Vote for Gilt in the DeveloperWeek Awards!

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Dear Supporters of Gilt Open Source,

We could use a bit of your help! One of our biggest open source projects, apidoc, is in the running for a 2015 DeveloperWeek Award–and we only found out about it today. We have until just January 15 to collect votes. Not to boast, but we think apidoc is a great project: If you’re a developer, you can use apidoc to create beautiful documentation for your REST services and download native client libraries with no (or almost no) dependencies. It takes a schema-first approach rather than annotation-based solutions, and features an intuitive JSON format. And–one more time–it’s free and yours to use.

With your support, we think we can win this thing. Are you on board? If so, go here to cast your vote. And let us know if you’ve used apidoc for any of your projects–we’d love to know (get in touch via Twitter or Facebook).

Thank you much,

HBC Tech

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