Akka HTTP Talk with Cake Solutions

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We are thrilled to be hosting Aleksandr Ivanov of Cake Solutions on Tuesday, April 12th. He’ll be presenting an excellent talk on Akka HTTP. Who is Aleksandr? We’re glad you asked:

Aleksandr Ivanov is a senior software engineer at Cake Solutions, one of the leading European companies building Reactive Software with Scala. Scala is his main language of choice since 2011. He’s taken part in various projects, from developing backends for trivial web applications to enterprise-level reactive system and machine learning apps.

Beside engineering, he’s taking an active part in the life of the developer community, giving talks at local meetups, writing articles and helping others on the mailing list, Gitter and Stack Overflow. He’s always ready to hear and discuss interesting projects and events, share his experience or simply have a nice conversation over a drink.

Refreshments will be served!

Important: You must provide First Name & Last Name in order to enter the building.

Please RSVP!

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