Introducing Gilt Japan’s All-New iPhone App

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By Gilt Director of Mobile Product Christopher Gonzalez

Gilt Japan has released a brand-new version of our iPhone app–and the updates are significant. It’s been extremely rewarding to see so many people–and Apple–embrace our work and share positive feedback with us. If you haven’t already, please download the app now to check it out! (If you’re outside Japan, you might need to switch your store to see the app–the new version is only available in the Japan App Store.)

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane by looking at some screenshots of the old Gilt iPhone app. A sales page from the women’s category used to look like this:


A brand page, like this:


And a product page used to look like this:


With this being our first update in three years, there was much that we wanted to change about the old Gilt app. Some of our top priorities:

  • To provide support for iPhone 5 screens. Notice the constraining letterboxing in the old design–the content is just straining to be set free!

  • Enlarge the images. We invest a lot of time and creative energy into our photography, and we wanted our Japan customers to be able to enjoy them fully!

  • Introduce a lighter palette. The old Gilt branding was heavy on the black and gold, and quite dark.  

  • Create a single checkout experience across all devices and offer a consistent experience for our users. We also wanted to develop a platform that was easier to maintain.

Now, let’s reveal our gorgeous new app! Let’s start with the sales page. So light, airy and visually arresting:


Here’s an individual sale page:


And here’s a product page–so bright and cheerful:


Besides brighter backgrounds, what’s new about the new Gilt app?:

  • Support for iPhone 5 screens. The elbow room feels good!

  • The branding and design now incorporates the conventions of iOS 7. Check out those edge-to-edge images and transparencies!

  • Bigger images to highlight our amazing photography

  • Full account support. Whether you want to update your shipping and payment information or start a return, you can now manage your full Gilt Japan account on the go

  • A great zoom view so that you can see every detail of an item

  • More than 40 very detailed sizing charts to ensure a precise fit

  • Maps featured with all Gilt City offers

In making these changes, we wanted to provide users with features that would inspire confidence in their purchases, and also make the Gilt Japan shopping experience even more simple and delightful than before. Our team built the app as a smart native/webview hybrid app: The full shopping experience is native, and checkout and account pages are responsive webpages loaded in the app. This strategy allows the app to share the same checkout experience as our mobile web and (eventually) full desktop site. Our platform is now more efficient, and making updates or rolling out new features will be a much faster process for us going forward.

Thanks, Apple!

Not only have our customers embraced the new Gilt app, but Apple has also supported it with some major promotional love–giving it a prominent position on the App Store homescreen as the top “best new app,” and helping to expose our work and the Gilt brand to so many new users:


As well as here:


And lastly:


What do you think about our new app? Share your feedback with us by emailing!

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