Best of Gilt 2014: Product and User Experience

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Today’s “Best of” list highlights some of the fantastic new features and user experience improvements launched by Gilt’s product and UX team in 2014. Be sure to check out our other “Best of 2014” posts celebrating Gilt Engineering, the Gilt Personalization team’s favorite things of 2014, and the Gilt Mobile Team’s favorite apps of the year.

11/11 relaunch + Alipay

Gilt celebrated the most lucrative Singles’ Day yet by relaunching in China with an exciting new set of products and features. Language localization, integration of the Alipay and UnionPay platforms, and the launch of our iOS and Android apps in Chinese were just some of the elements of this amazing company-wide effort. Our hard work paid off in huge sales and coverage from the likes of Businessweek and Women’s Wear Daily. Earlier this month, Gilt Director of Product Andrew Chen recapped his experiences working on 11/11 for the Design Driven NYC meetup.

The Shops

Looking for a business suit, a new pair of jeans, or special-occasion item? The Shops, released in July, is a Gilt product feature that provides destination spots for customers to browse and shop for the basics. Current shops include The Art Shop, The Accessories Shop (men), and The Holiday Gifts Shop. How much simpler could shopping get?

One-Hour Free Shipping Countdown


To create a sense of urgency, we created a feature showing customers how much time they have left to take advantage of their one hour of free shipping after making a purchase. The timer follows the user on all the pages they browse across sales and categories.

Gilt Unlimited

In July, we rolled out the Gilt Unlimited shipping option to all of our members. With Gilt Unlimited, our members pay $9.95 once and enjoy free shipping for 30 days for all orders shipped within the U.S. This proved to be a compelling shipping option for our customers.

Personalized Sales Experience

Our personalized sales initiative allows us to decide in real-time which sales to show to which users based on their previous behavior. If it’s Thursday, and you missed a sale on Monday that you would have really liked (based on your past visits to Gilt), you’ll still be able to see the sale.

New Product Detail and Product Landing Pages


Keeping our shopping experience fresh and exciting is one of our primary goals. To this end, in September we revamped our product pages by enlarging our imagery; making it easier to switch from selecting a color to selecting a size and adding it to the shopping cart; bringing more recommended products to the top of the screen; optimizing our content and social sharing layouts, and increasing the number of “You May Also Like” products from three to four.

Gilt Global Localization System

As we’ve continued to grow our Global customer base, we’re keenly aware of our need to serve our customers in their native language. Given that Gilt has been built on an English centric system, we had to develop a new way for us to provide translations for any piece of static content on our site our mobile apps. This system has proven to allow instantaneous insertion of translations and given us a strong edge in our high priority international countries.

New Navigation Bar


In July, our user experience team completed work on a new Gilt navigation bar that saves space, highlights discounts for our customers, and aligns with our goals to make the website responsive. Our new nav earned the notice of others in the design community, including UX Booth.

Post Purchase Waitlist

After noticing that our customers’ waitlists combined amounted to $9 billion in potential sales, we launched this feature in May. Created by Global Lead Software Engineer Karl Norling, Post Purchase Waitlist shows available Waitlist items on the receipt page after a customer places an order, thereby alerting them to which of their personal waitlist items are available and giving them an opportunity to buy them. Post Purchase Waitlist has generated more than $36 million for Gilt so far.

Gilt Direct


Launched in August, Gilt Direct offers vendors a brand-new way to get their products on and sell them to our millions of users. Through an online portal, vendors can upload their photos, product descriptions and pricing to our system; then our buyers hand-select items based on our sales calendar and needs. Vendors then receive the orders, and ship the goods directly to customers. Gilt Direct is one of our innovative efforts to introduce new brands to our users and discover great products.

Shop the Warehouse

Shop the Warehouse has augmented Gilt’s keyword search index with products that we’ve sold before, but that aren’t in an upcoming sale. This feature has greatly increased the number of products available for our customers to purchase and has improved search traffic. On the engineering side of things, Shop the Warehouse illustrates the power of our microservices architecture in that there is nice isolation between the service powering search traffic and the service powering sale traffic.

Today’s Best Sellers


Curious about the day’s highest-selling products at Gilt? Today’s Best Sellers tells you what they are–and also helps you to discover new products and brands.

We Raised Shopping Cart Limits From Five to 15 Items

Just last week we raised our cart limit from 5 to 15 items for desktop and mobile apps. Making our cart bigger provides value to all our members–especially international customers, who have a higher tendency to max out the cart limit of 5 items.

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