Panel Recap: Let’s Talk Culture!

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Senior Director, Heather Fleming (center) recently spoke about workplace culture and diversity at the “Let’s Talk Culture NYC” panel held at Paperless Post with Vox Media.  Other panelists included Millie Tran from Buzzfeed, Jackie Balzer from Behance/Adobe, and Kyle Macdonald from Carrot Creative.

Interested in having your own panel on culture?  Here are some of the questions from the discussion:

  • “Culture fit” can be used negatively or positively. How do we stop it from being used negatively?
  • Do you work with people from other teams and how do those cultures differ or influence one another?
  • Is it important to you to encourage healthy work/life balance on your team and at your company? How do you or other team leaders do this?
  • How do you try to get a diverse set of candidates for job openings? What issues do your team face when you’re hiring for a new position and what do you try to do to expand the pool of candidates?
  • Do you have remote workers on your team? What does your team to make them feel a part of your workplace?
Heather Fleming