CloudFormation Nanoservice

Ryan Martin MAY 19, 2017

One of the big HBC Digital initiatives for 2017 is “buy online, pickup in store” - somewhat awkwardly nicknamed “BOPIS” internally. This is the option for the customer to, instead of shipping an order to an address, pick it up in a store that has the items in inventory.

Sundial PagerDuty Integration

Giovanni Gargiulo , Staff Engineer FEB 6, 2017


Keeping an Extra Eye on Your Stack with CloudWatch Events

Emerson Loureiro JAN 25, 2017

Why an Extra Eye?

Breaking the Mold: Megaservice Architecture at Gilt

Adrian Trenaman , SVP Engineering APR 1, 2016

Today we announce a novel approach to software and system architecture that we’ve been experimenting with for the last while at Gilt: internally, we’ve been referring to it ‘mega-service’ architecture, and, the name seems to have stuck. We’re pretty excited about it, as it represents a real paradigm shift for us.

Codedeploy Notifications as a Service

Emerson Loureiro FEB 10, 2016

After moving our software stack to AWS, some of us here at Gilt have started deploying our services to production using AWS’s Codedeploy. Before that, in a not-so-distant past, we used an in-house tool for deployments - IonCannon. One of the things IonCannon provided were deployment notifications. In particular, it would:

ION-Roller - Immutable software deployment service for AWS

Natalia Bartol SEP 16, 2015

Gilt has been at the forefront of the wave of microservice architecture. With the advantage of many individual services that do one thing well comes increased complexity of service management.