Our Next Meetup: "Using Akka to Scale Gilt's Massive Push Notification System"

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On Tuesday, March 18, Gilt and the New York Mobile App Developer meetup group (NYMAD) will co-host an exciting tech talk by Gilt Principal Software Engineer Adam Kaplan. In “Using Akka to Scale Gilt’s Massive Push Notification System,” Adam will:

  • describe the engineering behind Gilt’s push notification system, which can send three million messages in less than 60 seconds
  • give a brief history of push notifications at Gilt, then focus on the development of his team’s current system: a distributed architecture built with Scala, Akka, ZooKeeper, and other technologies
  • explain how Akka’s clustering capabilities not only make mass messaging possible, but also promote overall system integrity, scalability, and better performance (and, on the business side of things, higher revenues!)
  • place push notifications in the context of Gilt’s general engineering culture, which emphasizes a micro-services architecture, fault tolerance, and (the good kind of) redundancy
  • give a forward-looking view of where push at Gilt is going – and how the work his team performs ensures that all of those millions of messages stay on the right side of that line between “push notifications” and “spam”

The meetup begins at 6:30 PM–just go here to RSVP. Food and beverages on the house. Hope to see you on Tuesday!

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