Gilt Gets Uncubed

HBC Tech SEP 30, 2014

Last Friday a video crew from Uncubed trekked to our NYC office to shoot a suite of three one-hour learning sessions with Gilt Special Operations Lead Software Engineer Gregory Mazurek and Principal Data Scientist Igor Elbert. Here’s a snapshot of one of the afternoon’s Hollywood-y moments. Greg and Igor’s video presentations go public this Friday–we’re excited to see the results! Thanks to the Uncubed team for inviting us to be...

Gilt to Present at This Week's Interop Expo

HBC Tech SEP 29, 2014

Starting today (September 29), New York City’s Jacob Javits Convention Center hosts Interop: a full week of keynotes, workshops, panels and talks by leading lights in the tech community. Late Night host Seth Meyers adds a touch of star power with his keynote address Wednesday, Oct. 1 at 9 AM–one of nine keynotes to take place through October 4. We’re more excited about the keynote to be given by Gilt...

Hacking HipChat for Foosball Fun

HBC Tech SEP 26, 2014

The #gilttech team in Dublin has created a bot to organize and oversee intra-office foosball matches. How’s that for a HipChat hack?!

Thanks for the Cupcakes, Facebook!

HBC Tech SEP 26, 2014

Facebook ads have driven more than one million downloads of Gilt’s award-winning apps–and to celebrate this milestone, Facebook sent us these lovely treats from Eleni’s! The SW corner cake expresses our sentiments exactly.

Gilt and Preemptive Shipping: A Q&A with Our Chief Data Scientist

HBC Tech SEP 25, 2014

The Gilt tech team doesn’t need an in-house psychic to help us predict which customers will buy products we’ve never sold before. Instead, we rely on the data wizardry performed by our Principal Data Scientist, Igor Elbert, who has been helping us to refine our product performance predictions (say that three times fast) by using various machine learning and predictive modeling techniques. Recently spoke to Igor about his ongoing...

Slideshows and Photos from Last Night's Dublin Scala UG at Gilt!

HBC Tech SEP 24, 2014

The first meetup at Gilt’s new office of the Dublin Scala Users Group  featured two great talks, a lively crowd of engineers, and our brand-new, brightly colored ComfyChairs (not trademarked)! For all of you who couldn’t make it, here are the slides from Citi Lead Mobile Architect Aman Kohli and Citi Software Engineer Kevin Yu Wei Xia’s talk, “Happy Performance Testing–DSLing Your System with Gatling”: And here’s Gilt Senior Software...

Five Things You Need to Know About Hammer.js 2.0

HBC Tech SEP 23, 2014

Hammer.js is a JavaScript library that makes touch events easier to identify, handle and manipulate. Recently, Hammer.js was upgraded from 1.1.3 to 2.0 and the API was drastically changed. If you’re using Hammer.js 1.x at work or for fun, interested in Hammer.js, or intrigued by touch events in general (but haven’t actually used them), this article is meant for you! The Gilt team uses Hammer.js in many of our carousels...

Gilt Goes to Nodeland: A Recap of

HBC Tech SEP 22, 2014

More than 150 Node.js aficionados on the grounds of a 15th-century castle, on an island resort in County Waterford, Ireland. Throw in two Node.js neophytes from Gilt’s engineering team in Dublin (my colleague, Nick Rogers, and myself), and what do you get? You get NodeConfEU: A lively conference for developers, spread over five days, featuring fun, sun, some great talks and interesting workshops. Check out the ultra-modern conference venue! There...

Gilt Presents at This Weekend's Droidcon NYC!

HBC Tech SEP 19, 2014

Gilt Senior Software Engineer Kevin Schultz represents for our mobile team in a big way this weekend, when he takes the stage at the first-ever Droidcon NYC conference for Android developers. Kevin will present at 5:10 PM tomorrow (Saturday, Sept. 20) on “Building Maintainable Android Applications”–focusing on Android-specific architecture, testing patterns, best practices, and tools to help teams build large-scale apps successfully. Droidcon takes place tomorrow and Sunday at the...

Upcoming at Gilt: "What Constitutes a Reactive Application?"

