Building A Better Keyboard Navigation

Jaret Stezelberger , Front End Engineer MAY 30, 2018

The simplest way to understand the importance of web accessibility is to open a web browser, put on a blindfold, and try navigating a website. Despite a small percentage of users with disabilities, their human right to navigate the internet still stands. In this post I’ll share some of my learnings from making our navigation more accessible.

Increasing Build IQ with Travis CI

Andrew Powell NOV 16, 2016

Continuous Integration is a must these days. And for social, open source projects it’s crucial. Our tool of choice for automated testing is Travis CI. Like most tools, Travis does what it does well. Unfortunately it’s not very “smart”. Heaven help you if you have a large or modular project with a multitude of tests - you’ll be waiting an eternity between builds.

Linting NPM Version Conflicts

Andrew Powell NOV 9, 2016

Say you had the need for shared front-end assets (scripts, stylesheets, images, etc.) and a need for an entire org to access them, independently, for reliable builds of many different apps which used those assets. NPM might be a good choice - With NPM’s move to a flat-ish install tree, it’s still a relevant choice. But what about package version conflicts?

Running with Scissors: Koa2 and Vue.js

Andrew Powell NOV 4, 2016

We love Koa at Gilt. (Hell, I love Koa.) Embarking on a new project, I wanted to try something that wasn’t React or Angular. After poking at the alternatives I landed on Vue.js. I picked up the sharpest pair of scissors I could find and started running.

Front End Engineering Lightning Talks with HBC Digital

HBC Tech MAR 24, 2016

Join us for an evening of lightning talks by 4 of HBC Digital’s Front End Engineers and an introduction by Steve Jacobs, SVP, Digital Technology and Demand Marketing.

OSX, Docker, NFS and packet filter firewall

Andrey Kartashov MAR 10, 2016

The Mobile Services team at Gilt uses Docker to both build and run software. In addition to the usual Docker benefits for software deployments moving toolchains to Docker has a few advantages:

gulp-scan • Find Yourself Some Strings

Andrew Powell FEB 15, 2016

We recently ran across the need to simply scan a file for a particular term during one of our build processes. Surpringly enough, we didn’t find a Gulp plugin that performed only that one simple task. And so gulp-scan was born and now resides on

Private NPM Modules: A Song of Fire and Ice

Andrew Powell AUG 3, 2015

Grab a coffee or pop and a snack, this is a read.

Introducing Gumshoe

Andrew Powell JUN 16, 2015

An analytics and event tracking sleuth.

UBAR: Open-Source-First Front End Effort

Gregory Mazurek APR 8, 2015

At Gilt, our open-source contributions generally come in the form of tools that we use internally that we think have value to the rest of the tech community. But like most other companies, we have internal systems that are very specific to Gilt. This makes open-source contributions tricky because our potential projects and tools are so tightly coupled to our systems. We wanted to bridge this gap and decided to...