Open Source Friday

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open source From the 54 public repos maintained at to the name of our tech blog (displayed in this tab’s header), open source has been part of our team’s DNA for years. Check out this blog post from 2015 if you’re not convinced.

Our open source love is why we’re excited to participate in our first Open Source Friday on June 30. Open Source Friday is an effort being led by GitHub to make it easier to contribute to the open source community. This blog post has more detail on the who, what and why. We’re hoping to make this a regular activity to help our teams foster an open-source-first culture as we grow and evolve.

Some of the projects we’ll be working on:

  • CleanroomLogger - Evan Maloney will be tackling a specific long-standing user request: custom “named subsystems” for logging. Some background here:
  • ApiBuilder - Ryan Martin will be working on fixing some edge cases in the Swagger Generator for ApiBuilder.
  • gfc-guava - Sean Sullivan will be updating the documentation for gfc-guava and working on compatability with Google Guava 22.0.

If you’re inspired but don’t know where to start, head to our directory of open source projects, visit this list by GitHub or ping us on Twitter and we can help point you in the right direction.

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