Gilt at "Fashion Tech: Demos & Drinks" on 9/12

HBC Tech SEP 9, 2013

If you’ve got questions about Gilt’s brand-new personal sales feature, our technology stack, or anything else Gilt tech-related, come to Tech in Motion’s “Fashion Tech: Demos & Drinks” event this Thursday (9/12) at AlleyNYC and ask us in person. Almost 600 people are registered to attend this Fashion Week-oriented networking event, which features several other NYC fashion and ecommerce start-ups. Should be fun! To RSVP, click here.

Machine Learning at Gilt

HBC Tech SEP 9, 2013

Thanks to everyone who attended our free machine learning course with John Myles White at our Manhattan office today. And an even bigger thanks goes to John for all his hard work! If you didn’t get to attend the class, keep watching this space: we’ll be announcing our next free course sometime soon.

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HBC Tech SEP 9, 2013

The Product Council’s Sept. 25 event features our very own VP Product Dominique Essig! productcouncil: Grab tickets here before they’re gone: - - Our Mission: We provide startups a new space for critical feedback, ideation, and improvement of their products. Each month an audience of product managers, designers, and founders gather to learn valuable lessons and insights from experienced product owners as they dive deep into the challenge, success and failure...

Talking Mobile in NJ on September 11

HBC Tech SEP 6, 2013

If you didn’t get to attend last night’s standing-room-only Gilt mobile fireside chat at our Manhattan office, and live in northern New Jersey (or fancy a sojourn along the Hudson’s western banks), head to Hoboken next Wednesday for MobileDevNJ’s monthly meetup, featuring Gilt Senior Software Engineer Matt Isaacs. Matt will discuss mobile UI testing and automation and how these are performed at Gilt. He’ll review some of the tools that Gilt...

Welcome Bin Liu!

HBC Tech SEP 5, 2013

Use Our APIs, Win a Prize at "Dressed to Code" Hackathon

HBC Tech SEP 4, 2013

This Saturday we’ll give a super-brief presentation on our APIs (and drink our morning coffee) at Dressed to Code: an all-day hackathon organized by Glamour magazine and the Council of Fashion Designers of America and hosted by General Assembly. Hackathon participants will create games, apps and tools that emphasize shopping, assembling stylish outfits, and other sartorial activities, and compete for a variety of cash and business development-oriented prizes. Spots are sold-out,...

NY Tech Council Presents Three-Part Series Featuring Gilt

HBC Tech SEP 4, 2013

Come to Our Mobile Fireside Chat on 9/5

HBC Tech AUG 30, 2013

Handlebars.scala: A Handlebars for Scala

HBC Tech AUG 29, 2013

If you rely on SEO, which really means that you rely on robots, you still want client-side app experiences. Handlebars.scala can help you get there. Handlebars.scala—also known around Gilt Tech as Scandlebars, and sometimes Scandalbars—is a Scala implementation of Handlebars: an extension to and superset of the Mustache templating language. It began as an attempt to learn Scala and to experiment with Scala’s Parser Combinators in order to get Handlebars.js...

NYC Riak Meetup Featuring Gilt Hosted at ... Gilt!

HBC Tech AUG 27, 2013

We’re excited to announce that Gilt CTO and co-founder Michael Bryzek and Lead Software Engineer Jim Englert are featured presenters at the next NYC Riak meetup, which we’ll host at our Manhattan office on Tuesday, September 17. Michael will start off the evening with a brief intro, and Jim will give a presentation based on his recent account of our Riak stress test in Dublin. Rounding out the evening is...

The Day I Submitted 600 Gerrit Reviews

HBC Tech AUG 27, 2013

It’s well known that code review is an important tool for improving quality, and we use Gerrit extensively at Gilt for that purpose. But there are also some less obvious benefits of such tools. With a system composed of hundreds of small services, applications, database schemas, libraries, and toolsets–each hosted in its own Git repository–maintaining certain standards across all of them is essential, but challenging. We may want to ensure...

Meet a Gilt Technologist: Nikita and Diana

HBC Tech AUG 26, 2013

Learn More About Gilt Mobile at 3rd Ward, 9/3

HBC Tech AUG 23, 2013

If you happen to be in NYC on September 3 (it’s a Tuesday), take the L train to Brooklyn and catch the Brooklyn Design & Technology (BKTK) meetup group’s fireside chat featuring Gilt. VP of Product Management Dominique Essig and VP of Mobile and Global Engineering Yonatan Feldman will have a lively and insightful conversation about recent innovations in eCommerce and Gilt’s mobile strategy. After their chat, a Q&A session...

The Man of the (Hacker) Hour

HBC Tech AUG 22, 2013

Hadoop Presentation at Gilt on 8/29

HBC Tech AUG 21, 2013

On Thu 8/29, Gilt will host the New York Hadoop Users Group’s next meetup at our 2 Park Ave. office. Hortonworks Solutions Engineer Abhijit Lele will present “Developing Applications with Hadoop 2.0 and YARN,” an examination of YARN architecture and how to get started developing for  Hadoop 2.0. YARN is Hadoop’s next-generation resource management framework, and enables Hadoop to grow beyond its MapReduce origins to embrace multiple workloads spanning interactive...

Meet a Gilt Technologist: Hernan Teano, Director of User Experience

HBC Tech AUG 20, 2013

How did you get to Gilt? I grew up in the Bay Area, and for the majority of my career I’ve worked in Silicon Valley. Upon reflection–because I don’t think it was a conscious or deliberate choice–my career has followed a thread: technology, fashion, and ecommerce. Three years ago, I moved from the Bay Area to NYC. In considering places where I might work, I focused on ecommerce because I...

Gilt Lifehacks: Getting GTD done

HBC Tech AUG 20, 2013

We all have a lot to do. Effective time/task management is essential. I’ve been using GTD (Getting Things Done) for a while now (a long while :)) and for me it comes down to the question, “How do you pick the next, best, most valuable thing to work on?”–basically answering the question of how to make the best use of the time you have. Picking something from your list of...

Gilt at Alley Weekly, 8/16

HBC Tech AUG 19, 2013

DataDivas, Documented

HBC Tech AUG 15, 2013

Here’s Gilt Database Administrator/Data Engineer Elon Azoulay presenting at last night’s DataDivas meetup at AlleyNYC. Nearly 40 data divas and data dudes from JP Morgan, the New York Public Library, MTV, AOL and other companies turned out to hear Elon discuss how and why he created an open data file that aggregates U.S. Census and American Community Survey data to the zip code level. Also making a strong showing: Gilt’s...

Welcome Jenny Leahy!

HBC Tech AUG 15, 2013

We’re excited to welcome Jenny Leahy to the Gilt technology team! Jenny will be working in our Dublin office as a software engineer, and will initially focus on email delivery. A longtime Java developer with experience working in the financial software field, she’s moving into the world of Scala and is intrigued by our use of the Typesafe platform. When she’s not working, she loves to read (sci-fi, psychology and...

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