Using tvOS, the Focus Engine & Swift to build Apple TV apps

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At the Apple product launch event in September, Gilt demonstrated its upcoming “Gilt on TV” app for the Apple TV. (If you missed the demo and would like to see it, Apple has the video available on their website. Eddy Cue’s introduction of Gilt begins at the 74:20 mark.)

Last night, at the iOSoho meetup, I presented some of the things our team learned while developing that application, such as:

  • Similarities and differences with iOS development
  • The tvOS interaction model: What is “focus” and how does it work?
  • Interacting with the Focus Engine to set up your initial UI state
  • How the Focus Engine sees your views onscreen, and how that affects navigation
  • Using focus guides to make your UI easier to navigate
  • Swift: Is it ready for full-scale app development?

Slides from the talk are available here:

tvOS, The Focus Engine, and Swift from Evan Maloney

Evan Maloney

Evan is a Distinguished Engineer focusing on Apple platforms software development for Gilt and Saks Fifth Avenue at HBC Tech. He joined Gilt in 2010, and since then, over $1 billion in merchandise has been sold through the apps that Evan works on.