AlleyWatch Interviews "Father of Sensors (and Recent Gilt Presenter!) Dr. Janusz Bryzek

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The NYC-centric tech website AlleyWatch just published an interview with Dr. Janusz Bryzek, the “Father of Sensors” (and of Gilt co-founder and CTO Michael Bryzek!) Dr. Bryzek gave a fascinating presentation at our 2 Park Avenue office just before Thanksgiving–click here to view the slides.

An excerpt from AlleyWatch’s interview:

[Dr. Bryzek]: We are currently working on the development of the list of large applications; we call them TApps (trillion sensor apps).  In the next step, we will produce TSensors Roadmap characterizing major sensing technologies capable of supporting each TApp.  The following step will be a selection of new sensing technologies with the largest global impact, and focus on acceleration of their commercialization.

My vision for fastest commercialization is through the startups: recruiting technology developers and licensing their technology to new organizations.  The new organization would have to have the Board including successful entrepreneurs with scars from sensor commercialization, such as myself and many of my friends, to help founders to eliminate errors we have made.  We would also want to give them direction for what not to do, which is usually speeding up (dramatically) commercialization.

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