Private NPM Modules: A Song of Fire and Ice

front end Andrew Powell AUG 3, 2015

Grab a coffee or pop and a snack, this is a read.

Gilt Tech + Jekyll = ♥

culture Andrew Powell JUN 29, 2015

Gilt Tech Blog Moves to Github

Sean Smith to Present at Microservices Day!

conferences Sean Smith JUN 18, 2015

What is Microservices Day? from Microservices Day is a conference by the enterprise, for the enterprise. It brings together people from organizations that have adopted (or are planning to adopt) a microservices approach to running their business and focuses on the issues that companies face. It gives participants a forum to discuss and share their experiences with microservices through advice, tips and tricks as well as driving forward both...

Introducing Gumshoe

front end Andrew Powell JUN 16, 2015

An analytics and event tracking sleuth.

Webinar Recap - Is Agile a Competitive Advantage?

culture Heather Fleming JUN 10, 2015

The video from the recent Atlassian webinar featuring Senior Director, Heather Fleming is now available! Want more on how Agile can be a competitive advantage for your company?  Check out the latest HBR report!

Welcome to our Summer Interns!

culture Ryan Caloras JUN 8, 2015

Introducing Gilt Tech’s first official Summer Apprentice Program class! Here’s our class described in their own words :DAlex LuoHas no middle nameLived for more than two years in three different countries (China, US, Israel)Walks to class in the snow in April because he goes to CornellOnce volunteered by distributing medicine to poorer families in rural Dominican RepublicVoted “best eyes” for high school yearbookAte a cricket onceFixed a graphics card by...

Is Agile a Competitive Advantage?

culture Heather Fleming MAY 19, 2015

Registration is open for this Webinar on May 27th!Summary below from new Harvard Business Review Report asserts that agile development practices have steadily risen to become one of the most trusted and preferred methods of development across software teams in almost every industry. The study also discovered that by using agile frameworks, organizations can respond to market changes faster, deliver higher quality software, and gain a significant competitive edge....

Last Chance to Join the Meetup Tonight!!!

conferences Heather Fleming MAY 14, 2015

Adrian Trenaman, VP Engineering at Gilt will be speaking tonight at our Gilt offices on how we adopted Solr at Gilt to power our personalized search results!We will be raffling off copies of Solr In Action after the presentation! Drinks and sandwiches will be served.Registration closes soon, so sign up now!  It’s free!Gilt Security requires all reservations to have a FIRST AND LAST name in order to enter the building....

Importing Google Trends data

data science Igor Elbert MAY 11, 2015

Google Trends offers a trove of data for analysis. It’s not used nearly enough partially because good folks at Google did not provide an API to access the data. You can play with Trends in you browser, embed it into your webpages but it’s not that simple to get the raw data behind it to use it in your analysis.There is a number of packages in Python, Perl, or R...

Java has log4j...Objective-C has CocoaLumberjack...and now Swift has CleanroomLogger

Gilt Tech is proud to announce the release of CleanroomLogger 1.0, an open-source logging API for iOS.

Solr@Gilt-Powering Search and Listing for the Largest Flash Sale Site in America

conferences Heather Fleming MAY 5, 2015

Reserve your spot before they’re all gone!Learn how we adopted Solr at Gilt to provide personalised search results, from early days using Solr 3 on just three nodes, to a more modern clustered deployment today running Solr 4 that powers all listing pages on Gilt through our daily pulse load at noon. We’ll discuss what worked, what didn’t, and where we’re going next for search on you haven’t yet...

We’re hosting the NYCPUG meetup on April 21!

conferences Heather Fleming APR 17, 2015

Join us on Tuesday, April 21 at 6:30pm for the NYCPUG meetup!  David Steele in town to talk about PgBackRest and how to efficiently backup massive amounts of data.More info on the meetup page.  Hope to see you there!

Tips for Debugging EC2 Container Service

aws Scott Thompson APR 16, 2015

Last week, Amazon made their Elastic Container Service generally available and also released a web UI to make it easier to create tasks. This service was exciting for our personalization team as we wanted to leverage ECS to simplify deployment of our jobs and have better control over failures.Getting started with ECS is easy but requires your full attention because there are a lot of important details (did you remember to...

UBAR: Open-Source-First Front End Effort

front end Gregory Mazurek APR 8, 2015

At Gilt, our open-source contributions generally come in the form of tools that we use internally that we think have value to the rest of the tech community. But like most other companies, we have internal systems that are very specific to Gilt. This makes open-source contributions tricky because our potential projects and tools are so tightly coupled to our systems. We wanted to bridge this gap and decided to...

Panel Recap: Let’s Talk Culture!

culture Heather Fleming MAR 31, 2015

Senior Director, Heather Fleming (center) recently spoke about workplace culture and diversity at the “Let’s Talk Culture NYC” panel held at Paperless Post with Vox Media.  Other panelists included Millie Tran from Buzzfeed, Jackie Balzer from Behance/Adobe, and Kyle Macdonald from Carrot Creative.Interested in having your own panel on culture?  Here are some of the questions from the discussion:“Culture fit” can be used negatively or positively. How do we stop it...

Interested in Free Scala Training at Gilt’s Dublin Office?

scala Gregor Heine MAR 18, 2015

Live in Dublin, or plan to hang out there in April? Tired of Java, and intrigued by this sleek and elegant Scala language you keep hearing about? Excited about learning languages for free? Then fill out the form below to express your interest in our upcoming free Scala course! Taught by some of Gilt Tech’s resident Scalasmiths, this one-day, beginners-level class will take place Thursday April 16th in our Dublin...

An update on Gilt’s iOS open-source awesomeness

mobile Evan Maloney MAR 16, 2015

Gilt’s Mockingbird open-source project for iOS was recently recognized by the popular Awesome iOS page, which maintains “a curated list of awesome iOS frameworks, libraries, tutorials, plugins Xcode, components and much more.”

Let’s Talk Culture!

culture Heather Fleming MAR 12, 2015

How do you create and maintain a great company culture? What does “culture” even mean? We often simplify the idea of culture (especially in tech) as pertaining to physical objects or events such as ping pong tables or happy hours. But what does culture mean in the context of scaling a healthy, happy organization that is productive, collaborative, and diverse?Senior Director, Heather Fleming has been invited to be on the...

VIDEO - Tech Triangle U All-Stars Panel

conferences Heather Fleming MAR 10, 2015

Missed the Brooklyn Tech Triangle U Tech All-Stars Panel?  Here’s the video!

GILT visits The Young Women's Leadership School of the Bronx

culture Susan Thomas MAR 9, 2015

Director of Product, Chrissy Fleming, and Senior Business Systems Manager, Susan Thomas, attended the “Cool Women, Hot Jobs” event held at The Young Women’s Leadership School of the Bronx (TYWLS). “Cool Women, Hot Jobs” is a program that is designed to expose the 6-8 grade students of TYWLS to strong, smart, and successful role models who are willing to share wisdom, advice, and experiences from their professional journey. It also provides...

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