Perfect Overnight Cold Brew

culture JAN 25, 2017

When Gilt’s Mobile team worked at 1 Madison Avenue, my morning coffee ritual involved getting a large black iced coffee from myWayCup as I exited the 6 train at 23rd Street. What they served at myWayCup—a private-label version of Intelligentsia Coffee’s House Blend—was so good that I switched to iced coffee year-round—even through brutal New York winters—a trait that often earned me quizzical looks when ordering my preferred drink during...

Using tvOS, the Focus Engine & Swift to build Apple TV apps

mobile OCT 13, 2015

At the Apple product launch event in September, Gilt demonstrated its upcoming “Gilt on TV” app for the Apple TV. (If you missed the demo and would like to see it, Apple has the video available on their website. Eddy Cue’s introduction of Gilt begins at the 74:20 mark.)

Java has log4j...Objective-C has CocoaLumberjack...and now Swift has CleanroomLogger

mobile MAY 8, 2015

Gilt Tech is proud to announce the release of CleanroomLogger 1.0, an open-source logging API for iOS.

An update on Gilt’s iOS open-source awesomeness

mobile MAR 16, 2015

Gilt’s Mockingbird open-source project for iOS was recently recognized by the popular Awesome iOS page, which maintains “a curated list of awesome iOS frameworks, libraries, tutorials, plugins Xcode, components and much more.”