Team Scalasaurus FTW!

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Team Scalasaurus–five members of the Gilt Tech team–won first place at the New York Times’s first-ever TimesOpen Team Trivia Night: a tech-themed battle-of-the-developer-minds that took place Wednesday evening at Times HQ. HUZZAH!

Team Scalasaurus included Michael Reed (Senior Software Engineer, Back Office), Jim Englert (Lead Software Engineer, Push/Email), Kyle Dorman (Software Engineer, Special Operations), Kevin Li (Software Engineer, Loyalty), and me, software engineering intern Helena Wu (Global). We played against ~12 teams from other companies, including ZocDoc and Kaggle. Trivia categories included tech history, emoji programming, and current events. Each trivia round consisted of 10 questions.

We didn’t score a lot of points in the tech history category, but we aced the emoji round and drew upon our individual expertise to score in the other categories. Kevin showed his knowledge in obscure, profane programming languages; Kyle knew about the ex-mayor of Boston’s years in office; Jim demonstrated his extensive Java knowledge by listing all of its reserved keys; Michael knew about Sotheby’s latest auction, and I knew about the cuisine at the Noma restaurant in Copenhagen.

After the rounds came the bonus question: Name three of the exercises in the Timesseven-minute workout. We took our best shot, using Jim and Kyle’s fitness expertise as our guide. “YOLO,” we said as we handed in our answers.

After the bonus round, the judges quickly computed the points. When they announced the third- and second-place winners and their scores, we started to feel a bit sad. Then the announcer said (paraphrasing here): “And the champions of TimesOpen trivia is… errmm… the name starts with a S…” All of us stopped and thought: “Wait… what?!” And we heard: “Scalasaurus!!!” We were all very surprised and happy! We felt a sense of accomplishment and pride to have achieved VICTORY for Gilt Tech!

In my few months as an engineering intern, I have worked on many exciting projects and have learned so much. My opportunity to participate in TimesOpen Trivia Night is just another example of how Gilt Tech is a friendly, diverse and fun environment for every member of the team.

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