Bloomberg Covers Gilt's Singles' Day Relaunch in China

HBC Tech NOV 12, 2014

A Synthetic Monitoring Case Study

HBC Tech NOV 11, 2014

Client-side web application monitoring comes in two main flavors. Real User Monitoring, or RUM, uses an agent that runs within each web page and reports on the page load data for every request. Typically, the browser’s performance timing API data is used. Gilt uses New Relic for RUM, and it provides a good overview of the application ecosystem. In the old forest/tree metaphor, it’s the forest. Synthetic monitoring does not...

Korean Startups Visit Gilt

HBC Tech NOV 11, 2014

Gilt recently had the incredible honor of hosting a delegation of representatives from the Korean tech community. Our visitors were spending time in NYC and Silicon Valley through an accelerator program sponsored by Google, and included representatives from these startups: Genoplan (health and lifestyle) Snapshop (ecommerce) Fivethirty (reinventing origami) Notivo (information-tracking) ChocoPepper (mobile game broadcasting) Promisope (social networking for caregivers) After taking a quick tour of our office, the group...

Betting on China: Gilt's Relaunch into the World's Largest Luxury Market

HBC Tech NOV 10, 2014

It’s no secret that China is an enormous market with significant potential for luxury retailers. It’s also no secret that operating in China is a riskier and more complex endeavor than operating in traditional western markets, which is why many retailers–including Nieman Marcus and eBay–haven’t fully figured out how to truly compete there yet. Taking a nuanced, intentional, and planned approach to entering China is essential. It is with such...

New in Gilt Open Source: A Performance Timing Google Chrome Extension

HBC Tech NOV 7, 2014

At Gilt, we are obsessed with our site’s performance. We use a variety of tools and design patterns to make sure our user experience is as fast as possible. In addition, our Web Performance team–Senior Software Engineer Eric Shepherd and me (Gregory Mazurek, Lead Software Engineer)–is committed to creating internal tools that can help our engineers, designers, and product people create great experiences for our users. Today we launched an...

Tune in to Typesafe's Webinar with Gilt on November 12!

HBC Tech NOV 7, 2014

Fresh off his victory with Team Scalasaurus, Gilt Senior Software Engineer Michael Reed takes to the Typesafe webinar e-stage on Wednesday, November 12, when he presents a talk on “Responsive Tools and Pushy Actors.” Michael will talk about how Gilt uses Akka to scale our push notification infrastructure. He’ll also discuss how Akka faciliates scaling of our customer email and order aggregation systems in the context of our micro-services architecture,...

Team Scalasaurus FTW!

HBC Tech NOV 7, 2014

Team Scalasaurus–five members of the Gilt Tech team–won first place at the New York Times’s first-ever TimesOpen Team Trivia Night: a tech-themed battle-of-the-developer-minds that took place Wednesday evening at Times HQ. HUZZAH! Team Scalasaurus included Michael Reed (Senior Software Engineer, Back Office), Jim Englert (Lead Software Engineer, Push/Email), Kyle Dorman (Software Engineer, Special Operations), Kevin Li (Software Engineer, Loyalty), and me, software engineering intern Helena Wu (Global). We played against...

Watch "The Agile PMO" (Video)

HBC Tech NOV 7, 2014

We’ve shared the slides, now watch the video! Here are Gilt Senior Director, Program Management Office (PMO) Heather Fleming and Director of Program Management Justin Riservato presenting their talk “Beyond the Crystal Ball: The Agile PMO” at the recent (and prestigious) Atlassian Summit in San Francisco. Learn all about the Triangle of Truth, the Cone of Uncertainty and SWAG!

HP's Sridhar Solur Shares His Top Five Secrets to Building Great Wearables

HBC Tech NOV 5, 2014

InformationWeek Writes About Gilt Tech Evangelism

HBC Tech NOV 5, 2014

The IT publication InformationWeek recently spoke to me about what “tech evangelism” means at Gilt. An excerpt from “The IT Talent Shortage Debate,” written by IW Editor-in-Chief Laurianne McLaughlin: … Gilt offers day-long courses on hot skills such as Scala and Hadoop, taught by experts, and has tech gurus such as former Netflix cloud architect Adrian Cockcroft come in to speak. Gilt invites the local tech community to attend and...

