at Gilt: Scenes From Yesterday's Free AngularJS Class

MAY 23, 2014

Here’s Gaslight Co-Founder and Developer Chris Nelson at the Gilt podium, leading yesterday’s free AngularJS class at our NYC office. Sixty technologists from Gilt, Urban Compass, OnDeck Capital, AppNexus and other companies joined us for the all-day course, which covered everything from client-side routing to dependency injection with services and factories. Some pics: #gilttech Software Engineers Ryan Caloras (Personalization, left) and Kevin Li (Loyalty, right) with their friend, Anthony Zhang...

EnterpriseDB Features Gilt as a "PostgreSQL Pro"

MAY 22, 2014

EnterpriseDB recently published on its Open Enterprise blog an informative Q&A with Gilt Co-Founder and CTO Michael Bryzek that focuses on our long-time use of PostgreSQL. Read the interview to learn all about the early days of Postgres at Gilt, including the reasons why we chose Postgres over other database technologies and what we continue to value most about it. An excerpt: Q. What was your biggest surprise or ‘a-ha!’...

Welcome Kevin Schultz!

MAY 22, 2014

Please welcome Kevin Schultz, the newest member of Gilt’s mobile team! Kevin will focus on Android and will push our update to release. In a past life Kevin worked with fellow Gilt Senior Software Engineer Matt Isaacs (Mobile) and Lead Software Engineer Brian Ballantine (Personalization), which suggests that some sort of colonization is taking place (no complaints–they’re all amazing!). He’s also been a mechanical engineer and worked on nuclear submarines,...

Last Night's "Mobile Engineering at Gilt" Presentation in Dublin

MAY 22, 2014

Here’s Gilt Senior Software Engineer Chirstine Yokoyama presenting at Engine Yard’s Dublin office last night! Christine discussed our mobile engineering practices and technologies at the monthly meeting of the Dublin Scala Users Group. Thanks to everyone who joined us (we counted around 50 of you)–hope to see you next month!

Dr. Martin Odersky at Gilt, 5/19/2014 (video + photos)

MAY 21, 2014

On Monday night Gilt had the great and unforgettable honor of hosting a talk by Dr. Martin Odersky–author of Scala, the programming language used by Gilt and so many other top companies worldwide; and Chairman, Chief Architect and Co-Founder at Typesafe. Software engineers from Comcast, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Twitter, Palantir Technologies and dozens of other companies joined us for the event, held at Gilt’s Midtown Manhattan office. Scala engineers...

Gilt Featured at Tonight's Product Council NYC Event

MAY 20, 2014

Tonight Product Council NYC gets in on the Internet Week NY action with a fun and interactive real estate-themed event featuring MakeSpace (“your closet in the cloud”) and RentHackr (“hacking a better way to find apartments”). Gilt VP of Product Management and User Experience Dominique Essig will join fellow Product Council members Phil Thomas Di Giulio (Tremor Video) and Matthew Shadbolt (New York Times) in appearing on tonight’s panel and...

A Very Special Guest Visited Gilt This Afternoon

MAY 19, 2014

We’re definitely getting this week off to an unforgettable start!: Here’s Scala creator and Typesafe Chairman Dr. Martin Odersky with the Gilt tech team earlier today. Dr. Odersky spent an hour answering our questions about Scala, Java 8, and much more. Later tonight he returns to 2 Park to give a talk on “Scala–The Simple Parts.” Many thanks to Dr. Odersky for his generosity, and to Typesafe for helping us...

Scaling Gilt with PostgreSQL: From One Database to Many (Case Study)

MAY 16, 2014

"Scala--The Simple Parts": Martin Odersky Presents at Gilt

MAY 16, 2014

Gilt is honored to announce that Dr. Martin Odersky will speak at our New York City office on Monday, May 19! Dr. Odersky will give a presentation titled “Scala–The Simple Parts,” answer questions from the audience, and sign copies of Programming in Scala and his other books. Immeasurable thanks to the team at Typesafe for making this event possible. Presentation: “Scala - The Simple Parts”In this talk, Dr. Odersky will...

"Mobile Engineering at Gilt" in Dublin on May 21

MAY 14, 2014

Gilt Senior Software Engineer Christine Yokoyama, who’s based in New York City and belongs to Gilt’s Webby Award-winning mobile team, will stop by Engine Yard’s Dublin office next Wednesday evening (6:30 PM) to give an overview of mobile engineering at Gilt. She’ll talk about some of the unique challenges that Gilt’s mobile team faces, the technologies we use, and much more. If you’re a Dublin iOS or Android developer, bring...

Gilt Presents at This Weekend's !!Con

MAY 14, 2014

"Gadgets for Holistic Web Detection": Gilt Engineer Eric Shepherd at EmpireJS (video)

MAY 13, 2014

Here’s Gilt Lead Software Engineer Eric Shepherd doing one of the many things he does well (besides epitomizing natty dressing): giving a tech talk! Eric spoke on the Monday afternoon of EmpireJS, a more detailed account of which you can find here.

JavaScript in the Empire State

MAY 13, 2014

The afternoon of Friday, May 2 found me on a packed-like-a-can-of-sardines, Brooklyn-bound E train headed for Jamaica, Queens to meet my brother, Jared. Based in Austin, Jared is a front-end developer for RetailMeNot, and he had blown his 2014 convention budget on JSConf, but decided that EmpireJS would be a half-decent excuse to take a vacation and come and see me. We spent the weekend enjoying the fine weather—a relief...

Welcome Chris Poenaru!

MAY 13, 2014

Our Next Free Class at Gilt: CartoDB on June 4

MAY 9, 2014

If you deal with location-based data or location-aware applications, then we’ve got just the FREE class for you: On June 4, Andrew Hill of CartoDB will teach an evening workshop at Gilt’s NYC office! CartoDB is a cloud-based mapping, analysis and visualization engine that enables users to build spatial applications for both mobile and the web. Major tech companies (Twitter), news organizations (National Geographic, The Guardian) governmental and intergovernmental organizations...

ReadWrite Profiles Gilt and Our "Insane" Traffic Spikes

MAY 8, 2014

The popular tech blog ReadWrite published a Q&A today with Gilt VP Architecture Eric Bowman in which Eric discusses our love of Scala and the Typesafe platform, our passion for open-source software, and the exciting technical challenges created by our super-intense, daily traffic spikes. A taster: RW: From a technical perspective, what makes Gilt unique? Why does Scala matter? EB: One of our key uniqueness factors is our flash-sales model, which produces...

Gilt Helps to Judge Columbia's Annual Venture Competition

MAY 7, 2014

What do safe sanitation, home neutrophil-level testing, and production management software have in common? They’re all ideas driving the winning projects of the 2014 Columbia Venture Competition! Launched in 2009 by Columbia University's Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science, the Competition drew 62 applications from current Columbia students and recent alumni this year. Six projects made the final round, judged by a team of NYC business leaders that included...

Gilt Lunchtime Tech Talk: Parse

MAY 7, 2014

Metro NY Covers Gilt's Free Tech Courses

MAY 7, 2014

Thanks to Metro NY reporter Andrea Park for featuring Gilt’s free tech courses in an article about where to learn programming for free in New York City. And speaking of free courses: Have you applied for our upcoming AngularJS class yet?

Welcome Kevin O'Riordan!

MAY 6, 2014

Gilt Presents at EmpireJS

MAY 5, 2014

The EmpireJS conference is officially underway, and Gilt is honored to be a part of it! Gilt Lead Software Engineer/in-house UI Architecture guru Eric Shepherd speaks at 4:10 PM today (May 5) on “Gadgets for Holistic Web Detection.” Gilt engineers Nathan Stilwell, Kevan Davis, Nabila Yusaf and Andrew Powell are also attending the conference, which takes place over two days at Location05.

Welcome Myron Miller!

MAY 2, 2014

Gilt Goes to XO Group

MAY 1, 2014

Here’s a shot of Gilt Co-Founder and CTO Michael Bryzek presenting a lunchtime talk at XO Group, the media company behind The Knot, The Nest and other properties. Michael shared some of the lessons learned from scaling Gilt with XO’s staff. Thanks to Julia Schulhof for organizing this event!

Gilt Tech's First Game Night Was a Blast!

MAY 1, 2014

Last week Gilt’s tech team in New York City organized our first-ever game night! Headed up by Team Teaminess–our internal working group of #gilttech cultural evangelists–game night included 10 different games as well as health foods (tacos, pizza) and drinks (beer, seltzer water). Here are some photos of the fun! This Taboo game went on for hours …

Our Next Free Gilt Tech Course: AngularJS on May 22

MAY 1, 2014

Open-source, powerful and easy to use, AngularJS is an amazingly useful tool for developing web applications. We thought we’d learn more about it, and so we’ve invited Angular expert Chris Nelson of Gaslight to lead our next free tech course! On Thursday, May 22, Chris will teach us the essentials of working with Angular. In this fast-paced, full-day session, we’ll cover: Test-driven Angular (unit and end-to-end) Controllers and scopes Using...

Video and Photos From Last Night's Awesome Docker Panel at Gilt

APR 30, 2014

Check out this action shot of Gilt co-founder and CTO Michael Bryzek performing a live Docker deploy at last night’s panel discussion! Organized by Gilt and the Docker NYC meetup group, last night’s panel featured Michael as well as Docker VP of Services James Turnbull and DevTable/Quay co-founder Jacob Moshenko. Joining us at our 2 Park Avenue office were more than 120 engineers from Gilt and other companies, who were treated...

The Gilt Team in Dublin Launches 5@4

APR 29, 2014

Among the Gilt tech team’s most honored traditions is the 5@4: a team-wide gathering, held every other Friday at 4 PM EST, featuring five short (usually) presentations by Gilt technologists. Begun in 2011, 5@4 gives us opportunities to share our knowledge about everything from journaling in PostgreSQL to demystifying concurrent programming in Scala 2.10 with Akka. We reserve the last talk of the hour for a non-tech topic (kite-surfing, Canadian...

We Won the Webby!

APR 28, 2014

Today Gilt learned that our iPhone app won this year’s Webby Award in the best iPhone app, shopping (handheld devices) category! Organized by the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences, the Webbys are “the Oscars of the Internet,” with more than 12,000 applicants participating in this year’s overall competition. Congrats to everyone on the Gilt team–especially our talented mobile engineers–for achieving this honor!

Dr. Roland Kuhn of Typesafe Visits Gilt

APR 28, 2014

On Friday afternoon Gilt’s tech team was honored to host Dr. Roland Kuhn of Typesafe, who stopped by our NYC office to have some lunch and to chat with a few of our engineers. Based in Sweden, Dr. Kuhn was passing through NYC on his way from Philadelphia, where the night before he appeared at the Philly Area Scala Enthusiasts meetup and led a live-coding session. The leader of the...

Gilt Lunchtime Tech Talk: "Spray Some NSQ On It"

APR 25, 2014

Earlier this week Gilt’s tech team in NYC hosted a lunchtime tech talk by Matt Reiferson, the CTO (“Control Tower Operator”) of the New York based consumer web company Torando Labs. Matt’s speaking at this weekend’s GopherCon in Denver, Colo. and came over to do a trial run of his presentation, “Spray Some NSQ On It."His abstract: NSQ is a real-time distributed messaging platform, built entirely in Go, that promotes...

"Java 8 vs. Scala" and More at the Dublin Scala Users Group

APR 25, 2014

The Gilt engineering team in Dublin hosts the next Dublin Scala Users Group meetup this coming Wednesday (April 30) at Engine Yard’s offices! This installment of the Dublin SUG–an earlier gathering of which you see above (that’s Principal Software Engineer Gregor Heine giving the lowdown on Scala self-types)–features talks by Gilt and Workday as well as beer, pizza, and lots of awesome engineers. More on those talks: Gilt Software Engineer...

Gilt CEO Michelle Peluso is a Mentorship Champion!

APR 23, 2014

This year the Step Up Women’s Network named Gilt CEO Michelle Peluso their 2014 Mentorship Champion! Step Up is a nonprofit that empowers teen girls from under-resourced communities, supports professional women with career development, and promotes mentorship and financial support for both girls and women. Tomorrow (April 24) Step Up will honor Michelle at their Power Hour fund-raising event at the Hearst Tower in NYC. Other Gilt leaders, including COO...

Come to the Docker Panel Discussion at Gilt!

APR 23, 2014

We’re super-excited to be cohosting a panel discussion with Docker and the Docker New York City meetup group next Tuesday, April 29! The event  starts at 6:30 PM at our 2 Park Avenue office and features Gilt Co-Founder/CTO Michael Bryzek, Docker VP of Services James Turnbull and DevTable co-founder Jacob Moshenko. Thrillist Lead DevOps Engineer/Docker NYC co-organizer Jesse White will moderate the panel, which will cover topics ranging from Docker’s evolution...

Visit Gilt at NYC TechDay (and Play Some Games)!

APR 22, 2014

Gilt is one of more than 400 tech companies exhibiting at this year’s NYC TechDay–a start-up science fair at Pier 92 that TechDay organizers claim is “the world’s largest start-up event.” This year more than 11,000 people RSVPed to attend–and we want to meet them all! Registration is free, so if you live anywhere near New York City go ahead and sign up here. A delegation from Gilt’s Tech team–including half...

Gilt's Back Office Goes to the Snapple Theater This Thursday

APR 22, 2014

This Thursday (April 24) Gilt Director of Back Office Systems Christopher Hazlett will appear at NYC’s Snapple Theater for “Business Dilemma: Effective Tech Team Management,” an event organized by the New York City Web Development Community meetup. Tailored to the interests of business owners, project managers, developers, and other stakeholders, the night’s presentations are meant to help the audience “bridge the disconnect that exists between management and tech people.” Titled...

Gilt Goes to Hack Red Hook Tonight

APR 18, 2014

Gilt Featured at This Weekend's LambdaConf

APR 18, 2014

Gilt Lead Software Engineer Yoni Goldberg traveled all the way to Boulder, Colo. this weekend to present at LambdaConf, a full-day conference featuring functional programming-related talks and workshops. Yoni’s talk focuses on the evolution of Gilt’s architecture from a monolithic Rails app to a distributed Scala micro-services system. Check out an earlier version of his presentation (from NYC Tech Talks earlier this year) below!

Check out the Slides from "Mobile Testing at Gilt"

APR 18, 2014

This past Wednesday, Gilt Senior Software Engineer Matt Isaacs presented a talk at the Brooklyn iOS Developer meetup on how we do mobile testing–and if you couldn’t make it, then check out the slides above! Almost half of the Gilt Mobile team came out to the event to watch/support Matt and hear talks from other companies, including FiftyThree–whose amazing Pencil is something that several of us definitely covet–and CBS Sports....

Vote for Gilt in This Year's Webby Awards!

APR 16, 2014

We are excited and proud to tell you that the Gilt iPhone and Gilt iPad apps have each been nominated for Webby Awards this year! Our apps are nominees in the “Mobile & Apps Handheld: Shopping” and “Mobile & Apps Tablet: Shopping” categories. If you love our apps (and we hope you do), please take a minute to vote for them. But hurry: Voting ends April 25! Gilt iPhone App:...

taxes and payments at gilt

APR 16, 2014

Last night I presented “Taxes and Payments at Gilt” at the Portland Java User Group in Portland, Oregon. I discussed Gilt’s checkout system, tax calculator implementation, and payment infrastructure. Thanks to Jama Software for hosting the event.

Brooklyn iOS Developer Meetup Features Gilt

APR 16, 2014

Tonight Matt Isaacs represents Gilt at the Brooklyn iOS Developer meetup’s monthly event! Matt, a Senior Software Engineer on our mobile team, will discuss how we’ve streamlined testing by adopting Sauce Labs’ Appium and other automated tools. He’ll also talk about some of the technical and cultural pain points related to mobile testing, and discuss Gilt’s approach to mitigating these issues. Speakers from CBS Sports, FiftyThree and Small Planet will...

Check out the Slides from Gilt PMO's "The Agile PMO" Talk

APR 15, 2014

Last night Gilt Senior Director, PMO Heather Fleming and Director of Program Management Justin Riservato headlined Agile NYC’s monthly meetup and told the audience all about the “Triangle of Truth,” the “Cone of Uncertainty,” and other slightly Illuminati-sounding things! Check out their slides above and tweet us what you think!

Planet Cassandra Features Gilt

APR 15, 2014

Thanks to DataStax for featuring our recent, hands-on Cassandra workshop–part of our free tech courses initiative–on their Planet Cassandra blog! Go here to learn more about the class, taught by Niall Milton of DigBigData and DataStax.

