Dublin Scala Spree

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This Friday the HBC Tech Dublin office will be hosting the first ever Dublin Scala Spree, a day-long Scala Open Source Hackathon. The event is organized by the Dublin Scala Usergroup in cooperation with Dublin Functional Kubs and the Scala Center at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland.

  • Date & Time: Friday, 15th September, 10am - 4pm
  • Location: HBC Tech Office, Shelbourne Rd., Dublin 4, Ireland
  • Sign-Up: Please register for the event via the Dublin Scala Users Group
  • Organizers: Dublin Scala Meetup and Dublin Functional Kubs in cooperation with the Scala Center @ EPFL in Lausanne

What is a Scala Spree?

Scala Spree is a free community event aiming to popularize Open Source Software. It brings together Open Source authors, maintainers and software engineers willing to contribute to OSS projects. Under the guidance of seasoned experts, newcomers learn about the inner working of some popular tools and Scala libraries, and contribute to make them even better. For library authors, it’s an opportunity to improve their tools and get fresh feedback. For attendees it is a unique opportunity to lean more about Scala, contribute to Open Source Software and expand their skills. And for everyone it’s a great opportunity to meet and have fun!

For this week’s Spree we have the following special guests and their OSS projects:

If you have a Scala open source project that you would like to feature at the Spree, please get in touch with the Dublin Scala Users Group organizers.

Like all Dublin Scala Community events, Scala Spree is free of charge and the only real requirement is an open mind and the will to contribute! – Apart from bringing your own computer to use, but chances are you figured that out already.

Duration and pace

To begin with, maintainers gather together in front of all the contributors to briefly explain their projects and tickets in one minute. The idea is to give a good high-level explanation to motivate participants without going into too much detail. When they are done, participants approach the projects they are most interested in and get it contact with the maintainers. At this point, maintainers usually listen to the participants’ experience and provide personal guidance on tickets that would suit them. Then, the fun begins! Participants start hacking on their projects and maintainers review PRs as they come, assisting participants when they ask for help. We encourage maintainers to merge as many PRs as possible in the place, for two reasons: Participants get a small token of appreciation from the Scala Center. It increases the motivation of the participants. If participants get the first PR merged, they are invited to continue solving issues until they are happy with their work! At the middle of the spree, we will provide free lunch and refreshments. Participants can leave the event at any time they want. When the time approaches the end, everyone starts to wrap up: participants finish their PRs while maintainers finish their reviews, and organizers of the spree give away swag.

Places will be strictly limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Registration through the Dublin Scala Users Group is required and only successfull RSVPs can attend.

Gregor Heine