Product Launch: Today's Best Sellers

HBC Tech NOV 4, 2014

“Today’s Best Sellers” is a brand-new Gilt feature that shows our millions of users the day’s most popular products. While the concept of “what’s trending” isn’t new in the retail world, it represents a new way for us to engage our audience by diverging from (while complementing) our traditional, sale-based model. Our sale-based model emphasizes telling stories about our wonderful brands to our customers and the products associated with those...

Mobile Design at Gilt: See the Slides

HBC Tech NOV 4, 2014

Mobile Design at Gilt from David Park Last night Gilt Senior UX Designer David Park and Senior Interactive Designer Christopher Barr presented on “Mobile Design at Gilt” to a packed audience at NYU. Check out their slides above, and let us know if you have any feedback by emailing us at!

Gilt Participates in Tech@NYU Startup Week

HBC Tech NOV 3, 2014

Tech@NYU is a week-long celebration of entrepreneurship, design and technology for the NYC tech community–a diverse and lively festival where you can learn how to build apps, code in CSS, start your own company, and much more. Gilt is proud to have technologists speak at two of the week’s events: Tonight at 7:30 PM, Senior UX Designer David Park and Senior Interactive Designer Christopher Barr headline “Mobile Design at Gilt”–a...

Video of "Scaling Gilt: from Monolithic Ruby App to Distributed Scala Micro-Services"

HBC Tech OCT 31, 2014

More than 150 software engineers came to watch Gilt Lead Software Engineer Yoni Goldberg debut his “Scaling Gilt” talk in January 2014. More than 11,400 people have checked out the slides from Yoni’s presentation. Many more developers caught him give the talk at LambdaConf. And now you can watch video of Yoni delivering the most recent version of his super-popular presentation here on InfoQ’s website. The video dates to Yoni’s...

Zero Room to Move at Our "RWD @ Gilt" Meetup (Slideshow)

HBC Tech OCT 31, 2014

Here’s a shot of our standing-room-only crowd (until we retrieved a few dozen more chairs from around the office, that is) from our Responsive Web Design meetup earlier this week. Gilt Special Operations team Gregory Mazurek (lead software engineer/vocals) and Kyle Dorman (software engineer/lead guitar) and Jose Sanchez (software engineer/drums) told the crowd of software engineers, creative directors, UX designers and other folks about how we made responsive to...

Happy Gregorween!

HBC Tech OCT 31, 2014

The #gilttech team enjoys having fun in unusual ways, so this week our Dublin and NYC offices jointly “disrupted” Halloween by holding our first-ever Gregorween party. Gregorween honored Principal Software Engineer Gregor Heine (Dublin), Special Operations Lead Software Engineer Greg Mazurek (NYC), and Software Engineer Greg Perez (NYC). Each Greg has his own style to emulate–and emulate we did! Here’s our Dublin office: And: Counted: Four Gregor Heines Three Greg...

stilettos by state a gilt infographic while

HBC Tech OCT 29, 2014

Stilettos by State: a Gilt Infographic While working on our headlines-making preemptive shipping initiative, Gilt Principal Data Scientist Igor Elbert got a bit curious about whether certain fashion preferences might be regional or universal (or not). He and Gilt Data Analyst Debbie Chung had some hunches about how favorite styles, colors, etc. might differ around the U.S. and Puerto Rico and, like any good data sleuths, started exploring. First, they...

Rules for Best Practice Email Design: Playing Nice in the Inbox

HBC Tech OCT 29, 2014

In her fourth column for Sitepoint, Gilt Email Engineer Lauren Ribando shows us how to fix bugs–from unwanted whitespace to extra borders–that she’s personally encountered while coding Gilt’s daily emails. Go here to read the full article, then click here to review all the titles in Lauren’s series.

Gilt Presents Tonight at MeetMe

HBC Tech OCT 28, 2014

Gilt Principal Engineer Michael Hansen travels to New Hope, PA tonight to talk about how Gilt manages real-time (or near real-time) data capturing with Kafka, Avro and HDFS. New Hope is the hometown of MeetMe, “the leading social network for meeting new people in the US and the public market leader for social discovery.” Michael’s a guest of Bucks County Tech, a meetup group for developers. RSVP here to attend!...

Code the Deal (and Watch the Video)

HBC Tech OCT 27, 2014

What happens when you combine law and software engineering? One answer: last month’s Code the Deal hackathon, organized by the New York chapter of Legal Hackers and supported by the law firm Nixon Peabody LLP! Check out this short recap video to learn more about the hackathon, which Gilt supported via on-the-ground mentorship and post-hacking panel-discussing.

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