NYC HTML5 Features Gilt in April

APR 14, 2014

Gilt PMO Featured at Agile NYC Tonight!

APR 14, 2014

Gilt Senior Director, PMO Heather Fleming and Director of Program Management Justin Riservato are the featured speakers at Agile NYC's  meetup this evening at Pace University! Heather and Justin will demonstrate how an Agile PMO can help your organization make sure they are tackling the right work at the right time and with the right teams. They’ll share a retrospective on their multiple iterations, from “Request for Work” processes to...

Portland Java Users Group Features Gilt on Tax Day

APR 11, 2014

What's for Brunch?

APR 11, 2014

The Gilt tech team celebrated the end of another productive week with a bagels, bubbly and brined salmon! To carry the “things that begin with B” theme to its logical conclusion, one of our #bigdata books showed up as well. Happy Friday!

Shmock Gets a Shout-out

APR 11, 2014

Thanks to Alex Gorbatchev at npm awesome for blogging about Shmock, Gilt Principal Systems Engineer Jonathan Leibiusky’s Express-Based HTTP Mocking Library for Node.js! “Being able to mock APIs is a very powerful tool for BDD,” Alex writes. “You can prototype, design and test your consumer before implementing a line of code.”

Welcome Fidan Kasra!

APR 9, 2014

Yesterday we introduced you to Program Manager Justin Vitale and his favorite furnishings. Today we welcome Fidan Kasra, who also joins our Program Management Office as a Senior Program Manager! Fidan will be working with our distribution team, which is part of Gilt’s Back Office.Originally from Texas, Fidan just moved to New York City from Germany, where she worked at a major ecommerce company as a project manager in charge...

Welcome Justin Vitale!

APR 8, 2014

  We’re excited to add Justin Vitale to Gilt’s Program Management Office! Justin joined Gilt in May 2011 as a member of our IT department, and very recently made the switch to our PMO. He’ll continue working on IT projects and bringing along his fancy furniture, including his red velvet rope, wherever he goes. Originally (“and proudly!”) from the Jersey Shore, Justin has lived in NYC since 2007. Outside of...

Going the Extra Mile (More than 200 Extra Miles, Actually ....)

APR 7, 2014

Bronx Academy of Software Engineering Students Visited Gilt!

APR 3, 2014

Gilt Co-founder/CTO Michael Bryzek to Keynote PGConf NYC

APR 2, 2014

Tomorrow and Friday (April 3-4) United States PostgreSQL and the NYC PostgreSQL User Group (NYPUG) host the annual PGConf NYC–two days of keynotes, lightning talks, and idea-swapping for the Postgres community. We’re honored that Gilt co-founder/CTO Michael Bryzek is one of the opening keynote speakers; Michael presents tomorrow morning at 10:10 AM and will discuss Gilt’s ongoing work with Postgres. Other don’t-miss PGConf speakers include PostgreSQL: Introduction and Concepts author Bruce...

BigChat and Other Highlights from Last Week's Cassandra Workshop

MAR 31, 2014

Thumbs up to a Great Git/GitHub Skills Class

MAR 27, 2014

Here’s GitHub trainer/NYC tech scene dynamo Peter Bell hard at work teaching today’s Git and GitHub skills class at our 2 Park Avenue office! More than 50 students from Gilt, Adobe, Twitter, Webgrrls, the Park Slope Food Co-Op and other companies attended today’s all-day skills session. Thanks to Peter and fellow GitHub hacker/TA-for-today Aidan Feldman for putting on such a great class!

A Special Guest (and Familiar Face!) Visits With Gilt's Women Technologists

MAR 26, 2014

Earlier this week Gilt’s women technologists had a sit-down with Shan-Lyn Ma, co-founder and CEO of the new wedding registry company Formerly of Gilt–as a product manager and then general manager, she helped launch several Gilt products, including our iPhone and iPad apps–Shan met with Gilt’s women technologists for some cupcakes, fancy bubblies, and an inspiring conversation about her experiences as an entrepreneur. Gilt’s tech women had so many...

Meet a Gilt Micro-Service #1: svc-inventory-request

MAR 26, 2014

svc-inventory-request helps us handle our modelling photography Hi, everyone! This is the start of a (hopefully) regular series in which we take a closer look at Gilt micro-services: the hundreds of services that together make up our distributed, Scala-built micro-services architecture. For each installment, I’ll pull a random repo from Gerrit and interview a Gilt technologist about the relevant micro-service. Together we’ll learn more about what micro-services are and what...

The 2014 Gilt Plasma Prix: The Movie

MAR 25, 2014

Last month we told you about the Gilt Plasma Prix: a race pitting our ten fastest PlasmaCar racers from NYC and Dublin against each other in a bid for glory, fame, and modestly sized trophies. Here’s the official epic documentary! Thanks to videographer Christi Clifford for capturing all the thrills and excitement of the event.

Gilt Japan's Gilt City App Goes Fully Responsive

MAR 25, 2014

The Gilt Japan team just launched a brand-new, fully responsive Gilt City website. Some screenshots: New Ticket Vouchers on Mobile! A brand-new sale page for desktop:

Gilt Lunches with Adrian Cockcroft of Battery Ventures

MAR 21, 2014

A few weeks ago the Gilt technology team learned via Twitter user Martin that Adrian Cockcroft featured Gilt’s micro-services architecture in his presentation at QCon London. Adrian is the former Chief Architect for High Performance Technical Computing at Sun Microsystems (and author of the best-selling Sun Performance and Tuning book), founding member of eBay Research Labs, former Cloud Architect at Netflix (he helped lead Netflix’s migration to a large scale,...

Use ETCD as a Filesystem With ETCD-FS!

MAR 20, 2014

Gilt Principal Systems Engineer Jonathan Leibiusky is a fan of ETCD: CoreOS’s extremely powerful, highly-available key value store for shared configuration and service discovery, inspired by Apache ZooKeeper* and written in Go. Jon thought it would be great if ETCD could also be used as a filesystem. Companies that have already deployed apps that read a configuration file from a local filesystem might want to load these config files to...

How We Scale Our Push Notification System with Akka: NYMAD Comes to Gilt

MAR 20, 2014

Welcome Kevin Li!

MAR 19, 2014

Jon's Latest Open Source Project: Go-Supertest, HTTP Assertions Made Easy for Go

MAR 19, 2014

Gilt Principal Systems Engineer Jonathan Leibiusky and his friend Marcos Nils love TJ Holowaychuk’s Supertest module for Node.js and wanted something similar for Go… so they created it! Go-Supertest keeps HTTP testing in Go plain and simple and works in combination with GoReq, Jon and Marcos’ “simple and sane” HTTP request library. Check it out! (Then go here to learn more about Goblin, their Golang testing framework.

Meet a Gilt Technologist: Andrew Duffy, Senior Software Engineer/Dublin

MAR 18, 2014

How did you get to Gilt?In late 2011, I was working as a contractor at another eCommerce company, and Gilt was at the end-stage of opening its Dublin office. A Gilt recruiter contacted me, and a few months later–in May 2012–I started here. What were you hired on to do?At first I was hired on to be a performance engineer, then I almost immediately switched to infrastructure engineering. Did you...

Our Next Free Gilt Tech Course: Git & GitHub Skills with GitHub on March 27

MAR 17, 2014

If you just can’t wait until April 4 to spend the day learning Hadoop with us for free, here’s some good news: You can spend the day with us a week earlier! On Thursday, March 27, GitHub trainer Peter Bell stops by 2 Park Avenue to help us all work with Git and GitHub more effectively. In this fast-paced, full-day course, we’ll dig into: configuration three-stage thinking renaming and deleting...

Boston Area Scala Enthusiasts to Feature Gilt Tech Talk in April

MAR 14, 2014

New Updates to Jedis Just Released

MAR 12, 2014

Gilt Principal Systems Engineer Jonathan Leibiusky (aka Xetorthio) is amazingly prolific when it comes to releasing useful open source projects–including Jedis, the popular, easy-to-use Redis Java client. Today Jon released Jedis 2.4.2–a new version that includes improvements to JedisCluster’s connection handling and JedisCluster multi-threading. Check it out! (In related: Jon is also the co-author (with Chanwit Kaewkasi) of Gedis, a Redis client for Groovy.)

Our Next Meetup: "Using Akka to Scale Gilt's Massive Push Notification System"

MAR 12, 2014

Gilt's Architecture Summit: Bigger and Better Than Ever

MAR 10, 2014

Free Tech Course at Gilt (NYC): Hadoop with Sameer Farooqui on April 4

MAR 10, 2014

While our Dublin team gears up for March 27’s Cassandra workshop with DigBigData, our NYC office is excited to host a free, all-day Intro to Hadoop course on Friday, April 4! Here are the basics about the course: When: Friday, April 4, 2014 from 9:30 AM to 5 PMWhere: Gilt, 2 Park Avenue, New York City, NYCost: FREE (includes breakfast and lunch)Who: Gilt technologists, maybe you too About the course:...

Shmock: An Express-Based HTTP Mocking Library for Node.js

MAR 7, 2014

We’re excited to introduce the latest open source project by Gilt Principal Systems Engineer (and Docker talker) Jonathan Leibiusky: Shmock, an HTTP mocking library based on Express. If you’re not familiar with Express, it’s an open-source, Sinatra-inspired web development framework for Node.js created by Canadian developer/Luna author TJ Holowaychuk. It’s pretty great! Jon created Shmock to avoid the hassles and errors that typically arise whenever developers attempt to change the...

Our Next Free Tech Course at Gilt (Dublin): A Hands-on Cassandra Workshop with DigBigData

MAR 6, 2014

Our Dublin office continues to explore the wide world of big data with our next free tech course: an all-day, interactive workshop in which we build applications using Cassandra! The essentials: When: Wednesday, March 26, 2014 from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PMWhere: Maldron Hotel, Cardiff Lane, Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin 2Cost: Nothing!Who: Gilt technologists … and you? About the course: This one-day, eight-hour class will include an introduction to...

"Exploring Docker at Gilt" Presentation Slides + Hacker Forum Pics!

MAR 6, 2014

Last night Gilt and the Hacker Union–a nonprofit connector and mentorship organization led by hackers, for hackers–co-hosted a fun and informative Hacker Forum on continuous delivery and provisioning. The night’s speakers included Gilt Principal Systems Engineer Jonathan Leibiusky (pictured above) and Huffington Post Principal Systems Engineer Mike Adler. More than 100 technologists from AppNexus, HBO, O'Reilly and other companies joined us for presentations, pizza and conversation! Some highlights: Dinner time!...

Gilt's Micro-Services Architecture Gets a Mention at QCon London!

MAR 6, 2014

Thanks to Battery Ventures Technology Fellow Adrian Cockcroft for featuring Gilt in his presentation today at QCon London! (And thanks to Martin for letting us use his photo!)

Chatting With New York Startup CTO Summit Co-Founder (and Many Other Things!) Peter Bell

MAR 4, 2014

On Thursday, March 13 Gilt Co-Founder and CTO Michael Bryzek will be a keynote speaker at the first-ever Startup CTO Summit: a gathering of CTOs representing some of the Big Apple’s most prominent tech companies. Michael will join Tumblr VP of Engineering Ken Little, MongoDB Co-Founder/CTO Eliot Horowitz, BirchBox CTO Liz Crawford, and many others in presenting on topics related to managing and scaling a tech organization. One of the...

Hacker Forum: Provisioning & Continuous Delivery at Gilt March 5

MAR 3, 2014

Come to Gilt on Wed 3/5 (6:30 PM) for the Hackers Union’s third Hacker Forum: an evening of conversation and lightning talks by Gilt engineer Jonathan Leibiusky and Huffington Post engineer Mike Adler. More on the featured presentations: “Exploring Docker at Gilt”: Jon LeibiuskyOver the past few months, a team of engineers at Gilt has been experimenting with Docker: an exciting new open source engine that makes it possible to...

Scenes from Friday's Free Scala Course at Gilt

MAR 3, 2014

Gilt's Roger Huang Speaks at Open Analytics NYC Tonight!

FEB 27, 2014

Tonight Gilt Data Evangelist Roger Huang will join representatives from Outbrain and AOL in presenting for Open Analytics NYC. Open Analytics is a meetup group that focuses on the use and creation of open-source, big-data, Agile tools and technologies. The RSVP list filled up quickly, but you might catch Roger speaking elsewhere in the near future!

Plasma Prix Preview

FEB 27, 2014

Aidan “Spider” Hollinshead and Keng “the Krusher” Ke take a few practice laps as they warm up for #gilttech’s official “Sporting Event of the Year”: The Plasma Prix. Thanks again to the folks at PlaSmart for helping to make our Prix possible!

"Interior Design for the Mobile Web" Presentation Slides Posted

FEB 26, 2014

Last night Gilt and the NYC CSS/UX meetup group welcomed more than 100 engineers, UX designers and other tech professionals to our NYC office for “Interior Design for the Mobile Web”–a talk by Gilt Lead Software Engineer Greg Mazurek. Greg compared designing for the mobile web to furnishing a NYC apartment: the desktop experience is like decorating a spacious loft or multimillion-dollar pad, while designing for mobile is more akin...

PlasmaCar Fever Takes Over Gilt Tech

FEB 25, 2014

One Friday morning in early February, the lives of many a Gilt technologist changed forever when a PlasmaCar showed up in our 2 Park office. Since that fateful Friday, a whole culture of PlasmaCar racing and competition has sprung up in both our NYC and Dublin offices–with official racing courses, official regulations, and official scoreboard, and official timekeepers (they wear silvery “marshal” badges). The friendly folks at PlasmaCar HQ heard...

New AgileFM Vodcast with Gilt Senior Director, PMO Heather Fleming

FEB 25, 2014

Is it Heather Fleming Week at Gilt? Sort of! (We are not complaining.) Here is AgileFM’s brand-new vodcast featuring Heather talking about her experiences working at Gilt for the past four years, and her “just enough process” approach. AgileFM–“radio for the Agile community–is produced by NYC-based Agile coach/trainer and Incrementor principal Jochen Krebs.

Gilt's Heather Fleming and Nithya Venkateswaran Featured at ISpossible's Next Event (Feb. 26!)

FEB 24, 2014

This Wednesday (Feb. 26) Gilt Senior Director, Program Management Office (PMO) Heather Fleming is one of the featured panelists at “Being Comfortable while Being Uncomfortable”–a Women in Tech panel organized by ISpossible. Heather and HUGE Experience Director Sophie Kleber will talk about how to flourish in sometimes-uncomfortable or unfamiliar environments, and how to regard being outside one’s comfort zone as a fun challenge instead of a reason for anguish/anxiety. As...

Gilt Participating in NYC Startup Weekend

FEB 21, 2014

Some Tips for Making Your Own 3D Printer

FEB 21, 2014

Mobile UX and Web-Components: Gilt Headlines the Next NYC CSS/UX Meetup

FEB 20, 2014

Scenes from Last Night's Full-Stack Engineering Meetup (Video)

FEB 19, 2014

Last night the Full-Stack Engineering meetup came back to Gilt–and what a meetup it was! More than 130 people came out to hear Gilt front-end engineer Nathan Stilwell, Director of Engineering/Full-Stack organizer Mike Boufford, and Vimeo Video Systems Engineer Dieter Plaetinck talk about WebSockets, JavaScript, and GraphExplorer. Some scenes of the action: The evening’s three speakers: from left: Mike, Nathan and Dieter. Free swag, courtesy of us and Typesafe....

Scenes from the Annual Encryption Key Ceremony at Gilt

FEB 18, 2014

Let Gilt Engineer Nathan Stilwell School You on WebSockets on 2/18

FEB 14, 2014

Two hundred NYC-area engineers have already RSVPed for next Tuesday’s Full-Stack Engineering meetup at Gilt–how exciting! Even more exciting: Gilt software engineer Nathan Stilwell (pictured above) is one of the evening’s three featured speakers. Nathan, a front-end engineer who is part of Gilt’s amazing Ninjas team, will give a presentation on WebSockets and how we’ve used them successfully to create real-time applications that require full duplex communication. Nathan’s talk will...

Looker @ Gilt Presentation (Includes Slideshow)

FEB 12, 2014

Gilt Hosting the First Looker User Group Meetup Tonight

FEB 11, 2014

Tonight the Gilt Data Team hosts the first-ever Looker User Group meetup in NYC! Looker is a data tool that we’re excited about at Gilt–it does a great job of  providing easy access to information, and is helping us to make our data more accessible to everyone company-wide. “Seriously, everyone,” says Gilt Director of Data Engineering Geoff Guerdat. “And it does this while maintaining data definitions, which is important if you’re...

