Hadoop vs. Aster: A Quick Comparison

HBC Tech OCT 10, 2013

If you’ve got more data than money, you’re probably checking out open source data analytics platforms. But how well do these no- or low-cost alternatives perform in comparison to their more expensive, licensed counterparts? Curious about the answer, I recently conducted an experiment to determine the feasibility of using Hadoop instead of Aster, the licensed analytics platform the Gilt data team uses to store and manage our vast data resources....

Gilt Mobile Engineer Featured in New MoMA Exhibition

HBC Tech OCT 9, 2013

Learn How Gilt Works at This Oct. 10 Talk

HBC Tech OCT 8, 2013

On Thu 10/10, Gilt Senior Business Systems Manager Susan Thomas will present “Bridging the Communication Gap Between Product Managers & Stakeholders,” an exploration of the communications strategies we use at Gilt to get things done. In her talk, Susan will cover these and other topics: why tech leads are critical to a growing organization how to effectively work with an engineering team to design service architecture around business needs the...

A Chat With Data Scientist Claudia Perlich

HBC Tech OCT 7, 2013

Welcome Jonathan Leibiusky!

HBC Tech OCT 4, 2013

Groc Featured on The Design Blitz

HBC Tech OCT 4, 2013

Meet a Gilt Technologist: Senior Software Engineer Val Dumitrescu

HBC Tech OCT 4, 2013

What do you do at Gilt? I’m a senior software engineer who works on the platform team in Dublin. I focus on integrating the load and performance testing platform into Ion Cannon. What did you do before joining us? Before I came to Gilt this past summer, I was with Amazon for five years. I owned the cart service for 2 years, then moved on to the monitoring group, where...

Gilt Presenting at Today's NYC Talent Draft at MIT

HBC Tech OCT 3, 2013

Watch Michael Bryzek Discuss "The Secret to Scaling a Tech Organization" [Video]

HBC Tech OCT 2, 2013

Here’s the video of last week’s NY Technology Council presentation featuring Gilt Co-Founder and CTO Michael Bryzek. There’s still one event left in the Tech Council’s Gilt-centric “Built to Scale” series: Gilt Senior Systems Business Manager Susan Thomas’ “Bridging the Communication Gap Between Product Managers & Stakeholders” on Thu 10/10. RSVP here. (Check back here soon for video of “The Art of Personalization,” last night’s presentation by Gilt VP Personalization...

Talking Customer Loyalty at Tonight's NY Data Wizards Meetup

HBC Tech OCT 2, 2013

"Typesafe Clients in a Distributed Service Architecture" [Slides]

HBC Tech OCT 2, 2013

A Quick Catch-up With James Ward of Typesafe

HBC Tech OCT 1, 2013

Next week Typesafe Developer Advocate James Ward will present (at least) three talks in New York City: “Diving Into Play Framework’s Deep End” (10/8 at Amplify); “Building Reactive Apps” (hosted by NYJavaSIG on 10/9 at Credit Suisse) and “Intro to Play Framework” (hosted by NY-Scala on 10/10 at Meetup). James was kind enough to take a few moments to answer some questions for us. Gilt: How did you come to...

Scandlebars Presentation Slides Now Available

HBC Tech OCT 1, 2013

We're at Shop.org's Annual Summit This Week

HBC Tech SEP 30, 2013

Register for Pacific Northwest Scala Conference

HBC Tech SEP 30, 2013

funconf: Bill Venners on ScalaTest 2.0

HBC Tech SEP 27, 2013

Apropos of Lukasz’s post from earlier today: this new video featuring ScalaTest creator Bill Venners, published earlier today…

Gilt Is Participating in This Weekend's Internet of Things Hackathon

HBC Tech SEP 27, 2013

Which Scala Testing Tools Should You Use?

HBC Tech SEP 27, 2013

By Gilt Senior Software Engineer Lukasz Szwed “Scala testing systems have also stepped out on their own and created some of the most mind-blowing testing tools found in any language.” –Daniel Hinojosa, author of Testing in Scala At Tuesday’s Dublin Scala Users Group meetup, organized by Gilt, I presented a tech talk on standard test-driven development practices available to Scala developers. These include ScalaTest, specs2, ScalaCheck, and various mocking frameworks....

Catch Gilt Lead Engineer Mark Wunsch's Talk at Meetup HQ

HBC Tech SEP 26, 2013

Whether he’s talking about the geologic time scale of Gilt’s view layer or teaching us how to scale happiness horizontally, Gilt Lead Engineer Mark Wunsch reliably brings some fresh insights and big-picture perspective to whatever presentation topic he chooses. This month he’s the featured speaker of Meetup.com’s Tech Talks–a relatively new series for NYC-area software engineers, mobile developers, and other technologists. Mark will discuss Handlebars.scala (aka Scandlebars, Scandalbars, and–if you’re...

Photos: Dublin Scala Users Group, Sept. 24

HBC Tech SEP 25, 2013

Some photos from last night’s Dublin Scala Users Group meetup at Engine Yard. Here’s Gilt VP Architecture Eric Bowman presenting “Fast but Not Loose: Typesafe Clients in a Distributed Service Architecture, a Retrospective” …. … And here’s Gilt Senior Software Engineer Lukasz Szwed discussing standard test-driven development practices available to Scala developers (more on this topic to come):

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