A Moment of Silence for the Sandy Hook Victims

HBC Tech DEC 20, 2012

Please join us in observing a minute of silence in honor of the Sandy Hook victims on Dec. 21 at 9:30am EST. Gilt will go dark at this time.

vp infrastructure engineering work

HBC Tech DEC 8, 2012

VP Infrastructure Engineering @ Work

thanks to cliff moon moonpolysoft for stopping by

HBC Tech DEC 6, 2012

Thanks to Cliff Moon @moonpolysoft for stopping by Gilt Groupe today to give a tech talk titled “Backpressure and Distributed Systems.” Great to see him here in NY! If you don’t know his new start-up, it looks amazing–check out http://www.boundary.com.

the end of movember at gilt

HBC Tech DEC 4, 2012

The end of Movember at Gilt

How gilt.com/give came to be

HBC Tech NOV 14, 2012

When Sandy hit New York, many of us were directly impacted in some way. After the first week, power had been restored in our main office and in most of our homes. Our focus started to shift from covering basic needs to finding a way to help the New York region rebuild. Eventually we decided to build gilt.com/give - with a focus on driving donations to the affected region and...

Teaching Scala @ TCD ... back to the roots

HBC Tech NOV 14, 2012

Twenty years ago I used to teach object-oriented programming (based on Eiffel) at my old university in Germany. This week I got the chance to experience a deja-vu, because earlier this year I did run into Glenn Strong who is teaching Functional Programming in TCD in Dublin and we started to develop the idea that it would be useful to add a Scala module to his Haskell based lecture. The...

Sometimes Small Things Make a Big Difference: Using Source Code Pro with Emacs

HBC Tech NOV 14, 2012

<outing alarm>I love my emacs.</outing alarm> Sometimes small things can make a big difference. Like a dot. You can put it at the end of the sentence or in a number (1.001 vs. 100.1–can make a “small” difference) or you put it into the zero to make it easily distinguishable from capital O. Now you might say, who cares, but if you read a lot of source code (like I do)...

gilt tech propaganda

HBC Tech NOV 13, 2012

Gilt Tech Propaganda 

The Gilt Data Team Goes to Partners

HBC Tech NOV 3, 2012

Four of us on the Data Engineering team spent the week before Super Storm Sandy at the Teradata Partners conference. It’s essentially a massive, week-long, Teradata-sponsored meetup hosting >250 Data Warehouse/Analytics presentations. Both Chris and Deep presented for the first time. (See pictures below!)  Chris spoke about his pricing work using R linear mixed effect regression and random forest parallelized across our data warehouse cluster. Deep spoke about parallelizing webservice...

MongoDB performance at Gilt

HBC Tech OCT 2, 2012

Over the past several months several high traffic services have gone live at Gilt using MongoDB as a back end. MongoDB collections are a really good fit for many of our use cases. What we’ve found is that when MongoDB is happy it runs fast and reliably; but there are a few things that can catch you out. Throttle your writes/updatesMongoDB uses a global write lock. Only one process can...

a big thanks to this years girls who code field

HBC Tech AUG 8, 2012

A big thanks to this year’s ’Girls Who Code’ field trip for voting Gilt as the #1 workplace!

Search on Gilt

HBC Tech JUL 27, 2012

Some of our users may have noticed a new and welcome addition to Gilt over the last few weeks—we’ve rolled out search across our Women’s, Men’s, Kids and Home stores! In Gilt Tech, we know how much our members love the thrill of the hunt when our sales go live every day; and, as a tech team, we’ve always felt good about building our site to drive a great flash-sale...

the rare double deploy by geoff guerdat

HBC Tech JUL 20, 2012

The rare double deploy by Geoff Guerdat.

Gilt Internal Hackathon--July Edition

HBC Tech JUL 18, 2012

On July 12th the Gilt Tech team kicked off a two-day internal hackathon with four goals: 1. Hack with people that you don’t usually work with.2. Hack with people that you don’t usually work with.3. Hack with people that you don’t usually work with.4. Focus on building internal tools and cleaning up code. The Event Day One started with Yoni Goldberg keynoting event with a brief introduction and time allowance...

Gilt Live: A New Way to Shop

HBC Tech JUL 8, 2012

Gilt Live is a new way to shop on Gilt.  It gives you the chance to see what our members are buying on Gilt - right now.  We are excited because it gives you a way to discover new products that you might never have seen.  And since it is updating in real-time you can see something sell out right before your eyes –- or not if you are quick...

we saw a great turnout here at gilt hq on saturday

HBC Tech JUN 18, 2012

We saw a great turnout here at Gilt HQ on Saturday for NYC Fashion Hack Day 2012!

users can now browse the gilt daily sales in a

HBC Tech JUN 1, 2012

Users can now browse the Gilt daily sales in a native application for the Windows Mobile platform! codeArcher’s Glitter features gilt.com’s flash sales, making use of the Public API to pull in information on the curated sales as well as the products in those sales. If you’re rocking a Lumia or other Windows phone, check this app out and review it in the Windows Phone Marketplace!

NYC Fashion Hack Day 2012: June 16

HBC Tech MAY 21, 2012

Gilt is hosting the Play! NYC meetup

HBC Tech MAY 18, 2012

Gilt is hosting the Play! NYC meetupThis Monday (May 21) Gilt will host the Play! NYC group in our shiny new office space.

Friday Fun with Gilt Games

HBC Tech MAY 4, 2012

The Gilt Public API is a great tool for developing new ways for people to shop quickly, efficiently, or on new platforms. But developers using the API are also finding unexpected things to do with Gilt data— they’re using it to make games.

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