"Lucene/Solr: The Default Search Engine for Hadoop" Meetup at Gilt This Wednesday

FEB 10, 2014

Fancy Cheese Friday

FEB 7, 2014

Several months ago we taught you how to do high tea the Gilt tech way. Now we show you how to celebrate cheese: Fancy Cheese Friday. Masterminded by Gilt software engineer Robert Brazier, Fancy Cheese Friday brings together non-vegan and lactose-tolerant Gilt technologists to rediscover the magic that is cheese. Today’s gathering–the second in our history–involved the following cheeses: Kolan hard-pressed cow milk cheese Lorenzo of Cazenovia, NY Guggisberg Baby...

Produce a Great Tech Talk by Asking Yourself (and Answering!) These Questions

FEB 6, 2014

Members of the Gilt engineering team give lots of technical presentations at meetups, conferences, our in-house gatherings, and online. How do we make sure that our content is “tech” enough to interest experienced engineers? And how do we confidently tell the most compelling stories possible? With these concerns in mind, I’ve created this list of questions to ask while planning and preparing a tech talk. All of you engineers out...

Gilt Software Engineer Miguel Fajardo Wrote a Children's Book?!

FEB 6, 2014

The things you learn from Facebook about your co-workers: Yesterday some of us Gilt techsters discovered that our colleague, Miguel Angel Fajardo–a lead software engineer on our back office team–is a published author! In 2010, Miguel wrote Las Aventuras de Sela, a Spanish-language, illustrated book for kids ages seven to 12. Sela (also available in eBook format) tells the tale of a seal who must relocate after pollution makes her...

Gilt Tech Lunchtime TV Break: Watching Typesafe's Latest Webinar

FEB 5, 2014

Action Shot: A group of Gilt software engineers gathered ‘roun the television this afternoon to watch Typesafe’s “Introducing Slick 2.0.0” webinar. We’re considering using Slick in one of our new projects and found the webinar really helpful–especially the use cases that Slick tech lead/instructor Stefan Zeiger provided. “Stefan provides an example of a fairly complicated for-comprehension using Slick, and his slides make what is happening under the sugar easy to...

Next Free Tech Course at Gilt: Scala for Beginners

FEB 4, 2014

Last summer some of the engineers on Gilt’s Dublin team created and delivered their own full-day, beginners-level Scala course–not just once but twice. The course reviews from our Scala students–all experienced Java programmers–were quite stellar: “Brilliant course and instructors, very glad to have had the opportunity.” Really fantastic venue and team, one of the most enjoyable experiences. Highly recommended.“ The genuine enthusiasm our lecturers had for Scala, programming, teaching and...

Welcome Mike Melton!

JAN 30, 2014

Gilt CIO Steve Jacobs @ the Columbia/NYC Tech Talent Draft

JAN 29, 2014

Last night Gilt CIO and Columbia alum Steve Jacobs (PhD, Electrical Engineering) visited his alma mater to participate in a lively panel discussion hosted by the NYC Tech Talent Draft. Steve joined representatives from Buzzfeed, Adobe, Fog Creek Software and other top NYC tech companies in answering questions about how to land a tech job in NYC, the kinds of exciting challenges that professional engineers get to work on and...

Fat Stacks and Fat Sandwiches: Full-Stack Engineering Meetup at Gilt

JAN 29, 2014

Last night we welcomed the Full-Stack Engineering meetup back to 2 Park for another night of tech talks and good times! Founded in November 2013 by Director of Engineering Mike Boufford, Full-Stack promotes a modern and holistic approach to software development. Read our Q&A with Mike to learn more about this rapidly growing new meetup group for the NYC engineering community. Last night’s speakers–NBCUniversal Enterprise Architecture Manager Sam Boyer, HUGE...

Welcome Dana Romano!

JAN 28, 2014

Gilt's Michael Bryzek Featured on the "Business of Technology" Podcast

JAN 27, 2014

Gilt Co-Founder and CTO Michael Bryzek recently chatted with the folks from Chariot Solutions for their “Business of Technology” podcast series. Go here to here Michael talk about our early days as a company, our decision to adopt Scala, our transformation from a monolithic Ruby app to distributed Scala micro-services, and many other topics. Based in Philadelphia, Chariot is an IT consulting firm that also offers Scala training and holds...

A Few Things About Ping: a Play Framework Conference

JAN 27, 2014

Welcome Rory Haddon!

JAN 24, 2014

Catching up With Open Source Advocate Rocky Bernstein

JAN 24, 2014

Meet the Gilt Tech Office Horse

JAN 24, 2014

You’ve heard of stress-relieving office dogs and chief office mousers–now meet Giovanni, Gilt Tech’s official office horse.  He’s none too affectionate, but very low-maintenance. Whenever he gets bored, he calls his friends on his land-line.

Gilt CIO Steve Jacobs Gives His "New York Tech View" for 2014

JAN 21, 2014

Recently AlleyWatch asked Steve to talk about what 2013 was like for Gilt, what 2014 will bring for the New York City tech community, and what he expects will happen for the NYC tech scene now that Mayor Bill de Blasio is in charge. Check out the full interview here!

Some Special Guests from Typesafe and the Akka Team Joined Us for Dinner

JAN 21, 2014

Welcome Chavdar Chernashki!

JAN 21, 2014

We’re happy to have Chavdar Chernashki join our team in Dublin! Before joining Gilt, Chavdar worked on a highly scalable notification system based on WebSockets, REST and InfiniSpan. Prior to that he worked at AOL on a real-time bidding technology platform for advertisers. His favorite technologies at the moment are Scala, Closure and Groovy. When it comes to developing software, simplicity is what he strives for and appreciates. Outside of...

"Scaling Gilt" at Gilt: NYC Tech Talks Comes to 2 Park

JAN 15, 2014

The crowd from last night’s NYC Tech Talks event at Gilt–not an empty seat in the house! Last night a standing-room only (!) crowd of software engineers, CTOs and other technologists came to our Manhattan office to catch “Scaling Gilt: From Monolithic Ruby App to Distributed Scala Micro-Services,” a tech talk by our very own Yoni Goldberg. Yoni, a lead software engineer on our personalization team, gave a lively presentation...

Welcome Archana Kumar!

JAN 14, 2014

Archana Kumar is a front-end engineer who recently joined our Gilt City team in NYC. Originally from India, she went to college in Melbourne, Australia and did her graduate studies at NYU. She’s excited to be working on the Gilt tech team, and has already earned a playful nickname around the office: “Who’s That?"  She has one dog, one husband, and a side career as a web-comic artist.

The Guardian Interviews Gilt CEO Michelle Peluso

JAN 13, 2014

Welcome Deirdre O'Brien!

JAN 13, 2014

A Brief Chat with NYC Machine Learning Organizer Paul Dix

JAN 10, 2014

On Thursday, January 16, Gilt VP Personalization Erik Lumer will be the featured presenter at the NYC Machine Learning group’s monthly meetup. Erik will talk about the art of personalization in flash ecommerce–covering the unique challenges for personalization posed by an online flash sale business, the methods that Gilt has tested to foster novelty in the recommendations of personally relevant products, and other related topics. RSVP here if you’d like...

Watch: Gilt Co-Founder/CTO Michael Bryzek at Startup Grind NYC

JAN 9, 2014

Last month Gilt Co-Founder/CTO Michael Bryzek was the featured speaker at the monthly fireside chat organized by Startup Grind NYC,  the local chapter of the global Startup Grind community for entrepreneurs. “A full house for sure, but this was definitely our first event where fashion insiders may have outnumbered techies,” writes Startup Grind Community Manager Khari Parson. “One thing founders and fashion types can both agree on is that Gilt...

Catch Gilt at the Next NYC Tech Talent Draft Event on Jan. 28!

JAN 8, 2014

We’re excited to tell you that Gilt CIO Steve Jacobs will serve as a panelist at the New York City Economic Development Corporation’s next NYC Tech Talent Draft panel. Steve earned his PhD in Electrical Engineering from Columbia, and will join executives from Adobe, BuzzFeed, Fog Creek Software, and other top tech companies on the panel. He and other panelists will discuss “a day in the life” of a tech...

Come to NYC Tech Talks at Gilt on January 14!

JAN 6, 2014

Pictured: Yoni pouring the first glass of cold brew coffee from our in-house kegerator. NYC Tech Talks is one of New York City’s top meetup groups for technologists who write and test code or work with servers, so we’re very excited to be hosting their next meetup on Tuesday, Jan. 14. Even more exciting for us is that our very own Yoni Goldberg will be the featured presenter! A lead...

paypal at gilt groupe

DEC 31, 2013

As an engineer on Gilt’s back office team, one of the most exciting projects I worked on in 2013 was incorporating PayPal into the Gilt shopping experience. Exciting, because we knew that many of our members sought the option to make purchases with PayPal. A few months ago we rolled out PayPal support on,, and in Gilt’s iPhone application. Our implementation uses PayPal Express Checkout to establish a...

Register for Sauce Labs' Next Webinar: "Automating Mobile Testing at Gilt with Appium"

DEC 30, 2013

Calling all mobile developers: go here to register for Sauce Labs’ next free webinar, featuring Gilt Mobile Engineer Matt Isaacs and Sauce Director of Sales Engineering Mike Redman. Matt will discuss how the Gilt mobile team has used Sauce Labs’ Appium tool to automate our mobile testing, and how our testing practices have evolved over time. Following Matt’s presentation will be a Q&A. The webinar takes place inside your computer...

Welcome Giancarlo Silvestrin!

DEC 20, 2013

Scenes From Our SQL Class

DEC 20, 2013

Here’s Gilt Principal Data Scientist Igor Elbert leading his free Big Data Analysis with SQL class at our Manhattan office on Wednesday. Nearly 40 non-Gilt software engineers, data analysts and technologists joined 10 Gilt employees for the course (did I mention that it was FREE?). Thanks to everyone who attended! Keep watching this space for upcoming announcements about free tech courses at Gilt in 2014. Meantime, check out some more...

(Some of) the Gilt Personalization Team's Favorite Things of 2013

DEC 19, 2013

2013 was a banner year for Gilt’s personalization team. In addition to making headlines in September with the launch of personalized sales, the team grew, got around a bit, and worked on a variety of exciting initiatives–some of which we’re not quite ready to unveil. Look for some announcements in 2014! Generally speaking, 2013 proved to be a breakthrough year for personalization and relevant technologies. Here are a few noteworthy personalization-...

A Full Stack--and a Full House

DEC 19, 2013

On Tuesday night Gilt hosted our last evening tech event of the year: the second-ever gathering of the Full-Stack Engineering Meetup. What an amazing turnout! More than 100 software engineers (including 19 Gilt technologists), tech execs, and programming students braved the chilly temps and icy sidewalks to spend a few hours at our 2 Park office eating pizza, chatting about coding, and listening to some great technical presentations. We’re super-excited...

Gilt Insider the 5th-Best Retail Loyalty Program of 2013, Says

DEC 18, 2013

Santa Claus Comes to Gilt

DEC 18, 2013

Yesterday Santa Claus stopped by our Park Avenue office to meet with our tech team and ask us about our shipping operations. Seems that Santa has become frustrated with his traditional delivery-by-reindeer approach and wanted some of our expert opinions on how to distribute presents to people faster and with less chafing (from the chimneys, obvs) and false burglary arrests (when chimney entry isn’t possible). We were surprised to find...

AlleyWatch Interviews "Father of Sensors (and Recent Gilt Presenter!) Dr. Janusz Bryzek

DEC 18, 2013

The NYC-centric tech website AlleyWatch just published an interview with Dr. Janusz Bryzek, the “Father of Sensors” (and of Gilt co-founder and CTO Michael Bryzek!) Dr. Bryzek gave a fascinating presentation at our 2 Park Avenue office just before Thanksgiving–click here to view the slides. An excerpt from AlleyWatch’s interview: [Dr. Bryzek]: We are currently working on the development of the list of large applications; we call them TApps (trillion...

Welcome Paul Roman!

DEC 17, 2013

Gilt Co-Founder/CTO Michael Bryzek to Present at Startup Grind NYC!

DEC 17, 2013

Introspy: An Open-Source Mobile Security Tool to Help You Save Time and Avoid Anguish

DEC 13, 2013

This past June, mobile revenue surpassed 40% of Gilt’s total revenue for the first time since our founding in 2007. In 2014, we expect mobile revenues to grow even more, which has influenced us to adopt a “Mobile First” approach to development. On the user experience side, Mobile First means creating intuitive and innovative ways to use the mobile framework–for example, iOS push notifications–to help solve traditional notification problems and...

New York City PostgreSQL User Group at Gilt, 12/11/13 (Slides + Video)

DEC 12, 2013

Here’s Gilt Senior Software Engineer Rangarajan Radhakrishnan delivering “Postgres Setup Using Docker,” a brief talk he gave at the NYC PostgreSQL User Group’s meetup last night at Gilt. In addition to Ranga’s talk, the evening included a presentation by meetup co-organizer Jonathan S. Katz on Postgres Indexes, and a major announcement(!): PGConf NYC 2014 will take place Thursday, April 3, 2014 at the New York Marriott Downtown in New York...

Gilt Featured in NY Daily News Article About STEM Education in New York City

DEC 12, 2013

This week the New York Daily News published an article on our November visit with some very special guests: A group of girls from the Bronx Academy for Software Engineering! In addition to learning from some of Gilt’s women technologists about roles in business systems management, UX/design, project management and software development, the girls worked on an HTML app, shared lunch with the team, and took a tour of our...

iOS Office Hours, 12/09/2013

DEC 11, 2013

Here’s self-taught developer Orpheus Richards describing Flonation–an app he created that teaches people how to freestyle-rap–at our recent iOS Office Hours meetup. Thanks to Orpheus, Moven, Calvin and Rise for presenting!

Our Last Tech Meetup of 2013: Full-Stack Engineering on Dec. 17!

DEC 11, 2013

The Gilt Mobile Team's Favorite Apps of 2013

DEC 10, 2013

2013 was a great year for Gilt Mobile. In addition to creating the platforms driving more than 40 percent of our revenue, the team saw their work featured in Apple’s October demo, released some major updates to Gilt on the Go, got invited to speak in some high-profile venues, grew by a few members (apply here to be the next one), and even exhibited at the MoMA! They also used...

Gilt to Host the New York City PostgreSQL User Group on December 11

DEC 5, 2013

Welcome Erica Mitchell!

DEC 4, 2013

Dublin-based Software Engineer Erica Mitchell recently joined Gilt’s architecture team, and works on building the next generation of our dev tools. She’s already gotten into the Gilt groove–taking our Intro to Scala and Intro to Hadoop courses and organizing some fun group outings! Before joining Gilt, Erica was a Java/Groovy developer and worked on social networking initiatives (for example, integrating social content with mobile devices); converting product build systems to Gradle; building and...

Get Personal With Gilt at the Next Brooklyn Tech Meetup

DEC 4, 2013

How does Gilt apply personalization strategies to attract, interact with, and persuade customers to make high-end purchases? Find out at the Brooklyn Tech Meetup’s Dec. 10 event, featuring Gilt VP Personalization Erik Lumer! Eric will discuss what we call “smart serendipity”: the discovery of surprising, albeit personally relevant items. He’ll also explain how Gilt implements this strategy on our platform, both at the end-user interface and predictive affinity engine levels,...

Gilt Hosts iOS Office Hours (Holiday Edition!) on 12/9

DEC 3, 2013

Next Free Tech Course at Gilt: Big Data Analysis With SQL!

DEC 2, 2013

Slides From Dr. Janusz Bryzek's "Roadmap for the Trillion Sensor Universe" Talk

DEC 2, 2013

If you were holiday-traveling last Tuesday night and couldn’t catch our featured tech talk by Dr. Janusz Bryzek–father of Gilt co-founder and CTO Michael Bryzek, father of sensors, TSensors Summit chair, and all-around impressive person–learn a bit about what you missed by checking out the slide deck: Roadmap for the Trillion Sensor Universe – a Gilt-hosted, Internet of Things talk by Dr. Janusz Bryzek from Gilt Tech Talks With a...

Read This Quick Q&A With Gilt's Eric Bowman

NOV 30, 2013

The popular Dublin-based tech website Silicon Republic recently published “The Five Minute CIO,” a short interview with Gilt VP Architecture Eric Bowman. A fun excerpt: “On a good day, I manage to get a few hours of coding in, and this job has made me into more of a morning person than I ever thought possible. Recently we’ve done a lot of hiring, so I end up spending less time...

Happy TECHS-giving!

