Gilt - QCon London 2015

Lead Engineer, Yoni Goldberg will be presenting today at QCon London 2015! His talk, “Building A Modern Microservices Architecture: The Essentials”, builds from his past talk Scalaing Gilt.

Tech All-Stars Panel at Brooklyn Tech Triangle U

Senior Director, PMO Heather Fleming was one of the Tech All-Stars at the Keynote for Tech Triangle U.  The panel included Scott Cohen: New Lab Co-Founder, Choire Sicha: The Awl Co-Founder, Laura Smith: Amplify VP, Prof. Services, Insight and Manoush Zomorodi: WNYC’S New Tech City’s Host did an amazing job moderating the event.The main theme was on how tech is used to enhance “traditional” industries like education, fashion, manufacturing, and...

Webinar - Stop "Going Agile"!

agile HBC Tech MAR 3, 2015

The recording of Heather Fleming and Justin Riservato’s webinar, “Stop ‘Going Agile’! The three conversations you need to have before you start” is now up!They’ll be having another live Q&A session at today at 2pm Eastern, 11am Pacific.  Register now!

Stop "Going Agile"!

agile HBC Tech MAR 2, 2015

Senior Director, PMO Heather Fleming and Director, Program Management Justin Riservato will be sharing their thoughts on the best approaches to “Go Agile” in their upcoming Atlassian webinar.This webinar will be followed by a live Q&A session with Heather and Justin and hosted in three timezones.  For more about how Gilt’s PMO works with Atlassian to get things done, check out our Customer Case Study on JIRA Agile!

Inaugural Micro-Services Dublin Meetup - Lots of Small Things

conferences Ade Trenaman FEB 26, 2015

ade-trenaman:Huge thanks for the kind folk of NearForm and Engine Yard Dublin for hosting the inaugural Micro-Services Dublin meet-up yesterday. I took the opportunity to build on earlier work from Yoni Goldberg and my colleagues in Dublin on how Gilt has adopted micro-services in the last two years: the micro-services architecture and philosophy has solved some hard problems for us, but has created new and fun challenges and it was great to share...

DSUG Scala Meetup @ Gilt Dublin - Scaldi, Type Classes, DI and more...

HBC Tech FEB 12, 2015

ade-trenaman:Our thanks to all in the Dublin Scala User Group who attended the DSUG meet-up in our still shiny new Gilt office in Ballsbridge. Gilt’s own Ugo Matrangolo artfully dismantled the Cake Pattern in Scala, and proposed an alternative approach to dependency injection using the Scaldi framework (slides below). Julien Sirocchi from Workday also did a great presentation on ‘All You Don’t Need to Know About Type Classes’. Cameos from...

Gilt releases Mockingbird Data Environment open-source project for iOS

HBC Tech FEB 4, 2015

For more than 5 years, Gilt’s Mobile team has been developing and using a platform that lets its iOS applications adapt to server-side changes long after they’ve been released.

Docker Classes in Dublin by DemonWare

HBC Tech JAN 29, 2015

Yesterday and today, Gilt’s tech team in Dublin hosted free, all-day Docker bootcamps taught by the generous folks at DemonWare. DemonWare’s instructors covered all the essential Docker basics, from listing images to caching, and did a fantastic job doing it. Several Gilt engineers joined technologists from other companies in Dublin in taking advantage of this helpful Docker primer. Thanks, DemonWare!

Five Tools Every Business Systems Analyst Should Use

HBC Tech JAN 27, 2015

Gilt Senior Manager, Business Systems Patrick Richardson shares some of his favorite tools for getting things done. Add these to your own toolbox, then send us your feedback on what works for you. We’re always looking for ways to improve, so your experiences matter to us!The mission of Gilt’s Business Systems Management team is to guide the process of matching technology and process solutions to business needs, so that the...

New Gilt Product Feature: “Fit Predictor”

HBC Tech JAN 27, 2015

Based on the feedback we receive from Gilt customers, we know that fit and sizing varies greatly between brands–which can make finding the right size very challenging. We always want our customers to feel great about their purchases and confident that an item will fit. With this in mind, we are excited to announce the launch of Fit Predictor: a new technology from our partners at Secret Sauce. With Fit...

