Product Launch: Today's Best Sellers

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“Today’s Best Sellers” is a brand-new Gilt feature that shows our millions of users the day’s most popular products. While the concept of “what’s trending” isn’t new in the retail world, it represents a new way for us to engage our audience by diverging from (while complementing) our traditional, sale-based model. Our sale-based model emphasizes telling stories about our wonderful brands to our customers and the products associated with those brands. With Today’s Best Sellers, we help users discover new products by capitalizing on the immediacy of what’s popular with other Gilt users right now.


 Today’s Best Sellers helps us fulfill a few key use cases and resolve some user pain-points:

  1. It encourages product discovery through Gilt community crowd-sourcing–highlighting new products to users who may not have ever considered or noticed those products

  2. It saves users’ time by reducing the amount of effort required to browse and bring the product higher in the shopping funnel

  3. It enhances confidence that a product being purchased is something others love, too

  4. It helps us maintain freshness by weeding out sold-out products

  5. It encourages repeat visits because it refreshes daily, given our ever-changing inventory

We A/B test all of our technology products at Gilt. In the +2 months we’ve been testing Today’s Best Sellers, we’ve achieved overwhelmingly positive results in both revenue lift and order conversion. We’re excited to have created a new feature that fulfills our goal to create delightful, straightforward and personalized shopping experiences to help Gilt users find the products they love!

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