NOV 26, 2013

Today we’re feeling grateful for our Culture in Tech team, who organized our first-ever TECH-sgiving last Friday. The lunchtime celebration included an assortment of delicious and sugary pies, cakes, and cupcakes from across the autumn-flavor spectrum. Also spotted: a single salad. Which pie looks most tempting to you?

Tonight at Gilt: NYCCHI Presents "UX for IoT--an Agency Showcase"

NOV 25, 2013

NYCCHI is the NYC chapter of SIG-CHI, (Special Interest Group–Computer Human Interaction), and with nearly 2,000 members is the largest and oldest UX group in NYC. Tonight Gilt is hosting NYCCHI’s Internet of Things agency showcase featuring representatives from three reputable firms: Rui Pereira of Havas’ Mad Sci Lab will discuss the UX design process for “Wherever Ships May Sail,” a film and interactive  installation created for Johnnie Walker Fjord’s Chris...

Sleuthing--and Solving--the User Logout Bug on iOS 7

NOV 24, 2013

iOS 7 brought many new features, and much new work for developers. One of the features the Gilt mobile team was most excited about was background fetch. With background fetch, apps that are running in the background—or not even running at all—can wake up periodically to issue server requests and download data. The purpose is to make the most up-to-date content visible the instant the user brings up an app....

Experimenting with Product and UX Design at Test Tube!

NOV 22, 2013

Gilt Is a Sponsor of Krakow, Poland's ScalaCamp #4!

NOV 20, 2013

Gilt Senior Software Engineer Lukasz Szwed, who’s based at our Dublin office, will be flying eastward soon to present at the Krakow Scala Users Group’s upcoming ScalaCamp meetup. As ScalaCamp’s featured presenter, Lukasz will talk about Gilt’s development and deployment infrastructure in continuous-innovation mode with Scala, and also describe the evolution of our architecture from a monolithic Rails application to a constellation of more than 300 microservices written in Scala....

Gilt Software Engineer Jenny Leahy Is a Winner!

NOV 20, 2013

This week we (the Dublin team) went to a wine tasting hosted by Cono Sur, one of the biggest producers of Pinot Noir worldwide. One reason why we like Cono Sur is because they feature a bicycle on their labels, and at Gilt we like bicycles. The highlight of the evening was that our very own Jenny Leahy won the main prize: six bottles of excellent red and white wine. Here’s...

The NYC Search, Discovery & Analytics Meetup Comes to Gilt (Updated With Video)

NOV 19, 2013

Last night Gilt had the privilege of hosting the NYC Search, Discovery & Analytics meetup group at our Park Avenue office. As an eCommerce company that offers our members thousands of products to choose from every day, search is very important to us; after all, we want to make sure that our members find what they’re looking for, and quickly. We were excited to share our enthusiasm for search with...

Gilt Hosts University of Virginia/NYC Tech Talent Draft

NOV 18, 2013

Former Gilt Girl-Who-Codes Nikita Rau Featured in Fast Company Magazine

NOV 15, 2013

Over the summer Gilt’s tech team had the honor of working with Nikita Rau, a participant in the Summer Immersion Program run by the nonprofit Girls Who Code. Nikita is an 18-year-old student at the Bronx High School of Science and an aspiring computer science major … and, now, a bit of a celebrity as well! The popular magazine Fast Company just published a lengthy feature article on Nikita that highlights her...

Tuts+ Interview: Scalability, Scala and More with Gilt's Eric Bowman

NOV 15, 2013

Video: "Immutability and Innovation @ Gilt" Talk From FutureStack

NOV 14, 2013

Here’s Gilt VP Infrastructure Engineering Roland Tritsch discussing immutability, innovation, and our “all-ops & no waiting” approach to development at Gilt. For an abridged version of his talk, be sure to check out his post from earlier in the week.

Come to "Introduction to Elasticsearch" at Gilt on Nov. 18!

NOV 13, 2013

"Tools to Drive up Conversion in Fashion Ecommerce": Decoded Fashion at Gilt on 11/14

NOV 11, 2013

We’re all about the intersection of fashion and technology at Gilt, so we’re quite thrilled to host the next meetup of Decoded Fashion: a monthly showcase of demos and discussions for fashion and retail professionals. This month’s meetup focuses on tools that help fashion/eCommerce companies to drive up conversation and features a presentation by Gilt Director of Product Management Andrew Chen. The evening will also include demonstrations by Truefit, Stylitics,...

Gilt's Susan Thomas Featured at Tomorrow's "Future of Collaboration & Internal Communications" Summit (video)

NOV 11, 2013

Gilt Senior Business Systems Manager Susan Thomas is a featured speaker at tomorrow (11/12)’s Future of Collaboration & Internal Communications Summit in NYC. Organized by the Business Development Institute, which produces conferences and educational programs for marketing, communications and media professionals, the summit will focus on ways that companies can use social technologies to improve productivity and communications with employees and third-party partners. Susan will be interviewed by Ira Gottlieb,...

Immutability and Innovation @ Gilt: The Perfect Storm

NOV 10, 2013

Two weeks ago I was in San Francisco to present a talk at New Relic’s FutureStack conference about the value of immutability for HW- and SW-provisioning.

Gilt's Christopher Gonzalez Featured at Mobile Monday's Next (Sold-Out!) Event

NOV 8, 2013

Come to Test Tube--"Speed Dating for Product Feedback"--on 11/21

NOV 8, 2013

Tonight at Gilt: iOS Office Hours + Mobile App Demos

NOV 6, 2013

RSVP for Our "Internet of Things" Tech Talk by Dr. Janusz Bryzek—and Bring a Donation for City Harvest!

NOV 5, 2013

Gilt Hosts RailsBridge Orientation Session Tonight at 2 Park

NOV 5, 2013

Tonight Gilt hosts the volunteer orientation of the NYC chapter of RailsBridge, an organization that hosts free weekend Ruby on Rails workshops for women. Volunteers will help organize and produce RailsBridge NYC’s workshop at General Assembly this weekend (November 8 and 9); to register, click this link. Founded by San Francisco technologists Sarah Mei and Sarah Allen in 2009, RailsBridge now boasts chapters around the world. In addition to Rails,...

Gilt Presents at "Optimizely 101" (Slideshow)

NOV 4, 2013

Optimizely at Gilt–November 2013 presentation from Gilt Tech Talks Gilt Senior Web Analyst Matthew Nistor (not pictured above) is one of the featured panelists at tonight’s “Optimizely 101: Turn Data into Action,” a set of talks on the popular website optimization tool Optimizely. Matt will appear alongside Optimizely’s Julio Bermúdez, Head of Media Division, and Dan Glazer, Strategic Partnerships Manager, as well as Ryan Garner from Clearhead. Hosted by the Prince...

GoReq: A Simple, Sane HTTP Request Library for Go

NOV 1, 2013

Welcome Andrew Chen!

NOV 1, 2013

This week we welcomed Andrew Chen to the Gilt Product Management and UX team. As Director of Product Management, Andrew will work with the Ninjas–the team responsible for designing the Infiniti sale and other exciting initiatives–and will focus on activation and brand excitement. Andrew joins us from the music streaming service iHeartRadio, where he led product for all mobile and connected device teams. In other prior lives, he spent time...

Our Next Free Tech Course at Gilt: Hadoop with MapR Technologies' Michael Hausenblas

NOV 1, 2013

Last month’s free Gilt Tech course in NYC brought together 15 Gilt technologists and 45 non-Gilt employees from all walks of life–from software engineering to neuroscience–to learn the basics of the R programming language. For our next free class, we’re going a bit more intimate and Emerald-Isle with an Intro to Hadoop session taught in Dublin by MapR Technologies Chief Data Engineer Michael Hausenblas! The essentials: When: Monday, November 18,...

Gilt VP Architecture Eric Bowman on "Continuous Innovation at Gilt" (Video, Slides)

OCT 31, 2013

This week Dublin’s played host to the Web Summit: a two-day conference featuring CEOs, investors, developers and other professionals from the world’s most innovative and recognized tech companies. Today Gilt VP Architecture Eric Bowman was a featured speaker on the Developers Stage, the Summit’s dedicated venue for engineers and tech execs. Titled “Continuous Innovation at Gilt,” Eric’s talk focused on the parallels between the values driving the Gilt tech culture...

Welcome Gary LosHuertos!

OCT 30, 2013

We’re super-excited to welcome Gary LosHuertos to Gilt Tech! Gary joins our personalization team–the crew that focuses on our personal sales and other sexy initiatives–as a Senior Software Engineer and will work remotely from Gainesville, Florida (he’ll also visit us in NYC every once in a while). Gary recently co-founded a start-up and participated in the TechStars program, so he’s no stranger to NYC. Outside of work, Gary enjoys catching up...

Making News: Gilt Ireland COO Fidelma Healy

OCT 28, 2013

"The Story of the Gilt Load-Testing Platform": Gilt at Scala.IO

OCT 28, 2013

Gilt on the Go 4.0

OCT 25, 2013

For iOS engineers, iOS 7 offers a lot to get excited about: Background data tasks, UIKit dynamics, new gestures, a freshly Ive’d-up design language…the list is long. Born from that excitement, this week the Gilt mobile team released a pretty major update to our flagship iPhone app. Much is new about this latest iteration of our mobile experience, but here are two new things worth highlighting: A new look and...

Gilt's Kevin Scaldeferri on Enabling Micro-service Architectures with Scala (Video)

OCT 25, 2013

Scala Self-Types: Gregor Heine's Presentation at Dublin Scala Users Group (slides)

OCT 24, 2013

Here’s Gilt Principal Software Engineer giving his talk on Scala self-types during the Dublin Scala Users Group’s most recent meetup, which took place earlier this week at Engine Yard’s Dublin office. In his talk, Gregor explained how to use self-types to assemble application components at compile time and examine the problems and risks involved in using self-types. He also discussed Scala-style dependency injection and showed how self-types are a typesafe...

Welcome Brendan St. John!

OCT 24, 2013

We’re excited to welcome Brendan St. John to the Gilt Tech fold! Brendan works out of our Dublin office and is part of our test architecture team. Before joining Gilt, Brendan worked on a mobile payments platform; prior to that, he spent time doing test automation and systems administration. In addition to programming in Java, he has experience developing small projects with Ruby and C#. He also knows some Scala–our...

Gilt Co-Founder/CTO Michael Bryzek Is a Judge at Tonight's MIT $100K Pitch Contest

OCT 23, 2013

Tonight Gilt co-founder and CTO Michael Bryzek will be judging Products and Services business ideas for the $100K Pitch Contest, part of the MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition. For the Pitch, MIT students and researchers have 60 seconds to deliver their business proposals to a panel of judges, who then offer instant feedback. Michael (an MIT alum) and the other panelists will judge contestants based on the viability of their business...

The Talks From Last Weekend's Pacific Northwest Scala Conference

OCT 23, 2013

Over the weekend Portland, Ore. played host to the first-ever Pacific Northwest Scala Conference: two days of presentations, talks and open sessions. Sponsored in part by Gilt, and co-organized by Gilt Principal Software Engineer Kevin Scaldeferri, PNWScala featured an impressive roster of speakers from Twitter, Meetup, Typesafe, and other great companies. In addition to Saturday’s full menu of prepared talks, Sunday featured ad hoc, unconference-style sessions for people to suggest...

Apple Features Gilt Push Notifications in Today's Safari Mavericks Launch

OCT 22, 2013

Earlier today, Apple’s Craig Federighi presented a demo of Safari’s new push notification system that featured the implementation we put together at You can watch the special event online here (catch the Gilt references at the 18:30 mark), or you can glance at the screenshots below. The Mavericks operating system will allow us to send members push notifications to their desktops/laptops on Safari. Like our iPhone/iPad push notifications, this...

Dublin Scala Users Group Meets Tonight!

OCT 22, 2013

If you’re in Dublin this evening, stop by Engine Yard for the Dublin Scala Users Group monthly meetup. The fun begins at 7 PM; RSVP here. Tonight’s agenda: “Self-types in Scala” by Gilt Principal Software Engineer Gregor Heine In this talk, Gregor Heine will explain how to use self-types to assemble application components at compile time and examine the problems and risks involved in using self-types. He’ll also discuss Scala-style...

Gilt's Knitting Ninjas

OCT 21, 2013

Gilt’s Ninja Team is known for making beautiful things to look at, so it isn’t surprising that their ranks include several talented artisans. This winter the Ninjas are learning how to knit scarves, and they’ve invited the rest of Gilt Tech to join them. Every Friday at 5 PM, from now until the snow falls, you’ll find the Ninjas gathered in a conference room, wearing serene looks on their faces...

Monthly NYC Java Users Meetup Comes to Gilt Tonight

OCT 21, 2013

We’re excited to host (for the first time!) the New York City Java Users Group’s monthly meetup, which takes place tonight at 6:30 PM at our 2 Park Ave. office. In addition to a recap of JavaOne 2013 by NYC JUG co-organizer Timothy Fagan, tonight’s event features a presentation on security by Bojan Simic from Contrast Security. To RSVP, just click here.

Goblin: A Minimal and Beautiful Testing Framework for the Go Language

OCT 18, 2013

Inspired by the flexibility and simplicity of Node’s Mocha, but frustrated by the rigorousness of the Go way of testing, my friend Marcos Nils and I set out to create a new tool to write self-describing and comprehensive code. The result (and just in time for Halloween): Goblin. What do I get with Goblin? Preserve the exact same syntax and behavior as Node.js’s Mocha Nest as many Describe and It...

Infiniti Cars and Fashion Stars: Making Adaptive Product Pages at Gilt

OCT 17, 2013

In December Gilt will sell two exclusive models of the Infiniti Q50, each designed by heavyweight fashion designers Zac Posen and Thom Browne. For past car sales we’ve used our standard product detail page, which includes multiple views of the product on sale, a short product description, and a list of materials used to make the product. One challenge for us in building attractive car sales pages is that we...

Scala Days 2014 Announced!

OCT 17, 2013

Gilt Featured at Fordham Technology Summit on 10/16

OCT 15, 2013

Today in Hot Writing Utensils: the Gilt Pen

OCT 11, 2013

As someone who spends lots of time making the rounds in NYC’s tech community, I meet lots of people who live squarely in the future. Programmers, product managers, UX designers, database administrators, pythons (well, Pythonistas), and other technologists who use complex, costly machines to develop exciting new ways for all of us to communicate better and faster. People who carry fancy, expensive iThings in their pockets, invent cutting-edge technologies, and...

"Symmetry, Scala & Software": Eric Bowman Presents at the Next Refresh Dublin

OCT 11, 2013

Gilt VP Architecture Eric Bowman is the next featured speaker at Refresh Dublin: an event series, inspired by the Refreshing Cities movement, that explores the relationships between design, UX and technology. On Tue 10/15, Eric will present “Symmetry, Scala & Software”–an updated iteration of his Scala Days talk–at the Science Gallery in Dublin. More details: The concept of symmetry is pervasive across many fields: art, architecture, mathematics, even fashion. In the past...

Hadoop vs. Aster: A Quick Comparison

OCT 10, 2013

If you’ve got more data than money, you’re probably checking out open source data analytics platforms. But how well do these no- or low-cost alternatives perform in comparison to their more expensive, licensed counterparts? Curious about the answer, I recently conducted an experiment to determine the feasibility of using Hadoop instead of Aster, the licensed analytics platform the Gilt data team uses to store and manage our vast data resources....

Gilt Mobile Engineer Featured in New MoMA Exhibition

OCT 9, 2013

Learn How Gilt Works at This Oct. 10 Talk

OCT 8, 2013

On Thu 10/10, Gilt Senior Business Systems Manager Susan Thomas will present “Bridging the Communication Gap Between Product Managers & Stakeholders,” an exploration of the communications strategies we use at Gilt to get things done. In her talk, Susan will cover these and other topics: why tech leads are critical to a growing organization how to effectively work with an engineering team to design service architecture around business needs the...

A Chat With Data Scientist Claudia Perlich

OCT 7, 2013

Welcome Jonathan Leibiusky!

OCT 4, 2013

Groc Featured on The Design Blitz

OCT 4, 2013

Meet a Gilt Technologist: Senior Software Engineer Val Dumitrescu

OCT 4, 2013

What do you do at Gilt? I’m a senior software engineer who works on the platform team in Dublin. I focus on integrating the load and performance testing platform into Ion Cannon. What did you do before joining us? Before I came to Gilt this past summer, I was with Amazon for five years. I owned the cart service for 2 years, then moved on to the monitoring group, where...

