Sean Smith to Present at Microservices Day!

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What is Microservices Day?


Microservices Day is a conference by the enterprise, for the enterprise. It brings together people from organizations that have adopted (or are planning to adopt) a microservices approach to running their business and focuses on the issues that companies face. It gives participants a forum to discuss and share their experiences with microservices through advice, tips and tricks as well as driving forward both the technology and business community. Come join us at The Altman Building, 135 West 18th Street in New York on July 13th! The event will consist of a range of talks from industry leaders who have deep experience building and operating microservices systems at scale. Panel discussions and active audience participation will be a further part of the event, as the implications of enabling business to innovate at a faster pace than ever before will be a key discussion point. Come join the early adopters at the dawn of a new era in business computing!

Sean Smith is a Software Engineer from Canada. He currently works at Gilt as a Principal Software Engineer. He has worked on a variety of services at Gilt, ranging from third party warehouse systems integration to email content generation and delivery.

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Sean Smith