Gilt Tech on the Town: "Technology You Can Touch" at WeWork

HBC Tech JUL 24, 2013

Hope to See You at the Open Source Science Fair!

HBC Tech JUL 23, 2013

Gilt is excited to participate in the New York Times’ Open Source Science Fair 2.0, taking place Thu 7/25 (starting time 6:15 PM) at the Times’ office building in Manhattan. In addition to highlighting our open source work, our exhibit (one of those old-school, cardboard trifold thingies) will promote the Play Framework and discuss our use of Play at Gilt. Stop by our booth to say hello and to pick...

Meet a Gilt Technologist: Patrick Losco, Software Engineer

HBC Tech JUL 19, 2013

Girls Who Code Visit Gilt Tech!

HBC Tech JUL 19, 2013

Recently Gilt had the pleasure of hosting a group of young women from Girls Who Code–a nonprofit organization aimed at achieving gender parity in the technology sector. This was the second time we hosted GWC; last year’s delegation voted us as the #1 workplace, so we aimed to live up to our reputation. We started things off by giving the girls a brief introduction to Gilt Tech, including an overview of our...

RSVP for our Lucene Event in Dublin on 7/31

HBC Tech JUL 18, 2013

Pour a Little (Lucene) Sugar in Your Scala

HBC Tech JUL 18, 2013

Please say hello to Lucene Sugar: a library that provides a more concise syntax for the Lucene API in the Scala language. Lucene Sugar makes it easier to: compose Lucene indexes using the familiar Scala cake pattern add indexed and/or stored fields to a Lucene document index collections of documents search! (You didn’t really expect that, did you?) My general goal for Lucene Sugar is to turn some standard operations...

Attend Our First-Ever Scala Hacker Hours Meetup on Aug. 7

HBC Tech JUL 17, 2013

New to Scala? Working on a Scala project and need some guidance? Curious about the Typesafe platform, and interested in exploring it? Then grab your laptop and head on over to our 2 Park Ave. office in Manhattan on Wednesday, August 7 for our first-ever Scala Hacker Hours NYC meetup. The meetup begins at 6:30 PM and ends at 8:30 PM; light refreshments will be provided. What’s a “hacker hours,”...

Talking to Typesafe About Scala, Akka, Play, and the Future of E-Commerce

HBC Tech JUL 16, 2013

How to Set up Your Own Photo Booth Using Eye-Fi and Hazel

HBC Tech JUL 16, 2013

When my sister got married, I wanted to make sure that she had plenty of great photos of her wedding–so I set up a photo booth that captured images and instantly uploaded them to the Internet. Recently I described my setup at 5@4 (née 5@5–Gilt Tech’s ongoing presentation series, featuring five talks at 4 PM every other Friday) and invited Gilt Tech’s photogenic crew, plus our resident dinosaurs, to try...

Riak Passes the Stress Test

HBC Tech JUL 15, 2013

In late June a few of us in NYC joined our colleagues in Gilt’s Dublin office to test out Riak for our main user store. Every day our main user store receives upwards of 100,000 requests per minute at our peak site traffic time of 12PM. Because of these extreme traffic spikes, excellent performance of our distributed databases is a must. We also wanted to learn more about how Riak...

"Truly Scale a Modern Engineering Organization" Slides and Video

HBC Tech JUL 15, 2013

For those of you couldn’t make Gilt co-founder/CTO Michael Bryzek’s talk at AppNexus last Wednesday (maybe because you were attending the Play NYC meetup?); click here to view the slides. Bryzek’s talk covered Millennials in the workplace, Gilt’s social experiment, the value of using key performance indicators (KPIs) and much more. Thanks again to AppNexus for hosting the event.

Meet a Gilt Technologist: Lead Software Engineer John Kenny

HBC Tech JUL 12, 2013

What is your role at Gilt? I’m lead engineer for Team Galactus. (We like to give our teams abstract names that don’t refer to a particular initiative; at the time of forming Galactus, we were going through a comic book phase!) I’m a full-stack engineer, but the vast majority of my work at Gilt is on the backend: developing shared libraries, web applications and services. How long have you been...

Play! meetup recap

HBC Tech JUL 12, 2013

Gilt Featured on HuffPost Live's "Tech Game Changers"

HBC Tech JUL 11, 2013

Earlier today Gilt VP of Mobile Yonatan Feldman and Director of Mobile Product Christopher Gonzalez appeared on HuffPost Live’s “Tech Game Changers” to talk about our latest mobile developments. These include our brand-new “save sizes” feature; mobile-only, “summer specials,” and personalized sales. As Yon and Chris explain, feedback from our customers played a significant role in our development of these features, which are designed to make the shopping experience as...

Making Cents of Census Data

HBC Tech JUL 11, 2013

Async Coding in Play with both Java and Scala

HBC Tech JUL 10, 2013

Async Coding in Play with both Java and ScalaTonight (Wed 7/10) Gilt once again plays host to the Play NYC meetup. On this evening’s agenda: LinkedIn’s Jim Brikman presents “Async Coding in Play with both Java and Scala,” a discussion of the non-blocking IO (NIO) nature of the Play framework:

How to Do High Tea the Gilt Tech Way

HBC Tech JUL 9, 2013

RSVP for Tomorrow's "Engineering @ Scale" Talk, Featuring Gilt!

HBC Tech JUL 9, 2013

Tomorrow (Wed 7/10) Gilt CTO and cofounder Michael Bryzek will present “Truly Scale a Modern Tech Organization With Great Engineers” as part of AppNexus’ “Engineering @ Scale” series. Bryzek’s talk–which is free to the public–takes place at AppNexus’ office at 28 W. 23rd Street in Manhattan. Doors open at 6:30 PM, and the event lasts until 8:30 PM. RSVP here to claim your seat! In his presentation, Bryzek will recount...

Gilt a Sponsor of This Week's Lambda Jam Conference

HBC Tech JUL 8, 2013

"If You Love It So Much, Why Don't You Write a Wrapper Around It?": jQCon Talk (Video)

HBC Tech JUL 5, 2013

The jQuery Foundation just posted video of “If You Love It So Much, Why Don’t You Write a Wrapper Around It?”–my presentation at last month’s jQuery Conference in Portland, Ore. In my talk, I focus on the importance of using consistent APIs and taking advantage of other people’s work (in the form of third-party code) when working with a large code base. Putting a wrapper around someone else’s code can...

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