HP's Sridhar Solur Shares His Top Five Secrets to Building Great Wearables

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Recently Gilt collaborated with Hewlett-Packard and fashion designer Michael Bastian on the MB Chronowing: a super-stylish, limited-edition smartwatch (see above) that you can buy exclusively on Gilt starting November 7. Sridhar Solur is the Director, Next Gen Computing–Incubation and Innovation at HP, and the man behind the engineering of this amazing new timepiece.

“I don’t consider myself a guru on wearables, but collaborating with Gilt and Michael Bastian to create this smartwatch has taught me quite a bit about them,” he says. When it comes to describing himself, Sridhar’s apparently a lot like his latest wearable creation – i.e., classy and understated. So we’ll highlight some of his many accomplishments for you: In addition to founding of HP’s Wearables business, he is widely recognized as an expert on cloud computing, product management and mobile devices. One of the cross-platform apps he’s developed has been downloaded +40 million times.

Sridhar has generously shared with us–and you–his list of the top five things to keep in mind when building wearable tech:

  1. Remember: Fashion is what you wear, and electronics are what you carry. So either make it gorgeous or make it invisible.
  2. Resist the temptation to duplicate the old UI rules of mobile into a wearable.
  3. Use familiar shapes and socially acceptable practices. (For example, screaming commands into a watch may be a tad uncomfortable for many people!)
  4. Trying to sell your wearable as jewelry is not easy. Remember: Jewelry is timeless, and technology is ephemeral.
  5. And finally: less is more. We are already slaves to our phones and live in a hyper-notified world. Wearables/IOT technologies should amplify our ability to absorb information and make it possible for more things to be done for us, not done by us. The less often the wearer has to engage with your smartwatch, the better. The last thing you want is people looking at their smartwatches and driving!

Here’s a pic of (L-R) Sridhar, Michael Bastian and Gilt Chief Merchandising Officer Keith George at last night's MB Chronowing event at the Ludlow Hotel:


Photographer: Max Lakner/BFAnyc.com

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