Let Gilt Engineer Nathan Stilwell School You on WebSockets on 2/18

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Two hundred NYC-area engineers have already RSVPed for next Tuesday’s Full-Stack Engineering meetup at Gilt–how exciting! Even more exciting: Gilt software engineer Nathan Stilwell (pictured above) is one of the evening’s three featured speakers.

Nathan, a front-end engineer who is part of Gilt’s amazing Ninjas team, will give a presentation on WebSockets and how we’ve used them successfully to create real-time applications that require full duplex communication. Nathan’s talk will include overview of what WebSockets are and how to use the WebSockets API, and describe some of the challenges Gilt’s engineering team encountered as it integrated WebSockets into its front-end technologies. He’ll discuss why Gilt’s team has embraced WebSockets so heartily, how WebSockets application at Gilt differs between front-end and back-end, and how the Gilt team uses WebSockets with the Play Framework. Lastly, he’ll talk about his open source project, Socket Wrench: a light wrapper around native WebSockets that is more convenient than the WebSockets API.

Also on Tuesday’s bill: Full-Stack organizer/Greenhouse.io Director of Engineering Mike Boufford on “mastering JavaScript,” and Vimeo Video Systems Engineer Dieter Plaetinck on Metrics/GraphExplorer. Food and drink provided!

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