Announcing: The Next Dublin Scala Users Group Meetup

HBC Tech JAN 26, 2015

For our first Dublin Scala Users Group meetup of 2015, we’ll have two great technical talks, hot pizza, cold beverages, and, as always, our comfy-n-colorful beanbags (go here to view them). Our speakers for the night: Gilt Principal Software Engineer Ugo Matrangolo will discuss the implementation of the Dependency Injection pattern in Scala, and will try to offer an honest (although opinionated) view of what works and what doesn’t with...

"It Takes More Than Great Algorithms to Make Personalization Work": Gilt on VentureBeat

HBC Tech JAN 23, 2015

Scala, Futures and "Lazy" Vals

HBC Tech JAN 22, 2015

Image via H. Michael Karshis. When implementing “lazy val” class variables in Scala 2.10, keep in mind that lazy vals hide some plain-old synchronized block behind a nice-looking syntax. At Gilt, more and more of our stuff is Future-based, and increasingly more of it executes in Scala’s shared ForkJoinPool under the assumption that it “behaves.” Sometimes these worlds collide, however, and “lazy val”-guarded calls (which are synchronized blocks in disguise)...

"Practical Performance Monitoring": Gilt Presents at NY Front End Coders

HBC Tech JAN 22, 2015

If performance issues are making you feel like King Kong–i.e., disgruntled and prone to going on a rampage–then head on over to the Empire State Building next Wednesday and get some relief. Gilt Lead Software Engineer Gregory Mazurek will appear at the next New York Front End Coders meetup to explain how Gilt analyzes web performance using RUM and synthetic monitoring as well as the W3C Performance Timing API. He’ll...

I Can't Get No Satisfaction: Ramblings on the First Agile Principle

HBC Tech JAN 20, 2015

Video: "Why Engineers Should Work with the ‘Dark Side’ of Tech"

HBC Tech JAN 20, 2015

On Thursday, Gilt’s Director of Program Management Justin Riservato, Director of Product Andrew Chen, Senior Business Systems Manager Susan Thomas, and Senior Program Manager Myron Miller presented “Get Stuff Done Faster: Why Engineers Should Work with the ‘Dark Side’ of Tech. They shared the differences between program managers, business analysts and product managers, and demonstrated how they make Gilt engineers’ work lives easier and more fulfilling. Watch the video above...

Vote for Gilt in the DeveloperWeek Awards!

HBC Tech JAN 9, 2015

Dear Supporters of Gilt Open Source, We could use a bit of your help! One of our biggest open source projects, apidoc, is in the running for a 2015 DeveloperWeek Award–and we only found out about it today. We have until just January 15 to collect votes. Not to boast, but we think apidoc is a great project: If you’re a developer, you can use apidoc to create beautiful documentation...

An Open Source AWS Leader Election Library Built in Akka

HBC Tech JAN 7, 2015

Recently I needed a scheduled job inside one of my distributed services: an open-source Play application with at least two instances running on EC2, using an auto-scaling group to spin up new instances as needed. I needed to send reminder emails to a subset of the team management services’ users every ‘x’ amount of days. The solution that best suited my needs in this situation was a leader-elected task.  In...

RSVP for “Get Stuff Done Faster: Why Engineers Should Work with the ‘Dark Side’ of Tech"

HBC Tech JAN 6, 2015

Our first tech meetup of 2015 is all about making engineers’ lives better. On Thursday, January 15, Gilt Director of Program Management Justin Riservato, Director of Product Andrew Chen, Senior Business Systems Manager Susan Thomas, and Senior Program Manager Myron Miller will present “Get Stuff Done Faster: Why Engineers Should Work with the “Dark Side” of Tech- a talk that focuses on the difference between Program Managers, Business Analysts and...

Some Quick Tips for Using Scala Futures

HBC Tech JAN 5, 2015

The Gilt engineering team has been transitioning to the latest version of our in-house library–a move that involves migrating from Guava ListenableFutures to Scala Futures. Futures are a key building block of reactive applications, and offer a really nice API for writing fast, efficient, non-blocking code. However, using them requires some skills that are a bit outside the scope of “traditional” programming. For all of you who are new to...

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