"The Art of Personalization" at Gilt: A Talk by Erik Lumer (updated + video)

HBC Tech SEP 24, 2013

On Tuesday, Oct. 1, Gilt VP Personalization Erik Lumer presented “The Art of Personalization in a Flash Sale Business,” an overview of the strategies Gilt uses to attract, interact with, and persuade customers to make quick decisions on high-end purchases. Erik’s talk was part of “Built to Scale,” a three-part speaker series featuring Gilt leaders and organized by the NY Tech Council. (The series kicked off on September 25 with...

"We Have the Tools to Build a Brand-New Store Every Day"

HBC Tech SEP 23, 2013

The cloud computing provider Logicworks recently interviewed Gilt CIO Steve Jacobs about his management approach, the meaning of “cloud” at Gilt, how we manage all of our data, and many other interesting tech topics. An excerpt: Engineers by trade think differently than non-engineers, and when we as engineers relegate ourselves to a bit more doing and not as much thinking about what we’re doing, we do ourselves and the company...

Watch Live Video From Today's Edge Conference

HBC Tech SEP 23, 2013

Gilt’s very own Mark Wunsch and Eric Shepherd are among the handful of engineers selected to attend Edge: a one-day conference, organized by Google and Financial Times Labs, that is happening today in NYC. Targeted to web developers, Edge features presentations on third-party scripts, real-time data, online payments and other topics; watch the videos to pretend like you’re there. Proceeds from Edge benefit Girls Who Code, a nonprofit that works to...

Gilt Presents at CUFP Conference

HBC Tech SEP 22, 2013

Dublin: Come to the Scala Users Group Meetup on Sept. 24

HBC Tech SEP 20, 2013

Gilt Founder to Deliver Keynote at SwitchPitch NYC

HBC Tech SEP 20, 2013

Gilt founder and chairman Kevin Ryan will deliver the keynote at SwitchPitch: a role-reversal event at which established companies pitch funded innovation projects to qualified start-ups looking for partners. Kevin will join other luminaries (we hear Mayor Bloomberg is scheduled to speak) in presenting at the event, which will also feature reps from some of the world’s top companies. (If you’ve ever dreamed of partnering up with Time Inc., J. Crew...

Meet Groc 0.6.0: an Updated Version of Our Favorite Frontend Documentation Generator

HBC Tech SEP 19, 2013

After reading Gilt Senior Software Engineer Kevan Davis’ post on Groc, a fork of Jeremy Ashkenas’ Docco documentation generator, some of you emailed to ask us how to enable block comments. We reached out to Groc creator Ian MacLeod to see if we could all work together on publishing a new version. Ian accepted our proposal, and added Kevan and Lead Software Engineer Eric Shepherd to the Groc project. Click...

Gilt at GSummitX

HBC Tech SEP 18, 2013

Riak in Silicon Alley

HBC Tech SEP 18, 2013

Last night Gilt hosted “Riak in Silicon Alley - Why Distributed Databases Should Matter To You,” the September meetup of NYC Riak. This month’s installment featured presentations by Gilt co-founder and CTO Michael Bryzek, Gilt Lead Software Engineer Jim Englert, Caserta Concepts Principal Consultant Elliott Cordo, and Basho Technologies Tech Evangelist Tom Santero. Here’s Jim giving a more interactive interpretation of his July blog post on our our “Riakathon” in...

Automating Mobile Testing at Gilt

HBC Tech SEP 17, 2013

Just a few years ago, mobile purchases made barely a dent in Gilt’s revenues. Today, mobile represents more than 40 percent of our sales, and will soon reach 50 percent. With so many of our customers interacting with us through their mobile devices, it’s imperative that we offer them a stable and enjoyable shopping experience. One bad bug can drive away customers for good. Given the increasing importance of mobile...

Next Free Tech Course at Gilt: R

HBC Tech SEP 17, 2013

Hacker Heart, Mind, & Body: The Best Programmer in the World is the One Having the Most Fun

HBC Tech SEP 17, 2013

Hacker Heart, Mind, & Body: The Best Programmer in the World is the One Having the Most Funhackerhmb: Colin stopped by my office and asked me to come by to see his most recent project. He had disassembled his monitor switch-box (used to switch a single monitor between two computers) and it was sitting open on his desk. He had rewired it with parts from RadioShack, built a server and...

"Mobile Shopping Deconstructed" Talk Now on Video

HBC Tech SEP 16, 2013

Here’s the video of the Brooklyn Design & Technology meetup group’s Sept. 3 fireside chat at 3rd Ward, featuring Gilt VP Product Management Dominique Essig and VP of Mobile and Global Engineering Yonatan Feldman. Thanks to Joly MacFie from The Internet Society for recording the event!

radioon dsc3167 jpg by randyau on flickr

HBC Tech SEP 15, 2013

radioon: _DSC3167.jpg by randyau on Flickr. Randy Au posted a ton of great photos from DataGotham.

Sept. 16: Gilt Hosts Fireside Chat with Data Scientist Claudia Perlich

HBC Tech SEP 13, 2013

Scala at Netflix - Building APIs with Netflix OSS

HBC Tech SEP 13, 2013

Scala at Netflix - Building APIs with Netflix OSSmpandit: My talk from Scala at Netflix - 9/9/2013, Scala Bay Meetup.

Talking About Trust at Surge 2013 (Updated with Video)

HBC Tech SEP 13, 2013

To build a truly great, inspiring tech organization, you need to trust your team to make decisions and manage projects directly. That was the takeaway of “Trust: The Secret to Scaling a Tech Organization,” the presentation Gilt co-founder and CTO Michael Bryzek gave yesterday at the Surge conference in National Harbor, MD. By focusing on execution and empowerment, Gilt has grown its team from zero to 1,000 employees in just...

Gilt Data's on a Mini-Tour This Week

HBC Tech SEP 12, 2013

Today Gilt Principal Data Scientist Igor Elbert is appearing at the Big Data Innovation Summit (“the largest gathering of Fortune 500 business executives leading Big Data initiatives”) in Boston to give a presentation on visualizing the wisdom of the crowd. Details: “Calculating co-purchase affinities between product categories, brands, and price groups requires analysis of all the transactions collected by the company. Working with affinities based on co-view requires looking into...

Create PDFs from Scala Using HTML, CSS and JavaScript

HBC Tech SEP 10, 2013

Gilt Senior Software Engineer Federico Feroldi just released sPDF (pronounced speedy-f): a Scala library that makes it super-easy to create complex PDFs from HTML, CSS and JavaScript. On the backend sPDF uses wkhtmltopdf, which renders HTML using Webkit. In creating sPDF, Federico was heavily inspired by Ruby’s PdfKit gem, which also uses HTML, CSS and wkhtmlopdf to create PDFs.  sPDF’s main features include: full support of wkhtmltopdf extended parameters (see the source...

Catch Us at Tonight's "Software Meets Fashion" Panel

HBC Tech SEP 10, 2013

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