Gilt Presenting at Today's NYC Talent Draft at MIT

OCT 3, 2013

Watch Michael Bryzek Discuss "The Secret to Scaling a Tech Organization" [Video]

OCT 2, 2013

Here’s the video of last week’s NY Technology Council presentation featuring Gilt Co-Founder and CTO Michael Bryzek. There’s still one event left in the Tech Council’s Gilt-centric “Built to Scale” series: Gilt Senior Systems Business Manager Susan Thomas’ “Bridging the Communication Gap Between Product Managers & Stakeholders” on Thu 10/10. RSVP here. (Check back here soon for video of “The Art of Personalization,” last night’s presentation by Gilt VP Personalization...

Talking Customer Loyalty at Tonight's NY Data Wizards Meetup

OCT 2, 2013

"Typesafe Clients in a Distributed Service Architecture" [Slides]

OCT 2, 2013

A Quick Catch-up With James Ward of Typesafe

OCT 1, 2013

Next week Typesafe Developer Advocate James Ward will present (at least) three talks in New York City: “Diving Into Play Framework’s Deep End” (10/8 at Amplify); “Building Reactive Apps” (hosted by NYJavaSIG on 10/9 at Credit Suisse) and “Intro to Play Framework” (hosted by NY-Scala on 10/10 at Meetup). James was kind enough to take a few moments to answer some questions for us. Gilt: How did you come to...

Scandlebars Presentation Slides Now Available

OCT 1, 2013

We're at's Annual Summit This Week

SEP 30, 2013

Register for Pacific Northwest Scala Conference

SEP 30, 2013

funconf: Bill Venners on ScalaTest 2.0

SEP 27, 2013

Apropos of Lukasz’s post from earlier today: this new video featuring ScalaTest creator Bill Venners, published earlier today…

Gilt Is Participating in This Weekend's Internet of Things Hackathon

SEP 27, 2013

Which Scala Testing Tools Should You Use?

SEP 27, 2013

By Gilt Senior Software Engineer Lukasz Szwed “Scala testing systems have also stepped out on their own and created some of the most mind-blowing testing tools found in any language.” –Daniel Hinojosa, author of Testing in Scala At Tuesday’s Dublin Scala Users Group meetup, organized by Gilt, I presented a tech talk on standard test-driven development practices available to Scala developers. These include ScalaTest, specs2, ScalaCheck, and various mocking frameworks....

Catch Gilt Lead Engineer Mark Wunsch's Talk at Meetup HQ

SEP 26, 2013

Whether he’s talking about the geologic time scale of Gilt’s view layer or teaching us how to scale happiness horizontally, Gilt Lead Engineer Mark Wunsch reliably brings some fresh insights and big-picture perspective to whatever presentation topic he chooses. This month he’s the featured speaker of’s Tech Talks–a relatively new series for NYC-area software engineers, mobile developers, and other technologists. Mark will discuss Handlebars.scala (aka Scandlebars, Scandalbars, and–if you’re...

Photos: Dublin Scala Users Group, Sept. 24

SEP 25, 2013

Some photos from last night’s Dublin Scala Users Group meetup at Engine Yard. Here’s Gilt VP Architecture Eric Bowman presenting “Fast but Not Loose: Typesafe Clients in a Distributed Service Architecture, a Retrospective” …. … And here’s Gilt Senior Software Engineer Lukasz Szwed discussing standard test-driven development practices available to Scala developers (more on this topic to come):

"The Art of Personalization" at Gilt: A Talk by Erik Lumer (updated + video)

SEP 24, 2013

On Tuesday, Oct. 1, Gilt VP Personalization Erik Lumer presented “The Art of Personalization in a Flash Sale Business,” an overview of the strategies Gilt uses to attract, interact with, and persuade customers to make quick decisions on high-end purchases. Erik’s talk was part of “Built to Scale,” a three-part speaker series featuring Gilt leaders and organized by the NY Tech Council. (The series kicked off on September 25 with...

"We Have the Tools to Build a Brand-New Store Every Day"

SEP 23, 2013

The cloud computing provider Logicworks recently interviewed Gilt CIO Steve Jacobs about his management approach, the meaning of “cloud” at Gilt, how we manage all of our data, and many other interesting tech topics. An excerpt: Engineers by trade think differently than non-engineers, and when we as engineers relegate ourselves to a bit more doing and not as much thinking about what we’re doing, we do ourselves and the company...

Watch Live Video From Today's Edge Conference

SEP 23, 2013

Gilt’s very own Mark Wunsch and Eric Shepherd are among the handful of engineers selected to attend Edge: a one-day conference, organized by Google and Financial Times Labs, that is happening today in NYC. Targeted to web developers, Edge features presentations on third-party scripts, real-time data, online payments and other topics; watch the videos to pretend like you’re there. Proceeds from Edge benefit Girls Who Code, a nonprofit that works to...

Gilt Presents at CUFP Conference

SEP 22, 2013

Dublin: Come to the Scala Users Group Meetup on Sept. 24

SEP 20, 2013

Gilt Founder to Deliver Keynote at SwitchPitch NYC

SEP 20, 2013

Gilt founder and chairman Kevin Ryan will deliver the keynote at SwitchPitch: a role-reversal event at which established companies pitch funded innovation projects to qualified start-ups looking for partners. Kevin will join other luminaries (we hear Mayor Bloomberg is scheduled to speak) in presenting at the event, which will also feature reps from some of the world’s top companies. (If you’ve ever dreamed of partnering up with Time Inc., J. Crew...

Meet Groc 0.6.0: an Updated Version of Our Favorite Frontend Documentation Generator

SEP 19, 2013

After reading Gilt Senior Software Engineer Kevan Davis’ post on Groc, a fork of Jeremy Ashkenas’ Docco documentation generator, some of you emailed to ask us how to enable block comments. We reached out to Groc creator Ian MacLeod to see if we could all work together on publishing a new version. Ian accepted our proposal, and added Kevan and Lead Software Engineer Eric Shepherd to the Groc project. Click...

Gilt at GSummitX

SEP 18, 2013

Riak in Silicon Alley

SEP 18, 2013

Last night Gilt hosted “Riak in Silicon Alley - Why Distributed Databases Should Matter To You,” the September meetup of NYC Riak. This month’s installment featured presentations by Gilt co-founder and CTO Michael Bryzek, Gilt Lead Software Engineer Jim Englert, Caserta Concepts Principal Consultant Elliott Cordo, and Basho Technologies Tech Evangelist Tom Santero. Here’s Jim giving a more interactive interpretation of his July blog post on our our “Riakathon” in...

Automating Mobile Testing at Gilt

SEP 17, 2013

Just a few years ago, mobile purchases made barely a dent in Gilt’s revenues. Today, mobile represents more than 40 percent of our sales, and will soon reach 50 percent. With so many of our customers interacting with us through their mobile devices, it’s imperative that we offer them a stable and enjoyable shopping experience. One bad bug can drive away customers for good. Given the increasing importance of mobile...

Next Free Tech Course at Gilt: R

SEP 17, 2013

Hacker Heart, Mind, & Body: The Best Programmer in the World is the One Having the Most Fun

SEP 17, 2013

Hacker Heart, Mind, & Body: The Best Programmer in the World is the One Having the Most Funhackerhmb: Colin stopped by my office and asked me to come by to see his most recent project. He had disassembled his monitor switch-box (used to switch a single monitor between two computers) and it was sitting open on his desk. He had rewired it with parts from RadioShack, built a server and...

"Mobile Shopping Deconstructed" Talk Now on Video

SEP 16, 2013

Here’s the video of the Brooklyn Design & Technology meetup group’s Sept. 3 fireside chat at 3rd Ward, featuring Gilt VP Product Management Dominique Essig and VP of Mobile and Global Engineering Yonatan Feldman. Thanks to Joly MacFie from The Internet Society for recording the event!

radioon dsc3167 jpg by randyau on flickr

SEP 15, 2013

radioon: _DSC3167.jpg by randyau on Flickr. Randy Au posted a ton of great photos from DataGotham.

Sept. 16: Gilt Hosts Fireside Chat with Data Scientist Claudia Perlich

SEP 13, 2013

Scala at Netflix - Building APIs with Netflix OSS

SEP 13, 2013

Scala at Netflix - Building APIs with Netflix OSSmpandit: My talk from Scala at Netflix - 9/9/2013, Scala Bay Meetup.

Talking About Trust at Surge 2013 (Updated with Video)

SEP 13, 2013

To build a truly great, inspiring tech organization, you need to trust your team to make decisions and manage projects directly. That was the takeaway of “Trust: The Secret to Scaling a Tech Organization,” the presentation Gilt co-founder and CTO Michael Bryzek gave yesterday at the Surge conference in National Harbor, MD. By focusing on execution and empowerment, Gilt has grown its team from zero to 1,000 employees in just...

Gilt Data's on a Mini-Tour This Week

SEP 12, 2013

Today Gilt Principal Data Scientist Igor Elbert is appearing at the Big Data Innovation Summit (“the largest gathering of Fortune 500 business executives leading Big Data initiatives”) in Boston to give a presentation on visualizing the wisdom of the crowd. Details: “Calculating co-purchase affinities between product categories, brands, and price groups requires analysis of all the transactions collected by the company. Working with affinities based on co-view requires looking into...

Create PDFs from Scala Using HTML, CSS and JavaScript

SEP 10, 2013

Gilt Senior Software Engineer Federico Feroldi just released sPDF (pronounced speedy-f): a Scala library that makes it super-easy to create complex PDFs from HTML, CSS and JavaScript. On the backend sPDF uses wkhtmltopdf, which renders HTML using Webkit. In creating sPDF, Federico was heavily inspired by Ruby’s PdfKit gem, which also uses HTML, CSS and wkhtmlopdf to create PDFs.  sPDF’s main features include: full support of wkhtmltopdf extended parameters (see the source...

Catch Us at Tonight's "Software Meets Fashion" Panel

SEP 10, 2013

Gilt at "Fashion Tech: Demos & Drinks" on 9/12

SEP 9, 2013

If you’ve got questions about Gilt’s brand-new personal sales feature, our technology stack, or anything else Gilt tech-related, come to Tech in Motion’s “Fashion Tech: Demos & Drinks” event this Thursday (9/12) at AlleyNYC and ask us in person. Almost 600 people are registered to attend this Fashion Week-oriented networking event, which features several other NYC fashion and ecommerce start-ups. Should be fun! To RSVP, click here.

Machine Learning at Gilt

SEP 9, 2013

Thanks to everyone who attended our free machine learning course with John Myles White at our Manhattan office today. And an even bigger thanks goes to John for all his hard work! If you didn’t get to attend the class, keep watching this space: we’ll be announcing our next free course sometime soon.

no title

SEP 9, 2013

The Product Council’s Sept. 25 event features our very own VP Product Dominique Essig! productcouncil: Grab tickets here before they’re gone: - - Our Mission: We provide startups a new space for critical feedback, ideation, and improvement of their products. Each month an audience of product managers, designers, and founders gather to learn valuable lessons and insights from experienced product owners as they dive deep into the challenge, success and failure...

Talking Mobile in NJ on September 11

SEP 6, 2013

If you didn’t get to attend last night’s standing-room-only Gilt mobile fireside chat at our Manhattan office, and live in northern New Jersey (or fancy a sojourn along the Hudson’s western banks), head to Hoboken next Wednesday for MobileDevNJ’s monthly meetup, featuring Gilt Senior Software Engineer Matt Isaacs. Matt will discuss mobile UI testing and automation and how these are performed at Gilt. He’ll review some of the tools that Gilt...

Welcome Bin Liu!

SEP 5, 2013

Use Our APIs, Win a Prize at "Dressed to Code" Hackathon

SEP 4, 2013

This Saturday we’ll give a super-brief presentation on our APIs (and drink our morning coffee) at Dressed to Code: an all-day hackathon organized by Glamour magazine and the Council of Fashion Designers of America and hosted by General Assembly. Hackathon participants will create games, apps and tools that emphasize shopping, assembling stylish outfits, and other sartorial activities, and compete for a variety of cash and business development-oriented prizes. Spots are sold-out,...

NY Tech Council Presents Three-Part Series Featuring Gilt

SEP 4, 2013

Come to Our Mobile Fireside Chat on 9/5

AUG 30, 2013

Handlebars.scala: A Handlebars for Scala

AUG 29, 2013

If you rely on SEO, which really means that you rely on robots, you still want client-side app experiences. Handlebars.scala can help you get there. Handlebars.scala—also known around Gilt Tech as Scandlebars, and sometimes Scandalbars—is a Scala implementation of Handlebars: an extension to and superset of the Mustache templating language. It began as an attempt to learn Scala and to experiment with Scala’s Parser Combinators in order to get Handlebars.js...

NYC Riak Meetup Featuring Gilt Hosted at ... Gilt!

AUG 27, 2013

We’re excited to announce that Gilt CTO and co-founder Michael Bryzek and Lead Software Engineer Jim Englert are featured presenters at the next NYC Riak meetup, which we’ll host at our Manhattan office on Tuesday, September 17. Michael will start off the evening with a brief intro, and Jim will give a presentation based on his recent account of our Riak stress test in Dublin. Rounding out the evening is...

The Day I Submitted 600 Gerrit Reviews

AUG 27, 2013

It’s well known that code review is an important tool for improving quality, and we use Gerrit extensively at Gilt for that purpose. But there are also some less obvious benefits of such tools. With a system composed of hundreds of small services, applications, database schemas, libraries, and toolsets–each hosted in its own Git repository–maintaining certain standards across all of them is essential, but challenging. We may want to ensure...

Meet a Gilt Technologist: Nikita and Diana

AUG 26, 2013

Learn More About Gilt Mobile at 3rd Ward, 9/3

AUG 23, 2013

If you happen to be in NYC on September 3 (it’s a Tuesday), take the L train to Brooklyn and catch the Brooklyn Design & Technology (BKTK) meetup group’s fireside chat featuring Gilt. VP of Product Management Dominique Essig and VP of Mobile and Global Engineering Yonatan Feldman will have a lively and insightful conversation about recent innovations in eCommerce and Gilt’s mobile strategy. After their chat, a Q&A session...

The Man of the (Hacker) Hour

AUG 22, 2013

Hadoop Presentation at Gilt on 8/29

AUG 21, 2013

On Thu 8/29, Gilt will host the New York Hadoop Users Group’s next meetup at our 2 Park Ave. office. Hortonworks Solutions Engineer Abhijit Lele will present “Developing Applications with Hadoop 2.0 and YARN,” an examination of YARN architecture and how to get started developing for  Hadoop 2.0. YARN is Hadoop’s next-generation resource management framework, and enables Hadoop to grow beyond its MapReduce origins to embrace multiple workloads spanning interactive...

Meet a Gilt Technologist: Hernan Teano, Director of User Experience

AUG 20, 2013

How did you get to Gilt? I grew up in the Bay Area, and for the majority of my career I’ve worked in Silicon Valley. Upon reflection–because I don’t think it was a conscious or deliberate choice–my career has followed a thread: technology, fashion, and ecommerce. Three years ago, I moved from the Bay Area to NYC. In considering places where I might work, I focused on ecommerce because I...

Gilt Lifehacks: Getting GTD done

AUG 20, 2013

We all have a lot to do. Effective time/task management is essential. I’ve been using GTD (Getting Things Done) for a while now (a long while :)) and for me it comes down to the question, “How do you pick the next, best, most valuable thing to work on?”–basically answering the question of how to make the best use of the time you have. Picking something from your list of...

Gilt at Alley Weekly, 8/16

AUG 19, 2013

DataDivas, Documented

AUG 15, 2013

Here’s Gilt Database Administrator/Data Engineer Elon Azoulay presenting at last night’s DataDivas meetup at AlleyNYC. Nearly 40 data divas and data dudes from JP Morgan, the New York Public Library, MTV, AOL and other companies turned out to hear Elon discuss how and why he created an open data file that aggregates U.S. Census and American Community Survey data to the zip code level. Also making a strong showing: Gilt’s...

Welcome Jenny Leahy!

AUG 15, 2013

We’re excited to welcome Jenny Leahy to the Gilt technology team! Jenny will be working in our Dublin office as a software engineer, and will initially focus on email delivery. A longtime Java developer with experience working in the financial software field, she’s moving into the world of Scala and is intrigued by our use of the Typesafe platform. When she’s not working, she loves to read (sci-fi, psychology and...

Next Free Training Course: Machine Learning with John Myles White

AUG 14, 2013

RSVP for Our Next iOS Office Hours With Code Coalition

AUG 14, 2013

Last night Gilt hosted our first-ever iOS Office Hours in collaboration with Code Coalition. At least 60 people came out to our 2 Park Ave. office to network, code and catch short talks by Gilt Principal Software Engineer Evan Maloney (seen here discussing mobile strategy), Code Coalition’s Teddy Wyly, Eliot Arntz, and John Nichols, Matt Parker of WurkHappy, and developer Venkat Rao. Thanks to Code Coalition and to everyone who...

