Gilt Tech Divas

HBC Tech APR 5, 2011

So far, the blog has been focusing on all the amazing work that goes on in Gilt Technologie, but we’d like to take a moment to write about something that makes working at Gilt truly great.  The people.  Specifically, the women.  ;-) Here’s a glimpse into our fabulously diverse tech team by those of us brave enough to step up and say, “Hello world.” (Rock on Gilt Tech Divas!)Janice E....

Presentation: Building a JavaScript Module Framework at Gilt

HBC Tech APR 1, 2011

Slides and video from Eric Shepherd’s presentation given at Gilt HQ and at the Brooklyn JavaScript Meetup: Summary For modules to function within a large-scale system and on third-party sites, they need to be self-contained units with minimal dependencies. They also need to keep their hands off of other modules and library code. Gilt’s module framework manages multiple independent components, providing them with what they need, and only what they...

CNN Covers Our Hackathon

HBC Tech MAR 10, 2011

CNN stopped by Gilt HQ to cover our first Hackathon of 2011. The 24-hour hacking extravaganza produced more than a dozen ideas. Features included using your iPhone’s camera to find products that coordinate with the color of anything you point it at, to umbrella sales that activate when it starts raining near you. Read the CNN story and check out some pictures from the event.

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HBC Tech MAR 9, 2011

Yesterday Jeremy Ashkenas came by Gilt to talk about CoffeeScript, a language he’s been working on since 2009. CoffeeScript is a simple language with syntactic roots in Python and Ruby. It compiles into JavaScript and adds interesting features including array comprehensions. CoffeeScript is arguably more readable than JavaScript. Jeremy gave a great overview of CoffeeScript and who is using it. He gets into detail on the Syntax of the language and...

Five Questions You Must Ask Your PCI Auditor Before You Hire Them

HBC Tech MAR 4, 2011

Cautionary Tale Told By My Friend The QSA walked into the conference room, sat down and took out a thick beige folder labeled “PCI.“ She looked uneasy as she started going down the list of questions from top-to-bottom:  - “Umm okay, requirement 8.1. Identify all users with a unique user name … Do you do that?” she asked.  - “Yes, we do. However in a few cases we have to...

The Rule of 4

HBC Tech MAR 2, 2011

At Gilt, we’ve stumbled into something we internally call the Rule of 4:Q: How many servers should we have for this new app?A: 4Q: How many partitions should we split our inventory into?A: 4Q: How many nodes should the cart KV store run on?A: 4Why 4?One is not a good idea - building for 1 makes it hard to expand later (e.g. imagine building a service that runs on a...

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HBC Tech FEB 17, 2011

Gilt Groupe’s KIVA robots moving merchandise to and fro.

Gilt's JavaScript Templating Architecture

HBC Tech FEB 15, 2011

Templating is a powerful way of separating concerns on the front end. It’s a natural fit for Gilt’s platform, since much of our content comes to the front end from services that return JSON. Sometimes that JSON is rendered in JSPs with JSTL, but sometimes it’s better to render it with JavaScript.

The Friday 5@4

HBC Tech FEB 14, 2011

Few people would argue the importance of great communication across a development organization. It’s vital that developers are aware of the work of their peers–not only the “what,“ but also the “how” and “why.” Achieving this is easier said than done. Traditional approaches such as wiki documentation, meeting minutes, email lists and chat channels have value, but also have significant drawbacks. We’ve been experimenting with a new approach at Gilt: The...

Do you guys like bacon?

HBC Tech FEB 11, 2011

Asynchronous Specs

HBC Tech FEB 10, 2011

While working on TestSwarm, we ran into the problem that none of the JavaScript testing frameworks out there had really solved the problem of how to test asynchronous behavior without requiring the test writer to do something different from how (s)he would test non-asynchronous behavior.

The Xcode Organizer Doesn't Show Me All My Crash Logs. Help!

HBC Tech FEB 10, 2011

When you’re developing an iPhone or iPad application, running the app on the device is essential to understanding whether your code is working correctly. Although the iOS Simulator is very useful for testing functionality and user interface interactions, it doesn’t provide a very good simulation of the memory constraints your app will face on actual devices. As a result, applications that run fine in the simulator may be unexpectedly terminated...

Continuous Integration for JavaScript with TestSwarm

HBC Tech FEB 9, 2011

We like the principles of Test Driven Development (or some variation thereof). But we also have an increasingly large JavaScript library, and JavaScript testing is hard.

Tips for Optimizing iPhone/iPad Applications (Video)

HBC Tech FEB 8, 2011

We’ve made a number of optimizations to our iPhone/iPad codebase over the past couple of months, the effects of which can be seen in the attached video:

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