HBC Tech SEP 19, 2014

Gilt’s NYC office hosts our first tech meetup of autumn 2014! On Wednesday, Sept. 24, Henrik Engström of Typesafe will present “What Constitutes a Reactive Application?”–a presentation on Typesafe Activator and the four traits that constitute a reactive application. Henrik will demonstrate, in code, how we use an reactive approach when building Typesafe Activator with Play and Akka. The emphasis will be on how Play is utilized, but there will...

Gilt Participates in This Weekend's "Code the Deal" Hackathon

HBC Tech SEP 19, 2014


Gilt's Heather Fleming Is a "Woman Who Rocks"!

HBC Tech SEP 18, 2014

Fresh from her presentation (along with Gilt Director of Program Management Justin Riservato; together they are “Flemivato”) at this year’s Atlassian Summit in San Francisco, Gilt Senior Director, PMO Heather Fleming is featured in Ispossible in Tech’s “Women Who Rock” video montage. Ispossible aims to increase the number of women leaders in tech. Check out Twitter and look up the hashtags #GLOBALWOMENINTECH #ISPOSSIBLEINTECH and  #ISPOSSIBLEWWR to learn more about their...

Learn about Gatling and CAVE at the Next Dublin Scala Users Group Meetup

HBC Tech SEP 18, 2014

The Gilt team is excited to host the next Dublin Scala Users Group event at our awesome new office in Dublin 4! Here’s what is on the menu: Happy Performance Testing–DSLing Your System with Gatling: In this talk, Citi Lead Mobile Architect Aman Kohli and Citi Software Engineer Kevin Yu Wei Xia will present their experiences using Gatling, a load-testing framework written in Scala. The power of Gatling is the...

"Dream, Girl" Documentarian Visits With Gilt's Tech Women

HBC Tech SEP 16, 2014

Last week the women of #gilttech invited New York City-based documentary filmmaker Erin Bagwell (center) over to Gilt’s Manhattan office for snacks, bevs and an informal chat. Erin’s latest project is Dream, Girl: a documentary that tells the stories of women entrepreneurs. Watch a clip right here: Erin just raised more than $100,000 to finish Dream, Girl. That’s nearly twice as much as she’d originally sought–a fact that indicates the...

Gilt Participates in Today's Droidcon NYC Hangout/Q&A

HBC Tech SEP 16, 2014

Gilt Senior Software Engineer Kevin Schultz is one of the featured speakers at the first-ever Droidcon NYC, taking place this weekend (Sept. 20-21, 2014) for the edification and personal enrichment of Android devs in NYC and beyond. Today (Sept. 16, 2014) at 12:30 PM EST, Kevin and others will be available to answer all of your Android-related development questions at this Droidcon-related Hangout/teaser. Another Kevin–Kevin Galligan of Touch Labs–will moderate!...

Gilt Web Design Joins #gilttech

HBC Tech SEP 12, 2014

Here’s Gilt CIO Steve Jacobs pouring a glass of wine to celebrate the merger of Gilt’s Web Design team with the greater #gilttech family. The party was our last big bash before our entire team moved from the fifth floor down to the fourth. Cheese, crackers and other goodies tied us over till dinnertime: Bringing Design under the tech umbrella enables us to move even faster and more cohesively as...

Gilt Featured at Brand Innovators Fashion Week

HBC Tech SEP 11, 2014

Profit & Purpose: A Chat With Author Kyle Westaway

HBC Tech SEP 9, 2014

New Gilt Hires Get a Crash Course in Scala

HBC Tech SEP 8, 2014

Here’s Gilt Principal Software Engineer/Crafter O'Beers/Seasoned Instructor Gregor Heine leading one of his world-famous Scala trainings for our newer hires. (First Scala training in our schmancy new office!) Joining him as co-pilot for the first time is Gilt Senior Software Engineer Gary Coady, an expert in his own right. This class was Gilt-only, but we’re working on future installments for the public. Check back here for announcements!

Join Gilt in Supporting Net Neutrality on September 10

HBC Tech SEP 8, 2014

Would you enjoy using the Internet more if it were slower? Of course not! But a slower Internet could become the reality for many of us, under rule changes proposed by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission. The FCC’s proposed guidelines would effectively divide the Internet into a “fast lane” for companies that can afford to pay for better connectivity, and a “slow lane” for everyone else. “Net Neutrality”–the idea that...

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