Gilt a Sponsor of This Week's Lambda Jam Conference

HBC Tech JUL 8, 2013

"If You Love It So Much, Why Don't You Write a Wrapper Around It?": jQCon Talk (Video)

HBC Tech JUL 5, 2013

The jQuery Foundation just posted video of “If You Love It So Much, Why Don’t You Write a Wrapper Around It?”–my presentation at last month’s jQuery Conference in Portland, Ore. In my talk, I focus on the importance of using consistent APIs and taking advantage of other people’s work (in the form of third-party code) when working with a large code base. Putting a wrapper around someone else’s code can...

Scala Training at Gilt: An Engineer Shares Her Thoughts

HBC Tech JUL 3, 2013

CEO Michelle Peluso Lunches With Gilt's Women Technologists

HBC Tech JUL 2, 2013

Gilt CEO Michelle Peluso recently met with a group of the company’s women technologists to share some of her personal stories about being a business leader, wife, and mother, and to offer advice relevant to all professionals–regardless of gender. Over lunch, Peluso answered our questions about a wide range of topics–from how to handle uncomfortable workplace situations (answer: with grace) to how she met her husband (a mutual friend). Thanks...

Talking Tact, Stacks, and Antifragility at Tech in Motion's "Made in NY: Tech Panel"

HBC Tech JUL 1, 2013

Gilt an Official Sponsor of the PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2013

HBC Tech JUL 1, 2013

Deployment Milestone!

HBC Tech JUN 28, 2013

“Just completed my first feature deploy to Gilt production…"Shop by Age” widget on A/B test.“ – Gilt engineer Glenn Howard. Congrats, Glenn!

Meet a Gilt Technologist: Nathan Stilwell, Software Engineer

HBC Tech JUN 28, 2013

Gilt Featured at Tonight's "Made in NY: Tech Panel"

HBC Tech JUN 27, 2013

Tonight (Thu 6/27) Gilt CTO Michael Bryzek will appear alongside tech leaders from Knewton, ZocDoc and other NYC-based companies at “Made in NY: Tech Panel,” an event hosted by Tech in Motion. Bryzek and the other panelists will discuss building a tech team from scratch, the future of NYC’s tech scene, and why NYC is such a great place to start a tech company, among other topics. Seven hundred people...

no title

HBC Tech JUN 26, 2013

Scaling Happiness Horizontally (Video)

Our Cookies Are Secure

HBC Tech JUN 25, 2013

“When the Security & Compliance team found out there were cookies in the office today, they made sure to ensure their safety in the best way they know how!” – Gilt engineer Casey Kolderup

Committing to CloudStack

HBC Tech JUN 25, 2013

the 27 day beer challenge is underway when we

HBC Tech JUN 21, 2013

The 27 day beer challenge is underway! When we launched back in 2007, every product and sale photo we took was stored on a shared NFS mount point. We’re now creating terabytes of data each month and it’s finally time to move our images to s3. We’re also changing how we create and manage our image sizing and crops - moving away from image magick and integrating with -...

Meet a Gilt Technologist: Nithya Venkateswaran, Quality Assurance Engineer

HBC Tech JUN 21, 2013

Gilt’s Development & Deployment Infrastructure (Slides)

HBC Tech JUN 20, 2013

As an organization, we’re able to provide more value to our customers and adapt to changes more effectively when developers can focus on coding and not on other tasks which can be automated instead. On Tuesday, I spoke at Open Source Bridge about “Innovating Faster with a Micro-Service Architecture using SBT, Continuous Delivery, and LXC.“ In the talk, I discussed some of the development and operational infrastructure we’ve created at...

Sign up for Free Scala Training at Gilt!

HBC Tech JUN 20, 2013

The Human Side of Scala

HBC Tech JUN 18, 2013

What do books, programming languages and cars have in common? They enter our lives carrying that proverbial “new smell”: the elusive but potent combination of possibilities, expectations and hopes that “this one will be better than the last.” Sometimes it fades quickly because of poor quality or unfortunate design choices, but every once in awhile the initial excitement matures into something that keeps you coming back for more—the first small,...

Meet a Gilt Technologist: Paul Lee, Software Engineer

HBC Tech JUN 14, 2013

How did you arrive at Gilt? I first came to Gilt while I was a student at the University of Waterloo in Canada (I’m Canadian). Our school runs a program in which computer science students complete six four-month internships over five years. I did my Gilt internship from September to December 2011, during my senior year. What was your role here? I was part of the Gilt City engineering team,...

Gilt Tech Presents at Scala Days (Slides)

HBC Tech JUN 11, 2013

Scala Days Begins in NYC

HBC Tech JUN 10, 2013

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