How to Deal With Time Zones in Database and Distributed Systems

Daniel Kirby APR 19, 2019

Time zones can be one of the hardest and most confusing sources of technical issues in modern software systems. In this article we’re going to go through some common rules of thumb for dealing with datetimes when architecting those systems.

Email: from macro-service to micro-service

Kinshuk Varshney SEP 24, 2018

Email Engineering recently migrated all transactional emails to CNS v2. This was a slow migration as CNS v1, although, referred to as a micro service was anything but one! We inherited CNS v1 towards the end of last year and started migration to CNS v2 in the beginning of this year. In doing so, we followed what could be labeled as a flavor of Strangler pattern. In this blog, I...

Brand Alerts V2: Breaking Down a Monolith with AWS

Kinshuk Varshney APR 2, 2018

Recently, team T-Rex worked on the re-architecture of the Brand Alerts back end system, a project which we named Brand Alerts V2. In this blog, I share our new architecture detailing some of the new AWS powered components.

New open source project: scala-fedex

Ryan Caloras AUG 21, 2016