Gilt Mobile Web Redesigned - 10 Views Compared

HBC Tech APR 5, 2013

Over the last three months, we overhauled the front end (JSP, HTML, Handlebars, LESS/CSS, JavaScript, Zepto) for Gilt’s mobile web experience ( The redesign was inspired by learnings acquired from our iPhone App and the design is meant to replicate a lot of those features. Here are 10 side by side comparisons with notes inline and at the bottom. Let us know what you think! In the previous design, there...

26/3/13: Today's Noon Outage--and What We're Doing to Make Sure This Never Happens Again.

HBC Tech MAR 26, 2013

At Gilt we try to move as fast as we can getting code - be it fixes or awesome new features - to production as quickly and safely as possible. Sometimes we make mistakes, and, today was such a day. Around noon, a commit on one of our flagship applications ran riot: allocating native threads; consuming memory and CPU; and bringing down all other applications collocated on the same set...

Intro to AngularJS + Gilt API

HBC Tech MAR 18, 2013

Intro to AngularJS + Gilt APIBrett Coffin explains how to build a super slick web application that shows off what you can do with the Gilt API.

SXSW 2013 Recap

HBC Tech MAR 14, 2013

SXSW 2013 Recap The Gilt UX team was at the SXSW Interactive conference this year, and we live blogged all of the sessions we went to. Click in to see our notes on Google’s innovation group and their Glass demo, the future of Foursquare and location, the emergence of tech in fashion, and more!

Scaling Agile at Gilt

HBC Tech MAR 7, 2013

With teams, ingredients, initiatives and KPIs Spotify recently documented their progressive approach to scaling Agile development with a fairly large team. Gilt’s approach has many similarities, but since some Spotify best practices are Gilt anti-patterns, it’s worth a closer look.The Gilt tech team is about 100 strong. Most of our development is done in Manhattan. We’ve also got a small team in Portland, Oregon and a larger one in Dublin,...

love the tech badge of honor stickers appearing

HBC Tech FEB 26, 2013

Love the tech badge of honor stickers appearing around the office recently

Gilt at the Fashion Hackathon

HBC Tech FEB 20, 2013

Hello there! I’m Miguel Fajardo, an engineer at Gilt. I want to share a great experience I had with fellow Gilt engineers Jose Sanchez and Patrick Losco at the recent Fashion Hack during New York Fashion Week. Hearst Corporation hosted the event in their New York City headquarters, the Hearst Tower. The building is easily identified by its diamond-patterned façade. Many other companies co-sponsored the event, including Microsoft, Spotify, Okta,...

already looking forward to dress like nathan day

HBC Tech FEB 20, 2013

Already looking forward to Dress Like Nathan Day 2014!

Gilt Tech @ MongoDB Austin 2013

HBC Tech FEB 20, 2013

Last week, Gilt Tech presented ‘MongoDB at Gilt’ at MongoDB Austin. Thank you 10Gen for hosting the event.

Codecademy ♥ Gilt

HBC Tech FEB 19, 2013

It’s with great pleasure that we’re announcing the awesome Gilt API lessons on Codecademy! Be ready to take your JavaScript skills to the next level and learn how to find the latest and most beautiful fashion products with the Gilt API. Begin to learn our APIs now!

apparently i wasnt the only one in tech nominated

HBC Tech FEB 14, 2013

Apparently I wasn’t the only one in tech nominated as “Gilt’s favorite employee”. All the same, I still love Gilt :)

no title

HBC Tech FEB 12, 2013

its official traffic from ie 7 finally hit 1

HBC Tech FEB 8, 2013

It’s official. Traffic from IE 7 finally hit 1%… and so as of a few minutes ago, Gilt Groupe has officially stopped support of Internet Explorer 7. Visitors to from IE7 will be redirected to our amazing mobile web site instead.

great start to the 2013 gilt groupe architecture

HBC Tech FEB 7, 2013

Great start to the 2013 gilt groupe architecture summit… we’re brainstorming how to make gilt the simplest place in the world to build truly scalable and reliable software. Follow the day at #giltarch #gilttech

great turnout at the decoded fashion and tech

HBC Tech FEB 3, 2013

Great turnout at the decoded fashion and tech hackathon this weekend in NYC. Gilt is one of the many sponsors - and we’re having a really fun time as both judges and mentors. Amazing to see hundreds of engineers build almost a hundred unique projects to help the fashion world and fashionistas everywhere. #fashionhack

Adding LXC Support to Cloudstack

HBC Tech JAN 28, 2013

At Gilt, our architecture is composed of what we call LOSA–Lots of Small Applications. These apps currently run on bare metal with a couple dozen application instances per machine. As we move towards a fully automated deployment system, we are looking to replace bare metal with virtualization where each VM has a single application instance. We’ve found that Linux containers best meets our needs since it’s readily available and has...

Join Gilt Groupe for the Hearst Fashion Hack on Feb 9-10 in NYC

HBC Tech JAN 15, 2013

Join Gilt Groupe for the Hearst Fashion Hack, the largest fashion hackathon of the year, where you could win $10,000+ to launch your fashion app!

it is beer oclock in dublin

HBC Tech JAN 11, 2013

It is beer o'clock in Dublin

Father of TM1 @ Gilt!

HBC Tech JAN 10, 2013

Gilt will be hosting the TM1 Experts meetup featuring the Father of TM1 on Monday, January 14th! TM1 has been an invaluable application in Gilt’s enterprise planning and reporting suite.  It’s allowed our Finance and Merch Planning teams to collaboratively plan budgets and manage forecasts while dynamically affecting company-wide reporting/analysis.We’re looking forward to meeting Manny Perez, please join us!

Tamara Gruzbarg of Gilt: Using Analytics to Give Customers What They Want

HBC Tech DEC 21, 2012

They say that knowledge is power. Nothing could be truer when it comes to the world of business. Customer analytics insights can pack a powerful punch when it comes to your marketing efforts by creating a personal connection. If you know what your customers want, you can give it to them. If you give your customers what they want, they feel a personal connection with you. And that personal connection...

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