Inaugural Micro-Services Dublin Meetup - Lots of Small Things

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Huge thanks for the kind folk of NearForm and Engine Yard Dublin for hosting the inaugural Micro-Services Dublin meet-up yesterday. I took the opportunity to build on earlier work from Yoni Goldberg and my colleagues in Dublin on how Gilt has adopted micro-services in the last two years: the micro-services architecture and philosophy has solved some hard problems for us, but has created new and fun challenges and it was great to share with the community at large. NearForm’s CTO Richard Rodger borrowed some ideas Leslie Lamport on how best to monitor the inherent distributed complexity of micro-services architectures by seeking and monitoring the invariants in the system - this resonates hugely with what we’re doing with the soon-to-be-open-sourced CAVE project. His talk is minimal, fun and way, way smarter than mine and you should definitely look him up. Finally, it was a huge pleasure to meet up with Fred George, a veteran industry player and speaker, who fleshed out some of the key attributes and challenges of micro-services architectures, advocating a strong preference for asynchronous services and a strong 1:1 ownership of services and their data stores. Beguiled by tales of 14-line services, I have a strong hankering to go learn some Clojure now :). 

All slides from the show will be up shortly on the Microservices Dublin website; in the meantime, I’m including a link to mine below. All at the Gilt Dublin office are looking forward to hosting the next meet-up in March 2015!

Scaling micro services at gilt from Adrian Trenaman
Ade Trenaman