Virtualization at Gilt: A Lightning Talk for NYC DevOps (Video, Slides)

HBC Tech JUN 7, 2013

Last night I attended the NYC DevOps meetup at Datadog’s office (located just around the corner from Gilt HQ) to give a lightning talk on “Virtualization at Gilt.” I chose this topic in order to highlight Gilt’s growing use of virtualization to improve how efficiently we handle resources and make our processes more reliable. My presentation covered some of the major technologies we use as part of our virtualization efforts...

desert chrome

HBC Tech JUN 5, 2013

Celebrate Desert Chrome by purchasing a new Desert Chrome Gilt T-Shirt (available in both Men’s and Women’s). Be sure to check out the rest of the Gilt Tech Shirt Store.

pondering how to manage email templates after a

HBC Tech JUN 3, 2013

Pondering how to manage email templates after a long white boarding session with Jose Sanchez

fail ales beers carefully selected for the first

HBC Tech JUN 3, 2013

Fail Ales:  beers carefully selected for the first Gilt Tech 5@4 in celebration of all the things that didn’t go as we hoped.

gilt ceo michelle peluso visits the dublin office

HBC Tech MAY 29, 2013

Gilt CEO Michelle Peluso visits the Dublin office

Ade Trenaman: Gilt slide wins 'Pic o' the Day' @ Lucene Revolution 2013

HBC Tech MAY 26, 2013

Ade Trenaman: Gilt slide wins 'Pic o' the Day' @ Lucene Revolution 2013ade-trenaman: Was thrilled to be invited to speak for Gilt at this year’s Lucene Revolution conference; talk went really well and had lots of great feedback from the audience - thanks guys! Fun highlight: one of the conference attendees took a picture of the Solr Makes the Business Love You slide…

ninjas in their natural habitat

HBC Tech MAY 22, 2013

Ninjas in their natural habitat

c level engineering symmetry

HBC Tech MAY 16, 2013

C Level Engineering Symmetry

Monitoring Network Traffic and Service Chatter with Boundary

HBC Tech MAY 14, 2013

We recently published a case study with Boundary regarding how we, at Gilt Groupe, are using their product and I wanted to give some additional details concerning our decision process, what we were looking for, what we looked at and why we decided that going to Boundary was the best choice for us moving forward. Gilt Groupe’s architecture is now very much a case of micro-service architecture. We have hundreds...

Mobile Web How-To: Development Environment Toolkit

HBC Tech MAY 8, 2013

While working on Gilt Mobile Web, these are our development tools of choice to get the job done: Browsers & Emulators Android emulator: XCode iOS Simulator: Chrome Canary + mobile settings: Page Speeds HTTP proxy/monitor and bandwidth throttler: PageSpeed Insights: Device Testing User agent strings: Feature compatibility checks: Android debug bridge for inspecting your Android device: Adobe inspect for inspecting Android Browser:...

Mobile Web How To: Proxy Local Environment To Devices

HBC Tech MAY 7, 2013

When you develop a front end experience for the full screen, the feedback loop between code and test is relatively fast. You code. You refresh your browser. Repeat. When you develop a front end experience for mobile devices, this can become a little cumbersome because the feedback loop can sometimes feel much slower. There are emulators for your machine and browser sizing/user-agent strategies that you can employ to make your...

today in pictures

HBC Tech MAY 7, 2013

Today in Pictures

Mobile Web How-To: Detect Samsung S4 Device On Your Mac

HBC Tech MAY 6, 2013

This hasn’t been very well documented on the Internet just yet so I thought I’d share how you need to connect your Samsung S4 device to a Mac. When you connect this device to your Mac, it (most likely at the time of this writing) will not be recognized.

Mobile Web How-To: Inspect Elements On Android's Internet Browser

HBC Tech MAY 3, 2013

I’m building Gilt’s new Android app and a good portion of the website is an Android WebView. As you may or may not know, this WebView uses the default Android Internet Browser to render webpages. You probably know this app best by its logo in the lower right hand corner of this screenshot: When you use Google Chrome on the Android device, inspection is very straightforward – I’ll cover this...


HBC Tech MAY 1, 2013

A few of us took some time to get to know each other a little better, hug trees and talk shop.

ade trenaman erlang distributed systems and

HBC Tech APR 30, 2013

ade-trenaman: Erlang, Distributed Systems and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Found this photo on my phone - a real moment in time at Gilt New York! Steve Vinoski, who worked with Gregor and I back in the days of the seminal Irish tech startup IONA Technologies, came to Gilt one cold February night to give a talk on how Riak is implemented in Erlang - it’s a great talk, and a...

Ade Trenaman: Why Java 8 doesn't rock my Scala

HBC Tech APR 25, 2013

Ade Trenaman: Why Java 8 doesn't rock my Scalaade-trenaman: I was looking through an article on Java 8, . We’re using Scala heavily at Gilt and I was toying with the heretical notion that Java 8 might create a compelling reason to go back to Java. Sacrilige! I am of course biased in this matter as I’ve really enjoyed the last two years of Scala coding at…

Gilt Mobile Web Nav Redesigned

HBC Tech APR 24, 2013

Hello! Yesterday (April 23, 2013), I sent to production the third phase of the Gilt Mobile Web ( redesign. In this phase, I updated the primary and secondary nav on the mobile web so that there is (hopefully!) a much better user experience. And like the first and second phase of the redesign, the goal with the nav redesign was to incorporate learnings taken from the Gilt iPhone App...

up and running with play2

HBC Tech APR 18, 2013

Up & Running with Play 2

Working with Time Series Data

HBC Tech APR 8, 2013

Life in Gilt Tech involves much lively discussion on KPIs, consequently we spend a lot of time looking at time series data.

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