Next Free Training Course: Machine Learning with John Myles White

HBC Tech AUG 14, 2013

RSVP for Our Next iOS Office Hours With Code Coalition

HBC Tech AUG 14, 2013

Last night Gilt hosted our first-ever iOS Office Hours in collaboration with Code Coalition. At least 60 people came out to our 2 Park Ave. office to network, code and catch short talks by Gilt Principal Software Engineer Evan Maloney (seen here discussing mobile strategy), Code Coalition’s Teddy Wyly, Eliot Arntz, and John Nichols, Matt Parker of WurkHappy, and developer Venkat Rao. Thanks to Code Coalition and to everyone who...

Learn About "the Geologic Time Scale of's View Layer" (Video)

HBC Tech AUG 13, 2013

Here’s Gilt Lead Software Engineer Mark Wunsch delivering his BackboneConf 2013 presentation on Gilt’s page performance, pagination, and search engine optimization through the lens of our Views present and past. View the slides here.

Designing Distributed Systems With ZooKeeper

HBC Tech AUG 13, 2013

Let’s face it–designing distributed systems can be tough. There’s just no one-size-fits-all tool for creating distributed services: Every distributed application has a unique set of tolerances with regard to reliability, scalability, response time, and other performance factors. At Gilt, our toolbox for supporting distributed service development includes Apache ZooKeeper, RabbitMQ, Kafka and a smattering of distributed data stores. We made these technology choices based on years of hands-on development at...

"Alley Weekly" Features Gilt CTO/Cofounder This Friday, 8/16

HBC Tech AUG 13, 2013

Talking Census Data With the DataDivas on 8/14

HBC Tech AUG 12, 2013

We’re pleased to announce that Gilt Database Administrator and Data Engineer Elon Azoulay will be the featured speaker at the DataDivas meetup group’s August 14 Fireside Chat (RSVP here). Elon will describe his recent work aggregating U.S. Census and American Community Survey data at the ZIP code level to better understand the demographic profile of our customers. He’ll also discuss why governments should adopt open-data policies. Hope to see you...

Meet a Gilt Technologist: Roland Tritsch, VP Infrastructure Engineering

HBC Tech AUG 9, 2013

Roland Tritsch is Gilt’s VP Infrastructure Engineering. Infrastructure Engineering works to ensure 100% uptime, while allowing Gilt to iterate and innovate as fast as possible. Roland has more than 20 years of industry experience in various technical leadership roles and is probably the oldest member of Tech who writes Scala code (nickname: Papa Roland). If he is not behind the keyboard, he’s riding his folding race bike (other nickname: Bumblebee)...

It's Hat Day!

HBC Tech AUG 8, 2013

“Team Ninja will be wearing hats next Thursday. Because we can,” read the email from Software Engineering Stylisto/headwear connoisseur Nathan Stilwell. “We don’t want anyone to feel left out of the brilliant joy. So we invite you to join us…If your heart demands that you express yourself by donning a fedora, boater, bucket, panama, bowler, beaver, homburg, trilby, turban, fez, kasa, pith helmet, ball cap, or anything else than can...

Startup Pitch Night Presents Gilt CTO/Cofounder Tomorrow!

HBC Tech AUG 6, 2013

Tomorrow (Wed 8/7) Gilt CTO/co-founder Michael Bryzek is the featured speaker at Startup Pitch Night, an event for start-up founders and entrepreneurs to practice their pitches and learn from industry leaders. Michael will share some of his recollections of Gilt’s early days and discuss how the tech department’s work culture has evolved over time. The ‘Night starts at 6:30 PM at Connolly’s (121 W. 45th St., 3rd Floor in Midtown...

Meet a Gilt Technologist: Nabila Yusaf, Software Engineer

HBC Tech AUG 5, 2013

What’s your role at Gilt? I’m a software engineer who focuses mostly on front-end development, but as time goes on I’m becoming more of a full-stack engineer. My passion is front-end engineering, though–I’m most comfortable working in JavaScript and CSS. I’m very focused on the visual side–it’s what I like to do. I’m not the type who figures out how to design a database. I’m more interested in the interactive,...

Common Statistical Misconceptions

HBC Tech AUG 3, 2013

“Correlation doesn’t imply causation, but it does waggle its eyebrows suggestively and gesture furtively while mouthing ‘look over there.’” I was intrigued by this gem of statistical poetry, which Lifehacker writer Eric Ravenscraft quotes in his great new article, “Four Common Statistical Misconceptions You Should Avoid.” I had not heard the quote before. (Eric attributes it to a well-known xkcd correlation strip, but it’s not in the picture: mouse over...

An Hour in the Life of the Gilt Mobile Team, in One Minute (Video)

HBC Tech AUG 2, 2013

Principal Software Engineer Adam Kaplan created this time-lapse video of the Gilt Mobile Team at work.  

Study@4: Goofing off Is Good for You (and Your Profits)

HBC Tech AUG 2, 2013

Earlier this year I began working through Satnam Alag’s Collective Intelligence in Action, a book on alligator farming. I wanted to improve my understanding of alligator farming as well as the fundamentals of data collection and mining for personalization. My work at Gilt has recently taken me in these directions, and I’d heard that this book provided a thorough overview of the topic. I’d dedicate a couple of hours every...

Gilt Tech Leaders Meet Headphone KPIs for July

HBC Tech AUG 2, 2013

SVP Engineering John Quinn, VP Product Management Dominique Essig, and Chief Information Officer Steve Jacobs exceeded their key performance indicators related to headphone size and style coordination last month. Congrats!

Rock Your Doc With Groc, Our Favorite Automated Frontend Documentation Tool

HBC Tech AUG 1, 2013

Writing great documentation is not something that comes naturally or easily to many engineers. And many companies don’t have the resources to hire a dedicated document writer. Hence the value of automated documentation, which allows you to generate, at a minimum, a basic amount of documentation quickly and cheaply. As a front-end engineer working on UI architecture, I write code that ends up being used by most of the front-end...

Hey NYC: Come to Our iOS Office Hours Meetup on 8/13

HBC Tech JUL 31, 2013

Catch Gilt's Presentation at BackboneConf Today (Includes Link to Slides)

HBC Tech JUL 31, 2013

Interested in Free Scala Training at Gilt's Dublin Office?

HBC Tech JUL 30, 2013

Live in Dublin, or plan to hang out there later this summer? Tired of Java, and intrigued by this sleek and elegant Scala language you keep hearing about? Excited about learning languages for free? Then fill out the form below to express your interest in our upcoming free Scala course! Taught by some of Gilt Tech’s resident Scalasmiths, this one-day, beginners-level class will take place Fri 8/30 and again on...

Baking-Soda Volcanoes Need Not Apply: Highlights From the NYT Open Source Science Fair

HBC Tech JUL 29, 2013

Last Thursday Lead Software Engineer Kristen McGregor (pictured above), a cardboard tri-fold, and I trekked to the New York Times building for the TimesOpen Open Source Science Fair: a showcase for local developers to demonstrate their open source projects, recruit potential contributors, and network with fellow FOSSniks. Now in its second/“2.0” year, the Fair took place on the Times’ 15th floor and featured exhibits by the likes of Novus, the...

Gilt an Official Sponsor of the PNW Scala Conference

HBC Tech JUL 29, 2013

We’re proud to announce that we’ve become an official “Friend” of the Pacific Northwest Scala Conference–taking place October 19 and 20 in Portland, Ore. The conference is still in the early planning stages, but lots of short talks and open sessions are in the works. We’ll keep you updated on new developments as the date gets closer.

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