Learn About "the Geologic Time Scale of's View Layer" (Video)

AUG 13, 2013

Here’s Gilt Lead Software Engineer Mark Wunsch delivering his BackboneConf 2013 presentation on Gilt’s page performance, pagination, and search engine optimization through the lens of our Views present and past. View the slides here.

Designing Distributed Systems With ZooKeeper

AUG 13, 2013

Let’s face it–designing distributed systems can be tough. There’s just no one-size-fits-all tool for creating distributed services: Every distributed application has a unique set of tolerances with regard to reliability, scalability, response time, and other performance factors. At Gilt, our toolbox for supporting distributed service development includes Apache ZooKeeper, RabbitMQ, Kafka and a smattering of distributed data stores. We made these technology choices based on years of hands-on development at...

"Alley Weekly" Features Gilt CTO/Cofounder This Friday, 8/16

AUG 13, 2013

Talking Census Data With the DataDivas on 8/14

AUG 12, 2013

We’re pleased to announce that Gilt Database Administrator and Data Engineer Elon Azoulay will be the featured speaker at the DataDivas meetup group’s August 14 Fireside Chat (RSVP here). Elon will describe his recent work aggregating U.S. Census and American Community Survey data at the ZIP code level to better understand the demographic profile of our customers. He’ll also discuss why governments should adopt open-data policies. Hope to see you...

Meet a Gilt Technologist: Roland Tritsch, VP Infrastructure Engineering

AUG 9, 2013

Roland Tritsch is Gilt’s VP Infrastructure Engineering. Infrastructure Engineering works to ensure 100% uptime, while allowing Gilt to iterate and innovate as fast as possible. Roland has more than 20 years of industry experience in various technical leadership roles and is probably the oldest member of Tech who writes Scala code (nickname: Papa Roland). If he is not behind the keyboard, he’s riding his folding race bike (other nickname: Bumblebee)...

It's Hat Day!

AUG 8, 2013

“Team Ninja will be wearing hats next Thursday. Because we can,” read the email from Software Engineering Stylisto/headwear connoisseur Nathan Stilwell. “We don’t want anyone to feel left out of the brilliant joy. So we invite you to join us…If your heart demands that you express yourself by donning a fedora, boater, bucket, panama, bowler, beaver, homburg, trilby, turban, fez, kasa, pith helmet, ball cap, or anything else than can...

Startup Pitch Night Presents Gilt CTO/Cofounder Tomorrow!

AUG 6, 2013

Tomorrow (Wed 8/7) Gilt CTO/co-founder Michael Bryzek is the featured speaker at Startup Pitch Night, an event for start-up founders and entrepreneurs to practice their pitches and learn from industry leaders. Michael will share some of his recollections of Gilt’s early days and discuss how the tech department’s work culture has evolved over time. The ‘Night starts at 6:30 PM at Connolly’s (121 W. 45th St., 3rd Floor in Midtown...

Meet a Gilt Technologist: Nabila Yusaf, Software Engineer

AUG 5, 2013

What’s your role at Gilt? I’m a software engineer who focuses mostly on front-end development, but as time goes on I’m becoming more of a full-stack engineer. My passion is front-end engineering, though–I’m most comfortable working in JavaScript and CSS. I’m very focused on the visual side–it’s what I like to do. I’m not the type who figures out how to design a database. I’m more interested in the interactive,...

Common Statistical Misconceptions

AUG 3, 2013

“Correlation doesn’t imply causation, but it does waggle its eyebrows suggestively and gesture furtively while mouthing ‘look over there.’” I was intrigued by this gem of statistical poetry, which Lifehacker writer Eric Ravenscraft quotes in his great new article, “Four Common Statistical Misconceptions You Should Avoid.” I had not heard the quote before. (Eric attributes it to a well-known xkcd correlation strip, but it’s not in the picture: mouse over...

An Hour in the Life of the Gilt Mobile Team, in One Minute (Video)

AUG 2, 2013

Principal Software Engineer Adam Kaplan created this time-lapse video of the Gilt Mobile Team at work.  

Study@4: Goofing off Is Good for You (and Your Profits)

AUG 2, 2013

Earlier this year I began working through Satnam Alag’s Collective Intelligence in Action, a book on alligator farming. I wanted to improve my understanding of alligator farming as well as the fundamentals of data collection and mining for personalization. My work at Gilt has recently taken me in these directions, and I’d heard that this book provided a thorough overview of the topic. I’d dedicate a couple of hours every...

Gilt Tech Leaders Meet Headphone KPIs for July

AUG 2, 2013

SVP Engineering John Quinn, VP Product Management Dominique Essig, and Chief Information Officer Steve Jacobs exceeded their key performance indicators related to headphone size and style coordination last month. Congrats!

Rock Your Doc With Groc, Our Favorite Automated Frontend Documentation Tool

AUG 1, 2013

Writing great documentation is not something that comes naturally or easily to many engineers. And many companies don’t have the resources to hire a dedicated document writer. Hence the value of automated documentation, which allows you to generate, at a minimum, a basic amount of documentation quickly and cheaply. As a front-end engineer working on UI architecture, I write code that ends up being used by most of the front-end...

Hey NYC: Come to Our iOS Office Hours Meetup on 8/13

JUL 31, 2013

Catch Gilt's Presentation at BackboneConf Today (Includes Link to Slides)

JUL 31, 2013

Interested in Free Scala Training at Gilt's Dublin Office?

JUL 30, 2013

Live in Dublin, or plan to hang out there later this summer? Tired of Java, and intrigued by this sleek and elegant Scala language you keep hearing about? Excited about learning languages for free? Then fill out the form below to express your interest in our upcoming free Scala course! Taught by some of Gilt Tech’s resident Scalasmiths, this one-day, beginners-level class will take place Fri 8/30 and again on...

Baking-Soda Volcanoes Need Not Apply: Highlights From the NYT Open Source Science Fair

JUL 29, 2013

Last Thursday Lead Software Engineer Kristen McGregor (pictured above), a cardboard tri-fold, and I trekked to the New York Times building for the TimesOpen Open Source Science Fair: a showcase for local developers to demonstrate their open source projects, recruit potential contributors, and network with fellow FOSSniks. Now in its second/“2.0” year, the Fair took place on the Times’ 15th floor and featured exhibits by the likes of Novus, the...

Gilt an Official Sponsor of the PNW Scala Conference

JUL 29, 2013

We’re proud to announce that we’ve become an official “Friend” of the Pacific Northwest Scala Conference–taking place October 19 and 20 in Portland, Ore. The conference is still in the early planning stages, but lots of short talks and open sessions are in the works. We’ll keep you updated on new developments as the date gets closer.

A Perfect Day for a Mobile Team Outing

JUL 26, 2013

Putting the Gilt Tech team-building budget to good use: the Mobile Team enjoys a sunny lunch outside at Tavern 29 in Midtown Manhattan.

Meet a Gilt Technologist: Christine Titus, Lead Program Manager, Back Office Team

JUL 26, 2013

Gilt Tech on the Town: "Technology You Can Touch" at WeWork

JUL 24, 2013

Hope to See You at the Open Source Science Fair!

JUL 23, 2013

Gilt is excited to participate in the New York Times’ Open Source Science Fair 2.0, taking place Thu 7/25 (starting time 6:15 PM) at the Times’ office building in Manhattan. In addition to highlighting our open source work, our exhibit (one of those old-school, cardboard trifold thingies) will promote the Play Framework and discuss our use of Play at Gilt. Stop by our booth to say hello and to pick...

Meet a Gilt Technologist: Patrick Losco, Software Engineer

JUL 19, 2013

Girls Who Code Visit Gilt Tech!

JUL 19, 2013

Recently Gilt had the pleasure of hosting a group of young women from Girls Who Code–a nonprofit organization aimed at achieving gender parity in the technology sector. This was the second time we hosted GWC; last year’s delegation voted us as the #1 workplace, so we aimed to live up to our reputation. We started things off by giving the girls a brief introduction to Gilt Tech, including an overview of our...

RSVP for our Lucene Event in Dublin on 7/31

JUL 18, 2013

Pour a Little (Lucene) Sugar in Your Scala

JUL 18, 2013

Please say hello to Lucene Sugar: a library that provides a more concise syntax for the Lucene API in the Scala language. Lucene Sugar makes it easier to: compose Lucene indexes using the familiar Scala cake pattern add indexed and/or stored fields to a Lucene document index collections of documents search! (You didn’t really expect that, did you?) My general goal for Lucene Sugar is to turn some standard operations...

Attend Our First-Ever Scala Hacker Hours Meetup on Aug. 7

JUL 17, 2013

New to Scala? Working on a Scala project and need some guidance? Curious about the Typesafe platform, and interested in exploring it? Then grab your laptop and head on over to our 2 Park Ave. office in Manhattan on Wednesday, August 7 for our first-ever Scala Hacker Hours NYC meetup. The meetup begins at 6:30 PM and ends at 8:30 PM; light refreshments will be provided. What’s a “hacker hours,”...

Talking to Typesafe About Scala, Akka, Play, and the Future of E-Commerce

JUL 16, 2013

How to Set up Your Own Photo Booth Using Eye-Fi and Hazel

JUL 16, 2013

When my sister got married, I wanted to make sure that she had plenty of great photos of her wedding–so I set up a photo booth that captured images and instantly uploaded them to the Internet. Recently I described my setup at 5@4 (née 5@5–Gilt Tech’s ongoing presentation series, featuring five talks at 4 PM every other Friday) and invited Gilt Tech’s photogenic crew, plus our resident dinosaurs, to try...

Riak Passes the Stress Test

JUL 15, 2013

In late June a few of us in NYC joined our colleagues in Gilt’s Dublin office to test out Riak for our main user store. Every day our main user store receives upwards of 100,000 requests per minute at our peak site traffic time of 12PM. Because of these extreme traffic spikes, excellent performance of our distributed databases is a must. We also wanted to learn more about how Riak...

"Truly Scale a Modern Engineering Organization" Slides and Video

JUL 15, 2013

For those of you couldn’t make Gilt co-founder/CTO Michael Bryzek’s talk at AppNexus last Wednesday (maybe because you were attending the Play NYC meetup?); click here to view the slides. Bryzek’s talk covered Millennials in the workplace, Gilt’s social experiment, the value of using key performance indicators (KPIs) and much more. Thanks again to AppNexus for hosting the event.

Meet a Gilt Technologist: Lead Software Engineer John Kenny

JUL 12, 2013

What is your role at Gilt? I’m lead engineer for Team Galactus. (We like to give our teams abstract names that don’t refer to a particular initiative; at the time of forming Galactus, we were going through a comic book phase!) I’m a full-stack engineer, but the vast majority of my work at Gilt is on the backend: developing shared libraries, web applications and services. How long have you been...

Play! meetup recap

JUL 12, 2013

Gilt Featured on HuffPost Live's "Tech Game Changers"

JUL 11, 2013

Earlier today Gilt VP of Mobile Yonatan Feldman and Director of Mobile Product Christopher Gonzalez appeared on HuffPost Live’s “Tech Game Changers” to talk about our latest mobile developments. These include our brand-new “save sizes” feature; mobile-only, “summer specials,” and personalized sales. As Yon and Chris explain, feedback from our customers played a significant role in our development of these features, which are designed to make the shopping experience as...

Making Cents of Census Data

JUL 11, 2013

Async Coding in Play with both Java and Scala

JUL 10, 2013

Async Coding in Play with both Java and ScalaTonight (Wed 7/10) Gilt once again plays host to the Play NYC meetup. On this evening’s agenda: LinkedIn’s Jim Brikman presents “Async Coding in Play with both Java and Scala,” a discussion of the non-blocking IO (NIO) nature of the Play framework:

How to Do High Tea the Gilt Tech Way

JUL 9, 2013

RSVP for Tomorrow's "Engineering @ Scale" Talk, Featuring Gilt!

JUL 9, 2013

Tomorrow (Wed 7/10) Gilt CTO and cofounder Michael Bryzek will present “Truly Scale a Modern Tech Organization With Great Engineers” as part of AppNexus’ “Engineering @ Scale” series. Bryzek’s talk–which is free to the public–takes place at AppNexus’ office at 28 W. 23rd Street in Manhattan. Doors open at 6:30 PM, and the event lasts until 8:30 PM. RSVP here to claim your seat! In his presentation, Bryzek will recount...

Gilt a Sponsor of This Week's Lambda Jam Conference

JUL 8, 2013

"If You Love It So Much, Why Don't You Write a Wrapper Around It?": jQCon Talk (Video)

JUL 5, 2013

The jQuery Foundation just posted video of “If You Love It So Much, Why Don’t You Write a Wrapper Around It?”–my presentation at last month’s jQuery Conference in Portland, Ore. In my talk, I focus on the importance of using consistent APIs and taking advantage of other people’s work (in the form of third-party code) when working with a large code base. Putting a wrapper around someone else’s code can...

Scala Training at Gilt: An Engineer Shares Her Thoughts

JUL 3, 2013

CEO Michelle Peluso Lunches With Gilt's Women Technologists

JUL 2, 2013

Gilt CEO Michelle Peluso recently met with a group of the company’s women technologists to share some of her personal stories about being a business leader, wife, and mother, and to offer advice relevant to all professionals–regardless of gender. Over lunch, Peluso answered our questions about a wide range of topics–from how to handle uncomfortable workplace situations (answer: with grace) to how she met her husband (a mutual friend). Thanks...

Talking Tact, Stacks, and Antifragility at Tech in Motion's "Made in NY: Tech Panel"

JUL 1, 2013

Gilt an Official Sponsor of the PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2013

JUL 1, 2013

Deployment Milestone!

JUN 28, 2013

“Just completed my first feature deploy to Gilt production…"Shop by Age” widget on A/B test.“ – Gilt engineer Glenn Howard. Congrats, Glenn!

Meet a Gilt Technologist: Nathan Stilwell, Software Engineer

JUN 28, 2013

Gilt Featured at Tonight's "Made in NY: Tech Panel"

JUN 27, 2013

Tonight (Thu 6/27) Gilt CTO Michael Bryzek will appear alongside tech leaders from Knewton, ZocDoc and other NYC-based companies at “Made in NY: Tech Panel,” an event hosted by Tech in Motion. Bryzek and the other panelists will discuss building a tech team from scratch, the future of NYC’s tech scene, and why NYC is such a great place to start a tech company, among other topics. Seven hundred people...

no title

JUN 26, 2013

Scaling Happiness Horizontally (Video)

Our Cookies Are Secure

JUN 25, 2013

“When the Security & Compliance team found out there were cookies in the office today, they made sure to ensure their safety in the best way they know how!” – Gilt engineer Casey Kolderup

Committing to CloudStack

JUN 25, 2013

the 27 day beer challenge is underway when we

JUN 21, 2013

The 27 day beer challenge is underway! When we launched back in 2007, every product and sale photo we took was stored on a shared NFS mount point. We’re now creating terabytes of data each month and it’s finally time to move our images to s3. We’re also changing how we create and manage our image sizing and crops - moving away from image magick and integrating with -...

Meet a Gilt Technologist: Nithya Venkateswaran, Quality Assurance Engineer

JUN 21, 2013

Gilt’s Development & Deployment Infrastructure (Slides)

JUN 20, 2013

As an organization, we’re able to provide more value to our customers and adapt to changes more effectively when developers can focus on coding and not on other tasks which can be automated instead. On Tuesday, I spoke at Open Source Bridge about “Innovating Faster with a Micro-Service Architecture using SBT, Continuous Delivery, and LXC.“ In the talk, I discussed some of the development and operational infrastructure we’ve created at...

Sign up for Free Scala Training at Gilt!

JUN 20, 2013

The Human Side of Scala

JUN 18, 2013

What do books, programming languages and cars have in common? They enter our lives carrying that proverbial “new smell”: the elusive but potent combination of possibilities, expectations and hopes that “this one will be better than the last.” Sometimes it fades quickly because of poor quality or unfortunate design choices, but every once in awhile the initial excitement matures into something that keeps you coming back for more—the first small,...

Meet a Gilt Technologist: Paul Lee, Software Engineer

JUN 14, 2013

How did you arrive at Gilt? I first came to Gilt while I was a student at the University of Waterloo in Canada (I’m Canadian). Our school runs a program in which computer science students complete six four-month internships over five years. I did my Gilt internship from September to December 2011, during my senior year. What was your role here? I was part of the Gilt City engineering team,...

