PostgreSQL: Query Catalog to Find Primary Key Columns

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This week our team needed to get an ordered list of the columns that made up the primary key for a given table from PostgreSQL. Seemed simple enough. But we found a lot of different queries that gave partial answers–some of them incredibly complicated!

Here’s the query we ultimately put together:

select key_column_usage.column_name
  from information_schema.table_constraints
  join information_schema.key_column_usage
       on key_column_usage.table_name = table_constraints.table_name
      and key_column_usage.table_schema = table_constraints.table_schema
      and key_column_usage.constraint_name = table_constraints.constraint_name
 where table_constraints.constraint_type = 'PRIMARY KEY'
   and table_constraints.table_schema = ?
   and table_constraints.table_name = ?
 order by coalesce(key_column_usage.position_in_unique_constraint, 0),
          coalesce(key_column_usage.ordinal_position, 0),

As an example, given the following table:

create table users (
  id      bigserial primary key,
  email   text not null

Executing the query above with table_schema = ‘public’ and table_name = 'users’ results in:


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