Gilt's Special Ops Team Has a Mini Offsite

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Today Gilt’s Special Ops team worked remotely from my apartment so we could wait for a special UPS delivery.* Formed earlier this year, Special Ops handles end-to-end (email to desktop to mobile) projects that don’t fit under the umbrella of other product-driven teams. Since January we’ve worked on projects related to customer service, holiday, business development, mobile, push notifications, and more. At the moment, we are working to make the desktop experience responsive on the mobile device.

Here are our tips for successfully working remotely as a team:


Instrumental music is key. I live in Ira Gershwin’s former apartment, so we listened to Gershwin Plays Gershwin in the morning and then switched to Latin jazz in the afternoon.

Pro tip: No headphones.


We thought about leaving the apartment, but there was a possibility that UPS would attempt to deliver the package while we were gone. So, we chose Seamless with the goal of leaving the apartment after the package was delivered.

Pro tip: If you’re waiting for a package, don’t leave the apartment.


We hooked up Google Hangouts to a television in the room for our weekly review meeting. It’s too bad Kinect (cough Microsoft cough) doesn’t connect to Google Hangouts, but we still had a way to communicate with anyone and everyone as a group.

Pro tip: cough Microsoft cough


We’re right next to a park, so we celebrated the end of our UPS-inspired-offsite with a picnic with beers.

Pro tip: Don’t forget your Frisbee.


Remember your charger, mouse, mouse pad, and–of course–the Jose special: a Starbucks grande iced coffee one pump classic with soy.

Pro tip: If your host is a coffee snob, do not bring the Starbucks iced coffee.

Pro tip addendum: If you are the host and you are a coffee snob, tell Jose to drink his iced coffee outside before entering your apartment.


* The delivery was not a controlled substance but some nightstands. That’s right: Greg’s team went over to his house just so he could intercept his bedroom furniture. That’s some amazing team-building right there!–Lauri/Editor

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