Gilt Tech Presents at Scala Days (Slides)

JUN 11, 2013

Scala Days Begins in NYC

JUN 10, 2013

Virtualization at Gilt: A Lightning Talk for NYC DevOps (Video, Slides)

JUN 7, 2013

Last night I attended the NYC DevOps meetup at Datadog’s office (located just around the corner from Gilt HQ) to give a lightning talk on “Virtualization at Gilt.” I chose this topic in order to highlight Gilt’s growing use of virtualization to improve how efficiently we handle resources and make our processes more reliable. My presentation covered some of the major technologies we use as part of our virtualization efforts...

desert chrome

JUN 5, 2013

Celebrate Desert Chrome by purchasing a new Desert Chrome Gilt T-Shirt (available in both Men’s and Women’s). Be sure to check out the rest of the Gilt Tech Shirt Store.

pondering how to manage email templates after a

JUN 3, 2013

Pondering how to manage email templates after a long white boarding session with Jose Sanchez

fail ales beers carefully selected for the first

JUN 3, 2013

Fail Ales:  beers carefully selected for the first Gilt Tech 5@4 in celebration of all the things that didn’t go as we hoped.

gilt ceo michelle peluso visits the dublin office

MAY 29, 2013

Gilt CEO Michelle Peluso visits the Dublin office

Ade Trenaman: Gilt slide wins 'Pic o' the Day' @ Lucene Revolution 2013

MAY 26, 2013

Ade Trenaman: Gilt slide wins 'Pic o' the Day' @ Lucene Revolution 2013ade-trenaman: Was thrilled to be invited to speak for Gilt at this year’s Lucene Revolution conference; talk went really well and had lots of great feedback from the audience - thanks guys! Fun highlight: one of the conference attendees took a picture of the Solr Makes the Business Love You slide…

ninjas in their natural habitat

MAY 22, 2013

Ninjas in their natural habitat

c level engineering symmetry

MAY 16, 2013

C Level Engineering Symmetry

Monitoring Network Traffic and Service Chatter with Boundary

MAY 14, 2013

We recently published a case study with Boundary regarding how we, at Gilt Groupe, are using their product and I wanted to give some additional details concerning our decision process, what we were looking for, what we looked at and why we decided that going to Boundary was the best choice for us moving forward. Gilt Groupe’s architecture is now very much a case of micro-service architecture. We have hundreds...

Mobile Web How-To: Development Environment Toolkit

MAY 8, 2013

While working on Gilt Mobile Web, these are our development tools of choice to get the job done: Browsers & Emulators Android emulator: XCode iOS Simulator: Chrome Canary + mobile settings: Page Speeds HTTP proxy/monitor and bandwidth throttler: PageSpeed Insights: Device Testing User agent strings: Feature compatibility checks: Android debug bridge for inspecting your Android device: Adobe inspect for inspecting Android Browser:...

Mobile Web How To: Proxy Local Environment To Devices

MAY 7, 2013

When you develop a front end experience for the full screen, the feedback loop between code and test is relatively fast. You code. You refresh your browser. Repeat. When you develop a front end experience for mobile devices, this can become a little cumbersome because the feedback loop can sometimes feel much slower. There are emulators for your machine and browser sizing/user-agent strategies that you can employ to make your...

today in pictures

MAY 7, 2013

Today in Pictures

Mobile Web How-To: Detect Samsung S4 Device On Your Mac

MAY 6, 2013

This hasn’t been very well documented on the Internet just yet so I thought I’d share how you need to connect your Samsung S4 device to a Mac. When you connect this device to your Mac, it (most likely at the time of this writing) will not be recognized.

Mobile Web How-To: Inspect Elements On Android's Internet Browser

MAY 3, 2013

I’m building Gilt’s new Android app and a good portion of the website is an Android WebView. As you may or may not know, this WebView uses the default Android Internet Browser to render webpages. You probably know this app best by its logo in the lower right hand corner of this screenshot: When you use Google Chrome on the Android device, inspection is very straightforward – I’ll cover this...


MAY 1, 2013

A few of us took some time to get to know each other a little better, hug trees and talk shop.

ade trenaman erlang distributed systems and

APR 30, 2013

ade-trenaman: Erlang, Distributed Systems and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Found this photo on my phone - a real moment in time at Gilt New York! Steve Vinoski, who worked with Gregor and I back in the days of the seminal Irish tech startup IONA Technologies, came to Gilt one cold February night to give a talk on how Riak is implemented in Erlang - it’s a great talk, and a...

Ade Trenaman: Why Java 8 doesn't rock my Scala

APR 25, 2013

Ade Trenaman: Why Java 8 doesn't rock my Scalaade-trenaman: I was looking through an article on Java 8, . We’re using Scala heavily at Gilt and I was toying with the heretical notion that Java 8 might create a compelling reason to go back to Java. Sacrilige! I am of course biased in this matter as I’ve really enjoyed the last two years of Scala coding at…

Gilt Mobile Web Nav Redesigned

APR 24, 2013

Hello! Yesterday (April 23, 2013), I sent to production the third phase of the Gilt Mobile Web ( redesign. In this phase, I updated the primary and secondary nav on the mobile web so that there is (hopefully!) a much better user experience. And like the first and second phase of the redesign, the goal with the nav redesign was to incorporate learnings taken from the Gilt iPhone App...

up and running with play2

APR 18, 2013

Up & Running with Play 2

Working with Time Series Data

APR 8, 2013

Life in Gilt Tech involves much lively discussion on KPIs, consequently we spend a lot of time looking at time series data.

Gilt Mobile Web Redesigned - 10 Views Compared

APR 5, 2013

Over the last three months, we overhauled the front end (JSP, HTML, Handlebars, LESS/CSS, JavaScript, Zepto) for Gilt’s mobile web experience ( The redesign was inspired by learnings acquired from our iPhone App and the design is meant to replicate a lot of those features. Here are 10 side by side comparisons with notes inline and at the bottom. Let us know what you think! In the previous design, there...

26/3/13: Today's Noon Outage--and What We're Doing to Make Sure This Never Happens Again.

MAR 26, 2013

At Gilt we try to move as fast as we can getting code - be it fixes or awesome new features - to production as quickly and safely as possible. Sometimes we make mistakes, and, today was such a day. Around noon, a commit on one of our flagship applications ran riot: allocating native threads; consuming memory and CPU; and bringing down all other applications collocated on the same set...

Intro to AngularJS + Gilt API

MAR 18, 2013

Intro to AngularJS + Gilt APIBrett Coffin explains how to build a super slick web application that shows off what you can do with the Gilt API.

SXSW 2013 Recap

MAR 14, 2013

SXSW 2013 Recap The Gilt UX team was at the SXSW Interactive conference this year, and we live blogged all of the sessions we went to. Click in to see our notes on Google’s innovation group and their Glass demo, the future of Foursquare and location, the emergence of tech in fashion, and more!

Scaling Agile at Gilt

MAR 7, 2013

With teams, ingredients, initiatives and KPIs Spotify recently documented their progressive approach to scaling Agile development with a fairly large team. Gilt’s approach has many similarities, but since some Spotify best practices are Gilt anti-patterns, it’s worth a closer look.The Gilt tech team is about 100 strong. Most of our development is done in Manhattan. We’ve also got a small team in Portland, Oregon and a larger one in Dublin,...

love the tech badge of honor stickers appearing

FEB 26, 2013

Love the tech badge of honor stickers appearing around the office recently

Gilt at the Fashion Hackathon

FEB 20, 2013

Hello there! I’m Miguel Fajardo, an engineer at Gilt. I want to share a great experience I had with fellow Gilt engineers Jose Sanchez and Patrick Losco at the recent Fashion Hack during New York Fashion Week. Hearst Corporation hosted the event in their New York City headquarters, the Hearst Tower. The building is easily identified by its diamond-patterned façade. Many other companies co-sponsored the event, including Microsoft, Spotify, Okta,...

already looking forward to dress like nathan day

FEB 20, 2013

Already looking forward to Dress Like Nathan Day 2014!

Gilt Tech @ MongoDB Austin 2013

FEB 20, 2013

Last week, Gilt Tech presented ‘MongoDB at Gilt’ at MongoDB Austin. Thank you 10Gen for hosting the event.

Codecademy ♥ Gilt

FEB 19, 2013

It’s with great pleasure that we’re announcing the awesome Gilt API lessons on Codecademy! Be ready to take your JavaScript skills to the next level and learn how to find the latest and most beautiful fashion products with the Gilt API. Begin to learn our APIs now!

apparently i wasnt the only one in tech nominated

FEB 14, 2013

Apparently I wasn’t the only one in tech nominated as “Gilt’s favorite employee”. All the same, I still love Gilt :)

no title

FEB 12, 2013

its official traffic from ie 7 finally hit 1

FEB 8, 2013

It’s official. Traffic from IE 7 finally hit 1%… and so as of a few minutes ago, Gilt Groupe has officially stopped support of Internet Explorer 7. Visitors to from IE7 will be redirected to our amazing mobile web site instead.

great start to the 2013 gilt groupe architecture

FEB 7, 2013

Great start to the 2013 gilt groupe architecture summit… we’re brainstorming how to make gilt the simplest place in the world to build truly scalable and reliable software. Follow the day at #giltarch #gilttech

great turnout at the decoded fashion and tech

FEB 3, 2013

Great turnout at the decoded fashion and tech hackathon this weekend in NYC. Gilt is one of the many sponsors - and we’re having a really fun time as both judges and mentors. Amazing to see hundreds of engineers build almost a hundred unique projects to help the fashion world and fashionistas everywhere. #fashionhack

Adding LXC Support to Cloudstack

JAN 28, 2013

At Gilt, our architecture is composed of what we call LOSA–Lots of Small Applications. These apps currently run on bare metal with a couple dozen application instances per machine. As we move towards a fully automated deployment system, we are looking to replace bare metal with virtualization where each VM has a single application instance. We’ve found that Linux containers best meets our needs since it’s readily available and has...

Join Gilt Groupe for the Hearst Fashion Hack on Feb 9-10 in NYC

JAN 15, 2013

Join Gilt Groupe for the Hearst Fashion Hack, the largest fashion hackathon of the year, where you could win $10,000+ to launch your fashion app!

it is beer oclock in dublin

JAN 11, 2013

It is beer o'clock in Dublin

Father of TM1 @ Gilt!

JAN 10, 2013

Gilt will be hosting the TM1 Experts meetup featuring the Father of TM1 on Monday, January 14th! TM1 has been an invaluable application in Gilt’s enterprise planning and reporting suite.  It’s allowed our Finance and Merch Planning teams to collaboratively plan budgets and manage forecasts while dynamically affecting company-wide reporting/analysis.We’re looking forward to meeting Manny Perez, please join us!

Tamara Gruzbarg of Gilt: Using Analytics to Give Customers What They Want

DEC 21, 2012

They say that knowledge is power. Nothing could be truer when it comes to the world of business. Customer analytics insights can pack a powerful punch when it comes to your marketing efforts by creating a personal connection. If you know what your customers want, you can give it to them. If you give your customers what they want, they feel a personal connection with you. And that personal connection...

A Moment of Silence for the Sandy Hook Victims

DEC 20, 2012

Please join us in observing a minute of silence in honor of the Sandy Hook victims on Dec. 21 at 9:30am EST. Gilt will go dark at this time.

vp infrastructure engineering work

DEC 8, 2012

VP Infrastructure Engineering @ Work

thanks to cliff moon moonpolysoft for stopping by

DEC 6, 2012

Thanks to Cliff Moon @moonpolysoft for stopping by Gilt Groupe today to give a tech talk titled “Backpressure and Distributed Systems.” Great to see him here in NY! If you don’t know his new start-up, it looks amazing–check out

the end of movember at gilt

DEC 4, 2012

The end of Movember at Gilt

How came to be

NOV 14, 2012

When Sandy hit New York, many of us were directly impacted in some way. After the first week, power had been restored in our main office and in most of our homes. Our focus started to shift from covering basic needs to finding a way to help the New York region rebuild. Eventually we decided to build - with a focus on driving donations to the affected region and...

Teaching Scala @ TCD ... back to the roots

NOV 14, 2012

Twenty years ago I used to teach object-oriented programming (based on Eiffel) at my old university in Germany. This week I got the chance to experience a deja-vu, because earlier this year I did run into Glenn Strong who is teaching Functional Programming in TCD in Dublin and we started to develop the idea that it would be useful to add a Scala module to his Haskell based lecture. The...

Sometimes Small Things Make a Big Difference: Using Source Code Pro with Emacs

NOV 14, 2012

<outing alarm>I love my emacs.</outing alarm> Sometimes small things can make a big difference. Like a dot. You can put it at the end of the sentence or in a number (1.001 vs. 100.1–can make a “small” difference) or you put it into the zero to make it easily distinguishable from capital O. Now you might say, who cares, but if you read a lot of source code (like I do)...

gilt tech propaganda

NOV 13, 2012

Gilt Tech Propaganda 

The Gilt Data Team Goes to Partners

NOV 3, 2012

Four of us on the Data Engineering team spent the week before Super Storm Sandy at the Teradata Partners conference. It’s essentially a massive, week-long, Teradata-sponsored meetup hosting >250 Data Warehouse/Analytics presentations. Both Chris and Deep presented for the first time. (See pictures below!)  Chris spoke about his pricing work using R linear mixed effect regression and random forest parallelized across our data warehouse cluster. Deep spoke about parallelizing webservice...

MongoDB performance at Gilt

OCT 2, 2012

Over the past several months several high traffic services have gone live at Gilt using MongoDB as a back end. MongoDB collections are a really good fit for many of our use cases. What we’ve found is that when MongoDB is happy it runs fast and reliably; but there are a few things that can catch you out. Throttle your writes/updatesMongoDB uses a global write lock. Only one process can...

a big thanks to this years girls who code field

AUG 8, 2012

A big thanks to this year’s ’Girls Who Code’ field trip for voting Gilt as the #1 workplace!

Search on Gilt

JUL 27, 2012

Some of our users may have noticed a new and welcome addition to Gilt over the last few weeks—we’ve rolled out search across our Women’s, Men’s, Kids and Home stores! In Gilt Tech, we know how much our members love the thrill of the hunt when our sales go live every day; and, as a tech team, we’ve always felt good about building our site to drive a great flash-sale...

the rare double deploy by geoff guerdat

JUL 20, 2012

The rare double deploy by Geoff Guerdat.

Gilt Internal Hackathon--July Edition

JUL 18, 2012

On July 12th the Gilt Tech team kicked off a two-day internal hackathon with four goals: 1. Hack with people that you don’t usually work with.2. Hack with people that you don’t usually work with.3. Hack with people that you don’t usually work with.4. Focus on building internal tools and cleaning up code. The Event Day One started with Yoni Goldberg keynoting event with a brief introduction and time allowance...

Gilt Live: A New Way to Shop

JUL 8, 2012

Gilt Live is a new way to shop on Gilt.  It gives you the chance to see what our members are buying on Gilt - right now.  We are excited because it gives you a way to discover new products that you might never have seen.  And since it is updating in real-time you can see something sell out right before your eyes –- or not if you are quick...

we saw a great turnout here at gilt hq on saturday

JUN 18, 2012

We saw a great turnout here at Gilt HQ on Saturday for NYC Fashion Hack Day 2012!

users can now browse the gilt daily sales in a

JUN 1, 2012

Users can now browse the Gilt daily sales in a native application for the Windows Mobile platform! codeArcher’s Glitter features’s flash sales, making use of the Public API to pull in information on the curated sales as well as the products in those sales. If you’re rocking a Lumia or other Windows phone, check this app out and review it in the Windows Phone Marketplace!

NYC Fashion Hack Day 2012: June 16

MAY 21, 2012

Gilt is hosting the Play! NYC meetup

MAY 18, 2012

Gilt is hosting the Play! NYC meetupThis Monday (May 21) Gilt will host the Play! NYC group in our shiny new office space.

Friday Fun with Gilt Games

MAY 4, 2012

The Gilt Public API is a great tool for developing new ways for people to shop quickly, efficiently, or on new platforms. But developers using the API are also finding unexpected things to do with Gilt data— they’re using it to make games.

The 5th Floor

APR 28, 2012

Gilt Tech have been enjoying their new space on the 5th floor of 2 Park Avenue, NYC.

