December Meetups at HBC Digital

events John Coghlan DEC 7, 2016

We’re closing out 2016 with two more meetups at our offices in Brookfied Place.

Increasing Build IQ with Travis CI

front end Andrew Powell NOV 16, 2016

Continuous Integration is a must these days. And for social, open source projects it’s crucial. Our tool of choice for automated testing is Travis CI. Like most tools, Travis does what it does well. Unfortunately it’s not very “smart”. Heaven help you if you have a large or modular project with a multitude of tests - you’ll be waiting an eternity between builds.

Linting NPM Version Conflicts

front end Andrew Powell NOV 9, 2016

Say you had the need for shared front-end assets (scripts, stylesheets, images, etc.) and a need for an entire org to access them, independently, for reliable builds of many different apps which used those assets. NPM might be a good choice - With NPM’s move to a flat-ish install tree, it’s still a relevant choice. But what about package version conflicts?

Running with Scissors: Koa2 and Vue.js

front end Andrew Powell NOV 4, 2016

We love Koa at Gilt. (Hell, I love Koa.) Embarking on a new project, I wanted to try something that wasn’t React or Angular. After poking at the alternatives I landed on Vue.js. I picked up the sharpest pair of scissors I could find and started running.

Watch Gilt's QCon New York talks

events John Coghlan OCT 24, 2016

Where to find our team in October

events John Coghlan OCT 7, 2016

Here’s where to find Gilt and HBC Digital this month:

iOS Custom Gesture Recognizer

mobile Paul Lee SEP 26, 2016

Developing New Product Photo Gallery As part of our Mobile team’s ongoing effort to introduce more Swift-based pages in the iOS app, I recently started working on a full screen gallery feature on our Product Detail Page (PDP). The feature is similar to the typical full screen photo gallery users will recognize from many other apps, including Apple’s Photo app and e-commerce applications featuring full screen view of product images....

New Gilt HQ

culture John Coghlan AUG 29, 2016

The New Gilt HQ

New open source project: scala-fedex

back end Ryan Caloras AUG 21, 2016

Rookie Summer

culture Team Rookie AUG 12, 2016

The Summer Internship #TeamRookie

How to convert fully connected layers into equivalent convolutional ones

data science Pau Carré Cardona MAY 18, 2016

The Problem

Akka HTTP Talk with Cake Solutions

events HBC Tech APR 7, 2016

We are thrilled to be hosting Aleksandr Ivanov of Cake Solutions on Tuesday, April 12th. He’ll be presenting an excellent talk on Akka HTTP. Who is Aleksandr? We’re glad you asked:

Urgency vs. Panic

product Hilah Almog APR 6, 2016

Urgency vs. Panic

Breaking the Mold: Megaservice Architecture at Gilt

infrastructure Adrian Trenaman , SVP Engineering APR 1, 2016

Today we announce a novel approach to software and system architecture that we’ve been experimenting with for the last while at Gilt: internally, we’ve been referring to it ‘mega-service’ architecture, and, the name seems to have stuck. We’re pretty excited about it, as it represents a real paradigm shift for us.

Front End Engineering Lightning Talks with HBC Digital

front end HBC Tech MAR 24, 2016

Join us for an evening of lightning talks by 4 of HBC Digital’s Front End Engineers and an introduction by Steve Jacobs, SVP, Digital Technology and Demand Marketing.

OSX, Docker, NFS and packet filter firewall

front end Andrey Kartashov MAR 10, 2016

The Mobile Services team at Gilt uses Docker to both build and run software. In addition to the usual Docker benefits for software deployments moving toolchains to Docker has a few advantages:

gulp-scan • Find Yourself Some Strings

front end Andrew Powell FEB 15, 2016

We recently ran across the need to simply scan a file for a particular term during one of our build processes. Surpringly enough, we didn’t find a Gulp plugin that performed only that one simple task. And so gulp-scan was born and now resides on

Codedeploy Notifications as a Service

infrastructure Emerson Loureiro FEB 10, 2016

After moving our software stack to AWS, some of us here at Gilt have started deploying our services to production using AWS’s Codedeploy. Before that, in a not-so-distant past, we used an in-house tool for deployments - IonCannon. One of the things IonCannon provided were deployment notifications. In particular, it would:

Using tvOS, the Focus Engine & Swift to build Apple TV apps

mobile Evan Maloney OCT 13, 2015

At the Apple product launch event in September, Gilt demonstrated its upcoming “Gilt on TV” app for the Apple TV. (If you missed the demo and would like to see it, Apple has the video available on their website. Eddy Cue’s introduction of Gilt begins at the 74:20 mark.)

ION-Roller - Immutable software deployment service for AWS

infrastructure Natalia Bartol SEP 16, 2015

Gilt has been at the forefront of the wave of microservice architecture. With the advantage of many individual services that do one thing well comes increased complexity of service management.

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