Gilt Japan's Gilt City App Goes Fully Responsive

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The Gilt Japan team just launched a brand-new, fully responsive Gilt City website. Some screenshots:

New Ticket Vouchers on Mobile!

A brand-new sale page for desktop:

Brand-new account pages with Stores and City orders split up:

More about what’s new:
One of our main goals was to improve the readability and usability of the browsing experience. We’ve made significant changes to simplify the way we structure and deliver information to our users, optimized across all devices. We have also revamped the ticket code voucher, social sharing, and invitation functionality. Take a look at our brand new Account pages, which now support both Gilt Stores and City purchase history, returns and wait lists!

Up until now we’ve been managing our mobile and desktop sites separately. With our new responsive architecture, however, a single URL now serves the same great user experience, optimized on each of the customer’s devices. We can also execute marketing activities across all of users in a consistent fashion. All of this amounts to centralized tracking, which we can leverage to gain deeper insights into user behavior and better inform the decisions we make.  

Next Steps
Going responsive with City marks the jump-off point for our bigger product development roadmap. Our newly built technical foundations and core components (login, registration, invitations, checkout, accounts, etc.) are entirely modular and reusable for the Stores business. This puts us in a strong position to deliver with great speed and confidence a brand new responsive Stores website and iOS app in the upcoming months. Please keep an eye out for updates on this front!

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