The 5th Floor

HBC Tech APR 28, 2012

Gilt Tech have been enjoying their new space on the 5th floor of 2 Park Avenue, NYC.

Gilt Tech @ NYC Powered By MongoDB Hackathon

HBC Tech APR 20, 2012

The PMO: Right Work, Right Time, Right People

HBC Tech APR 16, 2012

You might be surprised to learn that Gilt Tech has a Program Management Organization (aka “The PMO”).Why do I think you might be surprised?  Well, the role of project management in traditional organizations has typically been one associated with paperwork and process (We need to talk about your TPS reports…).  It has also been associated with hindering rapid development and slowing things down.  These negative connotations are behind the reasons...

Lessons in Ratatouille

leadership Heather Fleming MAR 14, 2012

I have a son who is obsessed with Pixar movies, so I have seen “Ratatouille” about 100 times. It wasn’t until recently however, that I started to draw parallels between the movie’s lessons and lessons in organizational culture.Lesson One: “Anyone Can Cook”The core vision statement of Gusteau, the original chef who built his restaurant into an empire and what inspired a rat to pursue his dream to become a cook....

SummerQAmp: introducing QA as a career opportunity

HBC Tech MAR 7, 2012

The tech team at Gilt is excited to launch SummerQAmp (summer-kamp) with Bon Jovi, the White House, GroupMe and Onswipe.  This is a great initiative that is launching as a part of the White House’s Summer Jobs+ program to introduce Quality Assurance as a career path to youth in the U.S. QA @ Gilt Our Quality Assurance team is made up of individuals that are programmers with Computer Science degrees to others that started out in our...

Public API Language Bindings, Round 2

HBC Tech MAR 1, 2012

There’s been even more work done getting the Gilt API wrapped up in language bindings over the past two weeks and I’m here to present the newest to you in case any of them tickle your fancy.

Affiliate Marketing Program Open to Developers

HBC Tech FEB 23, 2012

It’s been great to hear from developers over the past two weeks about their plans for the Gilt Public API, and we can only imagine what’s in the works out there that we haven’t heard about yet! Meanwhile, back at Gilt HQ, we’re hard at work on adding more to the API— more data and more ways of accessing what you want in the easiest way possible.

First Public API Language Bindings Available Now!

HBC Tech FEB 15, 2012

7 days ago, we launched our Public API and the accompanying Developer Portal. We’ve received a lot of great feedback, updated the Portal a bit to better give you the information you need, and talked to a lot of developers with some really neat ideas for ways to use the API. Now’s a great time to get started on your own application!

Managers! Become the Flywheel.

HBC Tech FEB 13, 2012

Arguably, the job of an engineering manager is to hire and sculpt a development team that is not only highly productive, but also precisely resourced for immediate business priorities. Easier said than done. Businesses are highly erratic organisms. Especially start-ups. From week to week our business environment changes and company priorities evolve accordingly. In response to this, so does the position of senior management on the best way to adapt....

NoSQL in the Real World - The Video, Pics and Slides

HBC Tech FEB 10, 2012

Thanks to everyone who came to Gilt Tech’s latest tech talk, NoSQL in the Real World. We had a great series of speakers including: Ara Anjargolian - Redis Matt Parker - CouchDB Sean Cribbs - Riak Edward Capriolo - Cassandra Luke Gotszling - MongoDB Huge thanks to Rockman and Maureen for organizing the event, and to AOL ventures for sponsoring and hosting. Enjoy out the video … The Pictures …...

Gilt Public API Launched

HBC Tech FEB 8, 2012

I’m really excited to tell you that we’ve launched our Public API today, providing programmatic access to a constantly-updating collection of flash sales full of the usual kind of awesome stuff we offer on Gilt’s stores.

Old Browsers in eCommerce: What to do with IE6?

HBC Tech FEB 7, 2012

In a humanitarian effort to improve developer quality of life, we at Gilt recently stopped supporting Internet Explorer 6. This means we no longer use, develop or test for the browser. Given the small and shrinking population of IE6 users and the auto-upgrades planned for this year, we felt that it is worth our developers’ happiness (and sanity) to abandon support efforts. Our FEET (Front End Engineering Team) are certainly happy...

the gilt tech shirts are here if you love bacon

HBC Tech JAN 20, 2012

The Gilt Tech shirts are here! If you love bacon spearing narwhals, we might have the perfect shirt for you. See all Lauren’s awesome designs on the Gilt Tech Shirt Store.

NoSQL in the Real World

HBC Tech JAN 18, 2012

For the last couple of years the interwebs have been abuzz with discussion on the relative merits of NoSQL database technology, but how has it performed in real world deployments? Please join us for the second of the Gilt technical meetups to hear prominent local technology companies present on their experiences using Redis, Cassandra, MongoDB, CouchDB and Riak in production environments. The event takes place on Wednesday, February 8th at...

no title

HBC Tech JAN 17, 2012

My Time at Gilt

HBC Tech DEC 12, 2011

I arrived at 2 Park Ave on the first day of my internship not quite sure what I was getting myself into.  I had just finished my sophomore year at Dartmouth and was looking forward to my first time living in New York City.  My sophomore year was packed with computer science.  I had taken the notorious software design and algorithm design courses, I was doing research with the chair...

Gilt APIs

HBC Tech DEC 5, 2011

Over the next few months, Gilt will be exposing its data model via a new suite of public APIs. We’re excited to make our data available to a broader audience of hackers, and we can’t wait to see what people do with it. Our first API is a set of Atom Pub feeds, which let you see our active and upcoming sales, either en masse, or store by store. For...

movember at gilt here at gilt we care about each

HBC Tech NOV 28, 2011

Movember at GILT. Here at GILT we care about each other. Therefore, we (those who can) have been growing mustaches for the month of Movember. Why? To support the fight against cancer. We can all change our faces, by growing mustaches, so let’s change the results of cancer. One in two men and one in three women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, so let’s change the result...

Gilt Home Launch

HBC Tech OCT 25, 2011

Exotic Languages and the Web

HBC Tech OCT 21, 2011

Thanks to everyone that braved the rain and showed up for Gilt’s Exotic Programming Languages and the Web Tech Talk this Wednesday. We had a great turnout and some awesome speakers. The talks Scala: Nathan Hamblen, organizer of ny-scala meetups   Clojure: David Nolen, lead Developer for Shiftspace    Jean Barmash: organizer of the Groovy / Grails Meetups   Andrew Pliszka: organizer of the Erlang World Meetups    Mark Wunsch - Lead front...

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