Presentations we love: 2017

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2017 was a year of growth and learning at HBC Tech. Our organization embraced new technologies and new ways of building application software.

As the year comes to an end, let’s recognize some notable technical presentations from 2017.

Kubernetes Project update

Kelsey Hightower (@kelseyhightower) at KubeCon 2017

Kelsey Hightower video

Production: Designing for testability

Mike Bryzek (@mbryzek) at QCon New York 2017

Mike Bryzek video

Streaming Microservices: Contracts & Compatibility

Gwen Shapira (@gwenshap) at QCon New York 2017


Spinnaker and the Culture Behind the Tech

Dianne Marsh (@dmarsh) at KubeCon 2017

Dianne Marsh video

Embracing Change without breaking the world

Jim Flanagan and Kyle Thomson at AWS re:invent 2017

AWS Embracing Change

Developing Applications on AWS in the JVM

Kyle Thomson (@kiiadi) at AWS re:invent 2017


Chaos Engineering at Netflix

Nora Jones (@nora_js) at AWS re:invent 2017

Chaos Engineering at Netflix


Sean Sullivan (@tinyrobots) at Scala Up North 2017


Managing Data in Microservices

Randy Shoup (@randyshoup) at QCon New York 2017

Randy Shoup - Managing Data

Crushing Tech Debt Through Automation at Coinbase

Rob Witoff (@rwitoff) at QCon London 2017

Rob Witoff - Tech Debt

Gilt’s iOS codebase evolution

Evan Maloney (@_emaloney_) at the Brooklyn Swift Developers Meetup


Apache Struts and the Equifax Data Breach

Sean Sullivan (@tinyrobots) at the Portland Java User Group


Promcon 2017

Giovanni Gargiulo (@giannigar) at Promcon 2017 (Munich)


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