Welcome to our Summer Interns!

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Introducing Gilt Tech’s first official Summer Apprentice Program class! Here’s our class described in their own words :D

Alex Luo

  • Has no middle name
  • Lived for more than two years in three different countries (China, US, Israel)
  • Walks to class in the snow in April because he goes to Cornell
  • Once volunteered by distributing medicine to poorer families in rural Dominican Republic
  • Voted “best eyes” for high school yearbook
  • Ate a cricket once
  • Fixed a graphics card by baking it in the oven
  • Broke a bone from accidentally falling off a building
  • Got kicked out of the public library once for “hacking” a computer
  • Actually can believe it’s not butter
  • Named by Time Magazine as 2006’s Person of the Year
  • Purposefully uses Comic Sans in documents to tick people off

Courtney Ligh

Courtney is a native New Yorker studying Computer Science at Dartmouth College. She is a future software developer and is excited about her summer internship here with Gilt’s Development Team. Besides coding, Courtney has a passion for food and prides herself with knowing all the best eateries around the city.  

Yogisha Dixit

The only thing you need to know about me is that I’m obsessed with chocolate. Literally…

Okay, maybe not. I’m interested in harnessing the power of computers to help make the world a better place. And I’m really looking forward to learning a lot and being challenged this summer.

That’s it. I swear.

And a very special Welcome Back to

Helena Wu

Helena was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. As a Computer Science student at Cornell University, she’s been on the Engineering Merit List and volunteers for different international organizations on-campus. When she’s not hacking on a project, you can find her rocking to metal songs! She also loves to stargaze in open fields on warm nights. She is excited for the summer and ready to explore NYC!

Ryan Caloras