PlasmaCar Fever Takes Over Gilt Tech

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One Friday morning in early February, the lives of many a Gilt technologist changed forever when a PlasmaCar showed up in our 2 Park office. Since that fateful Friday, a whole culture of PlasmaCar racing and competition has sprung up in both our NYC and Dublin offices–with official racing courses, official regulations, and official scoreboard, and official timekeepers (they wear silvery “marshal” badges). The friendly folks at PlasmaCar HQ heard about our activities and have helped us grow our fleet from one to five PlasmaCars. Man and woman, short and tall (as well as super-tall–like, 6'8" tall), adult and child-like adult, junior software engineer and Apache project committer, tech exec and whole-company exec: all of the above have been spotted (sometimes after hours) riding around, Plasma-style.

“PC Fever” has also spread to other Gilt departments–here are Tyler Thoreson (VP, Men’s & Home Editorial, Creative & Customer Experience) and Tracy Lomerantz Lester (Editorial Director, Women’s & Kid’s) helping to make our PlasmaCars famous:


On Thursday, February 27, PlasmaCar culture at Gilt  when we hold our first-ever Plasma Prix competition. Our ten best-scoring riders will compete in two semi-final rounds, with the best scores advancing to the final round. Our top scorers (names reprinted from birth certificates):

Dublin racers:

  • Graham “Rocky” Rhodes
  • John “Who Killed” Kenny
  • Pete “The Red” Barron
  • (Aidan) Spider Hollinshead (first overall!)

NYC racers

  • Sasha “Polar Cobra” Villanueva
  • Karl “Nuke ‘Em” Norling
  • Marcus “Wookie” Skala
  • Will “Tiny Giant” Brody
  • Keng “the Krusher” He
  • Racin’ Ryan Martin

All racers are in NYC this week and will compete on the same course for the first time. Who will win? Who will almost-win? We’ll provide updates on Friday!

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