Gilt Tech @ NYC Powered By MongoDB Hackathon

APR 20, 2012

The PMO: Right Work, Right Time, Right People

APR 16, 2012

You might be surprised to learn that Gilt Tech has a Program Management Organization (aka “The PMO”).Why do I think you might be surprised?  Well, the role of project management in traditional organizations has typically been one associated with paperwork and process (We need to talk about your TPS reports…).  It has also been associated with hindering rapid development and slowing things down.  These negative connotations are behind the reasons...

SummerQAmp: introducing QA as a career opportunity

MAR 7, 2012

The tech team at Gilt is excited to launch SummerQAmp (summer-kamp) with Bon Jovi, the White House, GroupMe and Onswipe.  This is a great initiative that is launching as a part of the White House’s Summer Jobs+ program to introduce Quality Assurance as a career path to youth in the U.S. QA @ Gilt Our Quality Assurance team is made up of individuals that are programmers with Computer Science degrees to others that started out in our...

Public API Language Bindings, Round 2

MAR 1, 2012

There’s been even more work done getting the Gilt API wrapped up in language bindings over the past two weeks and I’m here to present the newest to you in case any of them tickle your fancy.

Affiliate Marketing Program Open to Developers

FEB 23, 2012

It’s been great to hear from developers over the past two weeks about their plans for the Gilt Public API, and we can only imagine what’s in the works out there that we haven’t heard about yet! Meanwhile, back at Gilt HQ, we’re hard at work on adding more to the API— more data and more ways of accessing what you want in the easiest way possible.

First Public API Language Bindings Available Now!

FEB 15, 2012

7 days ago, we launched our Public API and the accompanying Developer Portal. We’ve received a lot of great feedback, updated the Portal a bit to better give you the information you need, and talked to a lot of developers with some really neat ideas for ways to use the API. Now’s a great time to get started on your own application!

Managers! Become the Flywheel.

FEB 13, 2012

Arguably, the job of an engineering manager is to hire and sculpt a development team that is not only highly productive, but also precisely resourced for immediate business priorities. Easier said than done. Businesses are highly erratic organisms. Especially start-ups. From week to week our business environment changes and company priorities evolve accordingly. In response to this, so does the position of senior management on the best way to adapt....

NoSQL in the Real World - The Video, Pics and Slides

FEB 10, 2012

Thanks to everyone who came to Gilt Tech’s latest tech talk, NoSQL in the Real World. We had a great series of speakers including: Ara Anjargolian - Redis Matt Parker - CouchDB Sean Cribbs - Riak Edward Capriolo - Cassandra Luke Gotszling - MongoDB Huge thanks to Rockman and Maureen for organizing the event, and to AOL ventures for sponsoring and hosting. Enjoy out the video … The Pictures …...

Gilt Public API Launched

FEB 8, 2012

I’m really excited to tell you that we’ve launched our Public API today, providing programmatic access to a constantly-updating collection of flash sales full of the usual kind of awesome stuff we offer on Gilt’s stores.

Old Browsers in eCommerce: What to do with IE6?

FEB 7, 2012

In a humanitarian effort to improve developer quality of life, we at Gilt recently stopped supporting Internet Explorer 6. This means we no longer use, develop or test for the browser. Given the small and shrinking population of IE6 users and the auto-upgrades planned for this year, we felt that it is worth our developers’ happiness (and sanity) to abandon support efforts. Our FEET (Front End Engineering Team) are certainly happy...

the gilt tech shirts are here if you love bacon

JAN 20, 2012

The Gilt Tech shirts are here! If you love bacon spearing narwhals, we might have the perfect shirt for you. See all Lauren’s awesome designs on the Gilt Tech Shirt Store.

NoSQL in the Real World

JAN 18, 2012

For the last couple of years the interwebs have been abuzz with discussion on the relative merits of NoSQL database technology, but how has it performed in real world deployments? Please join us for the second of the Gilt technical meetups to hear prominent local technology companies present on their experiences using Redis, Cassandra, MongoDB, CouchDB and Riak in production environments. The event takes place on Wednesday, February 8th at...

no title

JAN 17, 2012

My Time at Gilt

DEC 12, 2011

I arrived at 2 Park Ave on the first day of my internship not quite sure what I was getting myself into.  I had just finished my sophomore year at Dartmouth and was looking forward to my first time living in New York City.  My sophomore year was packed with computer science.  I had taken the notorious software design and algorithm design courses, I was doing research with the chair...

Gilt APIs

DEC 5, 2011

Over the next few months, Gilt will be exposing its data model via a new suite of public APIs. We’re excited to make our data available to a broader audience of hackers, and we can’t wait to see what people do with it. Our first API is a set of Atom Pub feeds, which let you see our active and upcoming sales, either en masse, or store by store. For...

movember at gilt here at gilt we care about each

NOV 28, 2011

Movember at GILT. Here at GILT we care about each other. Therefore, we (those who can) have been growing mustaches for the month of Movember. Why? To support the fight against cancer. We can all change our faces, by growing mustaches, so let’s change the results of cancer. One in two men and one in three women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, so let’s change the result...

Gilt Home Launch

OCT 25, 2011

Exotic Languages and the Web

OCT 21, 2011

Thanks to everyone that braved the rain and showed up for Gilt’s Exotic Programming Languages and the Web Tech Talk this Wednesday. We had a great turnout and some awesome speakers. The talks Scala: Nathan Hamblen, organizer of ny-scala meetups   Clojure: David Nolen, lead Developer for Shiftspace    Jean Barmash: organizer of the Groovy / Grails Meetups   Andrew Pliszka: organizer of the Erlang World Meetups    Mark Wunsch - Lead front...

Building Great Tech Teams: 12 Critical Questions

OCT 17, 2011

I recently had the pleasure of talking at First Capital’s CTO summit. I hosted an interactive discussion on team building for around 100 CTOs and VPEs of small to medium sized, venture backed technology companies. Here’s how the audience voted on 12 critical questions: #1: Should you hire specialists or generalists? (52 Votes) #2: Are job-relevant Degrees Necessary? (49 Votes) #3: What are your thoughts on remote employees? (55 Votes)...

Exotic Languages and the Web

OCT 6, 2011

Gilt Tech are hosting a series of NYC events on technology innovation. In the first of the series, “Exotic languages and the Web”, we’ll hear lightning talks on real-world uses of Scala, Clojure, Groovy, Erlang and CoffeeScript, followed by drinks and discussion. We’re hosting this on October the 19th at the Carlton Hotel on Madison Ave. These events are open to the NY tech community and we’d love to have you join us! Find out more and...

Restoring Page State with Session Storage

OCT 4, 2011

Managing the back button on the web is hard, especially remembering the previous page’s state when the back button is used. Fragment identifiers can be a solution, and there are some great plugins out there which use that method. However, there’s only one URL fragment, so identifiers need to be carefully namespaced to avoid collisions and the fragment in the URL becomes detritus that affects bookmarking, along with looking unpleasant...

Implementing Taxonomy for Better User Experiences

SEP 16, 2011

by Amy DeCicco, Taxonomist and Steve O’Brien, Sr. Software Engineer Halston, We Have a ProblemLike most rapidly growing start ups, product classification at Gilt Groupe was not fully formed at the outset. Initially, products were tagged with keywords, and those keywords were user-defined and free-form. One person’s “shoes” was another person’s “lace-ups” was another person’s “monkstraps,” and as a result it became increasingly more difficult to assess inventory by category...

Thinking Functionally - The Video

AUG 24, 2011

If you’re curious about functional programming, I’d recommend watching Dr. Venkat Subramaniam’s recent talk at Gilt HQ. “Thinking Functionally” provides an insightful and entertaining overview of functional programming techniques and assumes no previous experience in this area. Venkat does the whole presentation in TextMate, working through examples in Java, Scala and Groovy.

My Time in Gilt Tech

AUG 3, 2011

I walked into the office one morning to see my boss doing push-ups. Pictures were being taken and videos recorded. As a relatively new intern at the time, I was confused. It turned out he had answered a question with the word “mine,” breaking the only rule of the “Game of Life” at Gilt Tech. That type of thing isn’t too unusual at Gilt – its culture encourages this sort of...

Using Dependency Injection To Incorporate A/B Testing Into Your Applications

AUG 2, 2011

If you work at an e-commerce company, chances are you’ve probably come across the term “A/B testing”. We all know that it has something to do with testing out new features on users and seeing which ones are “better”. A/B testing is really the practice of comparing the effect that a feature (“treatment” in statistical terms) has on different groups of users. For instance, you might be developing a new...

Thinking Functionally

AUG 1, 2011

Gilt Tech is proud to host Thinking Functionally, a tech talk by Dr. Venkat Subramaniam. Venkat will speak at our 2 Park offices on August 18. More here. Thinking Functionally: Programmers are beginning to rediscover this powerful style of programming.  The prominence of multicore processors and the emergence of multiple languages  on the JVM is reigniting strong interest in this paradigm. In this presentation we’ll look at what functional programming is,  why...

Welcome to the Mothership

JUL 12, 2011

In the summer of 2010, our Ops team was tasked with migrating our production systems from one hosting platform to another and immediately began to take stock of the challenges presented by our tools and processes. At Gilt, we make extensive use of both Cobbler and Puppet for our provisioning and configuration management, respectively. Configuration management software like Puppet is awesome, but manually configuring nodes and maintaining the relationships between...

Gilt Technologie goes Global

JUN 21, 2011

Gilt Technologie is all about leveraging leading-edge technology to build and operate the most reliable and scalable e-commerce platform in the marketplace. However, recently, the organization took on a whole new challenge - maximize our ability to attract the very best in talent world-wide by building out a truly distributed, global engineering organization. To fulfill that goal, we’re heavily investing in our two new software development centers located in Portland, Oregon and Dublin, Ireland. Developing software...

coffee club

JUN 7, 2011

The first meeting of the Gilt Coffee Club: dedicated to improving the coffee culture in our office.

Product Recommendations at Gilt

product JUN 6, 2011

Product recommendations at Gilt work a little differently than they do at other companies.  For example, at Amazon they enjoy the benefit of having a relatively static and large inventory so they can do things like collaborative filter – where you can recommend a product based on what other people have bought or looked at. Gilt is unique because our inventory is in constant flux. The products we have one...

Gilt Tech Talks: Mike Taylor on HTML5 Web Messaging

MAY 26, 2011

Yesterday we were lucky enough to have Opera’s Mike Taylor delivering a Gilt technical talk on the HTML5 Web Messaging Specification. Mike illustrates how messaging makes communication within and between web applications possible and discusses message events and the postMessage() and MessageChannel() APIs. You can see the slides from the talk below.

Gilt Tech Talks: Java -> Scala with the Guardian's Graham Tackley

MAY 12, 2011

Graham Tackley of the was kind enough to deliver the latest in our series of technical talks. Graham discusses the Guardian’s transition from Java to Scala, highlighting both the advantages and difficulties of the migration. You can see the slides from the talk below.

Optimistic Type-casting in Objective-C

MAY 4, 2011

As developers, we often find ourselves dealing with some variant of this scenario: we’re iterating through a collection containing mixed object types, and we’re only interested in objects of a certain type. For example, let’s say we’ve got an NSArray representing desks in a classroom. Each array element corresponds to a specific physical desk, which may or may not be assigned to a student at any given time. If a...

no title

MAY 3, 2011

Warlock, the client of our charlie_sheen application at Gilt.

Managers, Stay out of the Way!

APR 25, 2011

Successful managers learn how to stay out of the way and let their teams work effectively and independently. Staying out the way doesn’t mean putting your feet up on your desk and playing Angry Birds on your iPad while your team does all the hard work. It means creating an environment where smart people feel empowered to recognize, own and solve problems. Here are some ideas to help you as a...

PuppetNYC Monthly Meetup: 13-Apr-2011

APR 15, 2011

Foreman and Change Management+VCS with PuppetJust so you know, the Systems Administration team here at Gilt is lazy.  We are constantly looking for ways to make our jobs easier, and automate everything possible.   When it comes to having to say, update a package on every server in our sizable network; we respond with, “That just sounds like a lot of work, I wonder if there is something that can do...

no title

APR 14, 2011

At CodeConf, I gave a quick lightning talk about one of the products of our recent Hackathon. It turns out, naming things is really hard (one of the two hard things in computer science). When we went to name our project, pressed for time, we went for the most topical thing we could think of at the time. Thus, charlie_sheen_service was released to production at about 1 am. charlie_sheen_service has...

no title

APR 8, 2011

Committing code at 30K feet.

Gilt Tech Divas

APR 5, 2011

So far, the blog has been focusing on all the amazing work that goes on in Gilt Technologie, but we’d like to take a moment to write about something that makes working at Gilt truly great.  The people.  Specifically, the women.  ;-) Here’s a glimpse into our fabulously diverse tech team by those of us brave enough to step up and say, “Hello world.” (Rock on Gilt Tech Divas!)Janice E....

Presentation: Building a JavaScript Module Framework at Gilt

APR 1, 2011

Slides and video from Eric Shepherd’s presentation given at Gilt HQ and at the Brooklyn JavaScript Meetup: Summary For modules to function within a large-scale system and on third-party sites, they need to be self-contained units with minimal dependencies. They also need to keep their hands off of other modules and library code. Gilt’s module framework manages multiple independent components, providing them with what they need, and only what they...

CNN Covers Our Hackathon

MAR 10, 2011

CNN stopped by Gilt HQ to cover our first Hackathon of 2011. The 24-hour hacking extravaganza produced more than a dozen ideas. Features included using your iPhone’s camera to find products that coordinate with the color of anything you point it at, to umbrella sales that activate when it starts raining near you. Read the CNN story and check out some pictures from the event.

no title

MAR 9, 2011

Yesterday Jeremy Ashkenas came by Gilt to talk about CoffeeScript, a language he’s been working on since 2009. CoffeeScript is a simple language with syntactic roots in Python and Ruby. It compiles into JavaScript and adds interesting features including array comprehensions. CoffeeScript is arguably more readable than JavaScript. Jeremy gave a great overview of CoffeeScript and who is using it. He gets into detail on the Syntax of the language and...

Five Questions You Must Ask Your PCI Auditor Before You Hire Them

MAR 4, 2011

Cautionary Tale Told By My Friend The QSA walked into the conference room, sat down and took out a thick beige folder labeled “PCI.“ She looked uneasy as she started going down the list of questions from top-to-bottom:  - “Umm okay, requirement 8.1. Identify all users with a unique user name … Do you do that?” she asked.  - “Yes, we do. However in a few cases we have to...

The Rule of 4

MAR 2, 2011

At Gilt, we’ve stumbled into something we internally call the Rule of 4:Q: How many servers should we have for this new app?A: 4Q: How many partitions should we split our inventory into?A: 4Q: How many nodes should the cart KV store run on?A: 4Why 4?One is not a good idea - building for 1 makes it hard to expand later (e.g. imagine building a service that runs on a...

no title

FEB 17, 2011

Gilt Groupe’s KIVA robots moving merchandise to and fro.

Gilt's JavaScript Templating Architecture

FEB 15, 2011

Templating is a powerful way of separating concerns on the front end. It’s a natural fit for Gilt’s platform, since much of our content comes to the front end from services that return JSON. Sometimes that JSON is rendered in JSPs with JSTL, but sometimes it’s better to render it with JavaScript.

The Friday 5@4

FEB 14, 2011

Few people would argue the importance of great communication across a development organization. It’s vital that developers are aware of the work of their peers–not only the “what,“ but also the “how” and “why.” Achieving this is easier said than done. Traditional approaches such as wiki documentation, meeting minutes, email lists and chat channels have value, but also have significant drawbacks. We’ve been experimenting with a new approach at Gilt: The...

Do you guys like bacon?

FEB 11, 2011

Asynchronous Specs

FEB 10, 2011

While working on TestSwarm, we ran into the problem that none of the JavaScript testing frameworks out there had really solved the problem of how to test asynchronous behavior without requiring the test writer to do something different from how (s)he would test non-asynchronous behavior.

The Xcode Organizer Doesn't Show Me All My Crash Logs. Help!

FEB 10, 2011

When you’re developing an iPhone or iPad application, running the app on the device is essential to understanding whether your code is working correctly. Although the iOS Simulator is very useful for testing functionality and user interface interactions, it doesn’t provide a very good simulation of the memory constraints your app will face on actual devices. As a result, applications that run fine in the simulator may be unexpectedly terminated...

Continuous Integration for JavaScript with TestSwarm

FEB 9, 2011

We like the principles of Test Driven Development (or some variation thereof). But we also have an increasingly large JavaScript library, and JavaScript testing is hard.

Tips for Optimizing iPhone/iPad Applications (Video)

FEB 8, 2011

We’ve made a number of optimizations to our iPhone/iPad codebase over the past couple of months, the effects of which can be seen in the attached video: