AlleyWatch Interviews "Father of Sensors (and Recent Gilt Presenter!) Dr. Janusz Bryzek

HBC Tech DEC 18, 2013

The NYC-centric tech website AlleyWatch just published an interview with Dr. Janusz Bryzek, the “Father of Sensors” (and of Gilt co-founder and CTO Michael Bryzek!) Dr. Bryzek gave a fascinating presentation at our 2 Park Avenue office just before Thanksgiving–click here to view the slides. An excerpt from AlleyWatch’s interview: [Dr. Bryzek]: We are currently working on the development of the list of large applications; we call them TApps (trillion...

Welcome Paul Roman!

HBC Tech DEC 17, 2013

Gilt Co-Founder/CTO Michael Bryzek to Present at Startup Grind NYC!

HBC Tech DEC 17, 2013

Introspy: An Open-Source Mobile Security Tool to Help You Save Time and Avoid Anguish

HBC Tech DEC 13, 2013

This past June, mobile revenue surpassed 40% of Gilt’s total revenue for the first time since our founding in 2007. In 2014, we expect mobile revenues to grow even more, which has influenced us to adopt a “Mobile First” approach to development. On the user experience side, Mobile First means creating intuitive and innovative ways to use the mobile framework–for example, iOS push notifications–to help solve traditional notification problems and...

New York City PostgreSQL User Group at Gilt, 12/11/13 (Slides + Video)

HBC Tech DEC 12, 2013

Here’s Gilt Senior Software Engineer Rangarajan Radhakrishnan delivering “Postgres Setup Using Docker,” a brief talk he gave at the NYC PostgreSQL User Group’s meetup last night at Gilt. In addition to Ranga’s talk, the evening included a presentation by meetup co-organizer Jonathan S. Katz on Postgres Indexes, and a major announcement(!): PGConf NYC 2014 will take place Thursday, April 3, 2014 at the New York Marriott Downtown in New York...

Gilt Featured in NY Daily News Article About STEM Education in New York City

HBC Tech DEC 12, 2013

This week the New York Daily News published an article on our November visit with some very special guests: A group of girls from the Bronx Academy for Software Engineering! In addition to learning from some of Gilt’s women technologists about roles in business systems management, UX/design, project management and software development, the girls worked on an HTML app, shared lunch with the team, and took a tour of our...

iOS Office Hours, 12/09/2013

HBC Tech DEC 11, 2013

Here’s self-taught developer Orpheus Richards describing Flonation–an app he created that teaches people how to freestyle-rap–at our recent iOS Office Hours meetup. Thanks to Orpheus, Moven, Calvin and Rise for presenting!

Our Last Tech Meetup of 2013: Full-Stack Engineering on Dec. 17!

HBC Tech DEC 11, 2013

The Gilt Mobile Team's Favorite Apps of 2013

HBC Tech DEC 10, 2013

2013 was a great year for Gilt Mobile. In addition to creating the platforms driving more than 40 percent of our revenue, the team saw their work featured in Apple’s October demo, released some major updates to Gilt on the Go, got invited to speak in some high-profile venues, grew by a few members (apply here to be the next one), and even exhibited at the MoMA! They also used...

Gilt to Host the New York City PostgreSQL User Group on December 11

HBC Tech DEC 5, 2013

Welcome Erica Mitchell!

HBC Tech DEC 4, 2013

Dublin-based Software Engineer Erica Mitchell recently joined Gilt’s architecture team, and works on building the next generation of our dev tools. She’s already gotten into the Gilt groove–taking our Intro to Scala and Intro to Hadoop courses and organizing some fun group outings! Before joining Gilt, Erica was a Java/Groovy developer and worked on social networking initiatives (for example, integrating social content with mobile devices); converting product build systems to Gradle; building and...

Get Personal With Gilt at the Next Brooklyn Tech Meetup

HBC Tech DEC 4, 2013

How does Gilt apply personalization strategies to attract, interact with, and persuade customers to make high-end purchases? Find out at the Brooklyn Tech Meetup’s Dec. 10 event, featuring Gilt VP Personalization Erik Lumer! Eric will discuss what we call “smart serendipity”: the discovery of surprising, albeit personally relevant items. He’ll also explain how Gilt implements this strategy on our platform, both at the end-user interface and predictive affinity engine levels,...

Gilt Hosts iOS Office Hours (Holiday Edition!) on 12/9

HBC Tech DEC 3, 2013

Next Free Tech Course at Gilt: Big Data Analysis With SQL!

HBC Tech DEC 2, 2013

Slides From Dr. Janusz Bryzek's "Roadmap for the Trillion Sensor Universe" Talk

HBC Tech DEC 2, 2013

If you were holiday-traveling last Tuesday night and couldn’t catch our featured tech talk by Dr. Janusz Bryzek–father of Gilt co-founder and CTO Michael Bryzek, father of sensors, TSensors Summit chair, and all-around impressive person–learn a bit about what you missed by checking out the slide deck: Roadmap for the Trillion Sensor Universe – a Gilt-hosted, Internet of Things talk by Dr. Janusz Bryzek from Gilt Tech Talks With a...

Read This Quick Q&A With Gilt's Eric Bowman

HBC Tech NOV 30, 2013

The popular Dublin-based tech website Silicon Republic recently published “The Five Minute CIO,” a short interview with Gilt VP Architecture Eric Bowman. A fun excerpt: “On a good day, I manage to get a few hours of coding in, and this job has made me into more of a morning person than I ever thought possible. Recently we’ve done a lot of hiring, so I end up spending less time...

Happy TECHS-giving!

HBC Tech NOV 26, 2013

Today we’re feeling grateful for our Culture in Tech team, who organized our first-ever TECH-sgiving last Friday. The lunchtime celebration included an assortment of delicious and sugary pies, cakes, and cupcakes from across the autumn-flavor spectrum. Also spotted: a single salad. Which pie looks most tempting to you?

Tonight at Gilt: NYCCHI Presents "UX for IoT--an Agency Showcase"

HBC Tech NOV 25, 2013

NYCCHI is the NYC chapter of SIG-CHI, (Special Interest Group–Computer Human Interaction), and with nearly 2,000 members is the largest and oldest UX group in NYC. Tonight Gilt is hosting NYCCHI’s Internet of Things agency showcase featuring representatives from three reputable firms: Rui Pereira of Havas’ Mad Sci Lab will discuss the UX design process for “Wherever Ships May Sail,” a film and interactive  installation created for Johnnie Walker Fjord’s Chris...

Sleuthing--and Solving--the User Logout Bug on iOS 7

HBC Tech NOV 24, 2013

iOS 7 brought many new features, and much new work for developers. One of the features the Gilt mobile team was most excited about was background fetch. With background fetch, apps that are running in the background—or not even running at all—can wake up periodically to issue server requests and download data. The purpose is to make the most up-to-date content visible the instant the user brings up an app....

Experimenting with Product and UX Design at Test Tube!

HBC Tech NOV 22, 2013

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