Gilt Product Management and User Experience Guiding Principles

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Gilt’s product and user experience team has identified five unique characteristics as the qualities that will define the Gilt experience wherever it’s consumed. We’re sharing them with you because our team intends to abide by these principles in understanding, ideating, creating, and coding the best customer experiences on all of our channels.

 At Gilt, the product and user experience is:

  1. Customer-Guided. In everything we do, we must understand and connect with our customer to identify their needs and feelings. We will champion the user and be their voice in merging Product, Design and Business needs. We will always have a customer-driven purpose, strive to delight customers, and show measurable results with data.

  2. Simple. Everything about the Gilt experience should have a purpose. The experiences we create should be easy to use, intuitive to learn, and simple to find and adopt. We will use clear language; enable users to complete tasks quickly and easily without obstacles or distractions, and present a decluttered experience.

  3. Honest. We will earn and retain customer trust by providing clear and transparent explanations for why we create and design Gilt as we do. We will advocate on behalf of the consumer while driving our business forward. Gilt will be honest in communicating our goals and objectives. We will never over-promise or under-deliver.

  4. Consistent. Regardless of device, entry path, or time of visit, the Gilt experience will be coherent and reliable. We will recreate the Gilt experience using familiar structures, patterns, and metaphors.

  5. Delightful. Strive to delight customers by exceeding expectations and doing things in pleasantly-unexpected ways. Always look to innovate above-and-beyond the norms of our industry, to push ideas beyond function and into the realm of experience.

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